Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Skin, Face, and Scars?

Is vitamin E good for use on the face, skin, or scars? What are the benefits of tocopherol on both skin and face? Does it have side effects?

These are questions we come across quite often. In this article, I seek to address them in detail. I elaborate on how to use pure vitamin E oil for glowing facial skin.

Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Skin?

Vitamin E oil contains numerous ingredients that assist in the protection of the skin from any infections or sunburns.

The oil is what those who want to have healthy-looking skin should use, because it strengthens the nerves, helping in the nourishment of your skin from within.

Therefore, vitamin E oil is good for our skin and people should be advised to make use of it to have healthy and young-looking skin.

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How to use Vitamin E Oil for Skin

Did you know Vitamin E oil can help in transforming your skin if applied well? Well, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Wash your body thoroughly using fresh water
  2. Dry yourself using a clean towel.
  3. Apply the oil to your skin.
  4. Let it stay on your skin for not less than 20-30 minutes.
  5. You can either wash it off or leave the vitamin E oil on your skin overnight.
  6. Repeat the above steps three-four times a week.

What Does Vitamin E Oil Do to the Face?

Applying vitamin E oil to your face is beneficial in some ways:

  • The oil eliminates the aging signs such as wrinkles
  • The oil helps in treating acne or pimples and dark scars
  • The oil is beneficial in removing or reducing chapped lips, which are usually linked to malnutrition.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil on the Face

Having a smooth and healthy-looking face is the desire of everyone regardless of age. People want to have a beautiful look, but fail to apply vitamin E oil to their faces efficiently.

The following are the primary steps if correctly followed could assist in boosting the overall outcome, after the application of vitamin E oil on your face.

  1. Wash your face using fresh water
  2. Tie your hair to the back to prevent direct contact with your washed face.
  3. Apply the oil thoroughly to your face.
  4. Leave the vitamin E oil on your face for 20-345 minutes or overnight, before washing it off.
  5. Repeat the above procedure at least once daily to have the best outcome after the application of vitamin E oil.

Vitamin E Oil for Scars

Vitamin E oil is known to improve the appearance of scars. In its pure form, vitamin E oil is essential for preventing long-term damage to the skin (as seen in burn victims or those with chronic sun damage).

You want to apply it along the scar and also in areas where the scar is deeper because not only does vitamin E make a difference aesthetically, but it can also help with the pain.

Vitamin E oil is recommended for scars that are both old and new.

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It helps reduce inflammation, stimulates collagen production, is an irritant that will accelerate skin healing & scarring process, and helps regenerate skin cells while providing filler-type properties as well as anti-aging benefits.

The chemical structure of vitamin E doesn’t allow it to penetrate far into the skin, which means that most of it stay just at the topmost layer of the skin.

That’s why people who have acne often put on a moisturizer with SPF before they put on their makeup because otherwise it won’t be protected from UV rays.

Vitamin E will protect against short-term risks, but if you want something that goes deep into your skin then pumpkin seeds are what you need.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil on Skin & Face

The following are the main benefits of applying vitamin E oil to your face and skin;

#1. Serves as an anti-aging agent

Having premature aging signs such as wrinkles makes people uncomfortable especially if they are still young.

Vitamin E oil contains ingredients that help in eliminating such signs, leaving you with beautiful and young-looking skin or face.

#2. Assists in treating sunburns

Ultraviolet radiation that is slowly increasing due to global warming interferes with our skin and face and can cause skin cancer due to the free radicals it generates inside the skin.

Vitamin E oil has essential antioxidant properties that help in eliminating the free radicals produced by UV radiation.

#3. Helps in eliminating the dark circles

The dark circles that are usually seen in some people can be very irritating if not treated.

Applying vitamin E oil two to three times a day assists in managing dark circles leaving your skin or face with a healthy look.

#4. Nourishes the Skin

Vitamin E oil strengthens the nerves found in the skin, nourishing the skin from the inside. The oil, therefore, is significant in smoothening and making your skin or face look healthy.

Side Effects of Vitamin E Oil on Face and Skin

Using vitamin E oil, especially when excessively used affects some people in some ways;

1. Causes Allergies

Experiencing skin swelling and reddening is one of the allergic signs that should be treated by the healthcare officer.

People who display such signs should stop using vitamin E oil and consult health physicians to be advised on which brands work best for their skin.

2. Interferes with the Blood Clotting

Vitamin E oil may negatively affect the blood clotting process. This is usually due to the oil’s antioxidant properties, which inhibit the functionality of platelets.

Vitamin E Oil for Dog’s Skin

The dog’s coat, when dry, results in excessive itching that irritates the dog. The irritation can affect the dog’s health.

Therefore, dog owners need to use vitamin E oil to nourish the skin to assist in eliminating itchiness. Vitamin E oil can be rubbed on the dog’s skin directly or added to the dog’s food before it is given to the dog.

More Uses of Vitamins for Skin

The following are the other uses of vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E Oil for Dry Skin around Eyes

Do you have dry skin around your eyes? Applying vitamin E oil to the regions around your eyes helps to moisturize the skin around that area and leaves you with healthy skin and beautiful-looking eyes.

Vitamin E Oil for Skin Pregnancy

During pregnancy animals including dogs and human beings require vitamin E (due to its anti-inflammatory actions) to assist in boosting immunity to help in reducing skin problems.

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