Vitamin E Oil for Natural Hair Growth: Results and Reviews

Need to know how to use Vitamin E oil for your natural hair growth? Well, in this article I dive deeply into the application of vitamin E for perfect and adorable hair growth.

We also provide pictures of the before and after results when one uses this tocopherol vitamin. Finally, I include reviews for anyone who may be looking for what and where to buy Vitamin E Oil.

Does Vitamin E Help Hair Grow Faster?

Yes, Vitamin E can make your hair grow faster because it is an antioxidant known to assist in building and repairing tissue.

If you use this product on your scalp, it can stimulate the reduction of inflammation, thereby helping to repair damaged hair follicles.

It similarly plays a part in encouraging hair growth by supporting healthy follicles. It is sold in the form of a dietary supplement as a pill in any drug store near you.

It is used as a topical skin treatment whereby the supplement capsules are used to extract the oil gel. It helps to enhance blood supply in your skin tissue, leading to more growth efficiency of your hair.

As a result, it can contribute to the healthier, stronger, and faster growth of your hair.

Vitamin E Oil in Hair Overnight

Vitamin E oil is applied both in the morning and overnight for the best hair treatment results.

It is recommended to use this healing cream in your hair at night because the product is popular for minimizing scalp inflammation and itchiness.

You can as well apply it to increase hair growth. The oil is potent regarding directly used on your skin cells and scalp. However, for superb and healthy hair results, you are recommended to apply it moderately to your overnight.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil for Hair

The most asked question is: how can you use vitamin E oil on your hair? Well, here is the procedure on how to apply the product onto your scalp:

  1. Combine the oil supplement with coconut cream. This is the best and healthiest way you can use the cream on your scalp.
  2. Mix in a ratio of two droplets of Vitamin E oil for every tablespoon of coconut cream.
  3. For the mixture’s ingredients to combine and mix well, let the blend stay in your fridge for a minimum of one night.
  4. Each day, apply the cream on your scalp by massaging the target area and leaving it there for at least twenty-five minutes.
  5. Wash the oil with your preferred shampoo.

This process will give you tremendous rapid results.

Vitamin E Hair Growth Results

Here are the reviews and expected results after applying vitamin E for your hair growth:

Vitamin E Hair Growth Before and After Results

The effectiveness of Vitamin E oil for hair growth cannot be disputed because there exists empirical evidence to support this belief.

vtamin e oil natural hair growth
Vitamin E Oil for Natural Hair Results

One research showed that when supplemented with tocotrienol capsules, the mixture helped to increase the amount of hair. These are rare before and after pictures of the effect of applying the cream to your hair:

Vitamin E Oil Brands for Hair Growth Reviews

These are some of the popular reviews on the use of Vitamin E oil products for hair growth. These are some of the common vitamin E hair oil brands you can access in the market:

Vitamin E Capsules for Hair Growth

Many users of these products confirm that it helps them to enhance the growth of their hair. The pills have been reported by many people that lead to positive results in hair growth.

But, the cream does not work miracles either. It can take you some weeks or a few months for you to see any tangible results. Therefore, for a remedy for hair loss, you must be patient with this natural healing supplement.

Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil

It’s a body splendor product produced by Hollywood Beauty. Reports from the users of this brand on hair indicate that most of them love it because of the long-lasting effect after application.

When used for hair growth, the oil helps to make it healthier. It is also affordable, costing just $3 or thereabouts at selling points including Sally’s beauty. It works well on a natural dark blonde color for thick, wavy, and dry hair.

Beauty Junkie Expert

The brand is sold by suppliers of beauty products near you and works miracles when used on your eyelashes and eyebrows.

It’s reported to make your eyebrows grow thicker, even in areas where it is sparse. The oil also leads to more growth of eyelashes.

CocoCare Vitamin E Antioxidant Body Oil

This is a body Vitamin E oil brand with antioxidants, normally packaged in a volume of 8.5 ounces. The product is made from a natural formula with non-color chemicals and high-quality materials.

Users who have incorporated this cream into their routine skincare say that it works to make your skin soft and clear.

Moreover, you can apply the oil as a skin therapy cream. So, why should you try CocoCare? The answer is pretty simple, it’s because of its features such as treatment for your skin, skin conditioning properties, and color-free and 100% natural.

JASON Vitamin E 5,000 IU Allover Body Nourishment Oil

Extraordinarily, Jason Company has new vitamin E nourishment for your body. The product is manufactured or produced from natural ingredients with an immense amount of nutrients.

It helps to soften your body, making it healthier. Additionally, the oil has no extra chemicals like artificial colors or fragrances.

Many people love it for its amazing features such as organic ingredients, pure cream with about five natural important oils, and a moisturizer rich in anti-oxidant abilities.

Sundown Vitamin E Oil 70000 IU

This is a clear, pure cream with amounts of 70000 IU and 75 ml. The product can help heal your dry skin because it can condition and hydrate your skin before applying.

Other than conditioning your skin, Sundown is a product known to work against skin wrinkles. You only need to rub the oil into the skin gently.

  • It has several appealing features such as a good moisturizer for your dry skin.
  • It also works well to clear or reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles and lines.

High-Grade Vitamin E Oil

The high-grade Vitamin E oil supplements you can buy are those products that are not only natural but also high-quality with the highest consumer ratings.

They should also have international approval seals of quality. You need to be wary of substandard vitamin E cream products found in the markets by ensuring that they are 100% organic.

Some of the things you must not include international quality seals from NSF, USP, or Here are examples of the best quality supplements you may want to purchase:

#1 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E Softgels

The product is approved and has a quality seal from It is a safe cream made from natural vitamin E Softgels.

#2 Nature Made Vitamin E Softgels

This is another safe bet for healthcare products manufactured from Vitamin E with a quality seal from USP for its purity and quality standards. It is a supplement that is yeast-free and contains natural vitamin E.

Thus, it’s good for your body and easy to ingest. You can get them from any grocery chain store and pharmacy near you. They are also sold online at about $27 for a 225-count bottle.

Benefits and Side Effects of Using Vitamin E on Hair

There are several benefits and side effects you can get after using Vitamin E cream on your hair.

Benefits of using Vitamin E Oil on Hair

#1 Prevents hair loss

A research study done by the Vitamins and Nutrition Center shows that when the oil is used on your scalp, it helps in preventing hair loss.

It remedies, nutritional deficiency alleged to cause hair thinning and loss. With age, the circulation of blood in tissue becomes sluggish.

To effectively deal with the impact of this slowdown in the growth of your hair, you need to increase the level of Vitamins in the bloodstream.

This can only be achieved by taking some oral vitamin supplements such as vitamin E. By doing so, you will allow hair components to grow.

#2 Growth Protection

The fact that this vitamin supplement is an antioxidant makes it good for fighting and getting rid of free radicals known to damage your hair. As a result, you can appear aged due to such damages.

By offering protection to your hair, both through oral supplementation and topically, the cream helps to protect the healthy growth of hair.

Side Effects of Vitamin E Oil on Hair

There are many suggested side effects of using Vitamin E oil on your hair. Here is the main adverse effect of applying this product:

  1. Increased risk for prostate cancer
  2. Bleeding and bruising
  3. Weaknesses
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Nausea
  6. Fatigue
  7. Stomach cramps
  8. Rash
  9. Blurred vision
  10. Headache

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