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Does Vitamin Shoppe Give Military Discounts?

As a retailer of vitamins, nutritional supplements, herbs, and teas, Vitamin Shoppe serves different demographics across the US.

Servicemen such as military personnel and those who have retired from the service (veterans) may be eligible for some discounts whenever they shop at Vitamin Shoppe.

Does Vitamin Shoppe Have Military Discounts?

Well, according to the Vitamin Shoppe website, there are currently no discounts reserved for military personnel and veterans.

However, there are many discounts and special offers that everyone can take advantage of including the military, students, and first responders.

Vitamin Shoppe Military Discounts

As already stated, while there are no specific coupons reserved for military and veterans only, those in the service may visit Vitamin Shoppe and redeem the following discounts.

50% Off Women’s Health Products

This discount applies to women’s health products, where you get two products at the cost of one.

Some of the products and brands on offer under these discounts include:

  • Women’s Best
  • Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems
  • NeoCell Corporation

20% off Vitamins and Supplements

This coupon covers products that can be classified as vitamins and supplements.

The brands and products covered here include:

  • Select Vitamin Shoppe products
  • Select Solaray Products
  • Select Nordic Naturals
  • Plant branded products

50% off protein and fitness products

Military personnel also need proteins and other physical fitness products to ensure they remain in the right physical state to serve the country.

Therefore, if you are looking for places to purchase proteins and physical fitness products cheaply, then consider checking out Vitamin Shoppe.

The products and brands on offer under this coupon include:

  • Select BodyTech products – buy one and get one free
  • Dymatize Nutrition products – buy one and get one free
  • Isopure Products – buy one and get one free

20% off Digestion products

For military personnel facing issues with their digestive system, it may be advisable to look for the various remedies on offer at Vitamin Shoppe.

Some of the digestion products on offer under this coupon include:

  • Select Solaray Products
  • Select Irwin Naturals
  • Select Lily of The Desert products
  • 15% Off Gaia Herbs products

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