Vitamin Shoppe Return and Refund Policy

Shopping at the Vitamin Shoppe is a process just like any other. This means the buyer has certain expectations they hope the retailer and the product in question would meet.

However, just like any other transaction, when the buyer is not satisfied with the product or the process through which the product was made available to them, they may decide to terminate the transaction either midway or after they have received the product.

This article, therefore, explores the current refund and return policies at Vitamin Shoppe on products purchased both online and in-store.

Why would one need the Vitamin Shoppe Return Policy?

Customers who purchase products from the Vitamin Shoppe retail stores through visits to the stores, phone calls or online may be forced to return the products because:

  1. The products are faulty, defective, or damaged
  2. The products are of noticeable poor quality
  3. The products were delivered even when there is a prior agreement to have the orders canceled and money reimbursed.

What is Vitamin Shoppe’s Return Policy?

At Vitamin Shoppe, customers can return merchandise to the store as long as 30 days have not elapsed since the day the purchases were made.

The policy does not discriminate against opened or unopened products, which means all customers are eligible to have refunds or exchanges on the purchases made.

Depending on the terms and conditions affecting the specific refund/return request, the customer may be reimbursed for the money they paid or have the product exchanged with a similar one.

Conditions that must be met for a return to be valid or executable:

  1. The product must have been bought not more than 30 days ago
  2. The product may be opened or unopened.
  3. The product must have an accompanying receipt to have refunds in the form of money
  4. If the accompanying receipt is not available, the customer would have the product exchanged for a new one
  5. Products must be physically returned to the approved Vitamin Shoppe or Super Supplements Stores
  6. Where the customer cannot physically avail the products to the stores, they should be mailed to the specified address.

How to Return Merchandise to The Vitamin Shoppe

As already stated, the company outlines a variety of ways through which returns and subsequent refunds can be executed.

The customer may return the merchandise bought from the Vitamin Shoppe through two main ways i.e through physical means or through mail

Physical Deliveries to Stores

Customers may choose to drop the merchandise at a nearby Vitamin Shoppe or Super Supplements store in the US, and ensure that they abide by the stated terms and conditions.

Depending on the situation, the customers would have their money refunded, or have the defective product exchanged for another perfect product.

Return by Mail

This option is for people who stay far away from Vitamin Shoppe retail outlets. Here, the cost of returning the products to Vitamin Shoppe is borne by the customer.

All you need to do is ensure that the item is properly packaged so that there is no further damage to the product due to the return shipping process.

The Vitamin Shoppe provides two addresses for return-by-mail merchandise which are located in Virginia and Arizona.

The mailing addresses are provided as:

The Vitamin Shoppe: Returns Department
925N. 127th Avenue
Avondale, AZ 85323


The Vitamin Shoppe: Returns Department
112 The Vitamin Shoppe Way
Ashland, VA 23005

Vitamin Shoppe Cancel Order (auto-delivery cancellation)

Sometimes we change our mind just after we have made an order and need to cancel it. Now, what is the current Vitamin Shoppe order cancellation policy?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel an order once it has been submitted. This is because the orders are processed so fast that canceling would really disadvantage the stores.

This, therefore, means it is not possible to affect auto-delivery cancellation. the only way out would be to wait and receive the merchandise then take advantage of the return policy.

FAQs on Vitamin Shoppe Return Policy

How can I return products purchased using PayPal?

Products purchased using PayPal, which are returned to Vitamin Shoppe are subject to any of the two return approaches.

  • First, customers may return them to the stores and get credit for future purchases they make.
  • Second, customers who wish to have a cash refund would have to avail of the merchandise to the distribution centers.

Can you return opened protein powder to Vitamin Shoppe?

Yes, you can return opened protein powder according to the Vitamin Shoppe opened item return policy, and get a cash refund, product exchange, or credit for future purchases depending on how you paid for the item.


1: Return Policy at the Vitamin Shoppe

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