Vitamin E Oil for Nails & Cuticles Growth

If you have brittle nails you may be wondering if using vitamin E oil may help change your predicament. Well, this article examines just that and goes a step further to explore other possible uses, including for nail fungus

Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Nails Growth?

There is nothing worse like having weak nails and fearing to grow your nails because you are aware that they are weak!

Well, if you have such a problem you should not worry because the application of vitamin E oil is useful for nails growth because it helps in alleviating the yellow-nail syndrome characeterized by weak or brittle finger nails

The oil improves your nails’ health after a given period of use: it strengthens brittle nails and because it has antioxidants protect your nails from aging.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil on Nails

Do you want to have an excellent outcome after the application of vitamin E oil? If yes, you should follow the following procedure when applying the oil to your nails.

  1. Wash your nails thoroughly and ensure they are dry.
  2. Using a small brush collect the oil from the capsule.
  3. Brush the Vitamin E oil over your cuticles
  4. Massage the Vitamin E Oil over the cuticles with your fingers of the other hand (depending on the hand-applied first). This is important in stimulating blood circulation in the area to help your nails grow.
  5. Use the Vitamin E oil treatment two times a day by repeating the above procedure.

Vitamin E Oil and Jojoba Oils for Nails

Jojoba oil consists of absorbent properties that make it a great blend of antifungal and moisturizing vitamin E for your nail health.

Vitamin E oil blends with Jojoba oil.

Various  oils from nuts and seeds that have high concentrations of vitamin E may also be used or blended in depending on your tastes: Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and peanuts.

Vitamin E Oil for Nail Fungus

Vitamin E oil contains antioxidant and skin regeneration properties needed for healthy nails.  In case you are suffering from fungus infections, you should use vitamin E oil.

Applying the concentrated oil on your nail kills the toenail fungus. Also, vitamin E oil after application assist to boost the regeneration of new and healthy nails.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits Nails and Cuticles

Applying vitamin E oil on your nails has numerous benefits;

Protect your nail form aging

Vitamin E oil contains antioxidant properties that are important in protecting our nails from aging and turning the color from yellow to healthy.

Repairs damaged cuticles and nails

Those who use nail acetone and polish can attest that these agents are harmful and can severely damage one’s nails. Applying vitamin E oil helps to repair damaged nails and cuticles.

The vitamin E oil strengthens the brittle nails

Having brittle nails is one of the severe problems face that makes them avoid keeping long nails because they will be to eliminate broken easily. Using vitamin E oil helps to reduce the problem of having weak nails.

Improves blood circulation

Blood circulation is vital for your nails’ growth. Vitamin E oil has been discovered to contain ingredients that are vital to improving blood circulation.

Vitamin E Nail Polish

Nail polishing has been discovered to be the leading cause of nail and cuticle damages.

It is, therefore, harmful to do nail polishing, but in case you already have damaged nails and cuticles due to nail polishing, then you should turn to use vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil can repair the damages caused by nail polish.

Where to Buy Nail and Cuticle Oil

In case you are wondering which stores sale quality vitamin E oil for your nails, here is a list of some of the prominent outlets where you can purchase pure vitamin E oil;


Amazon is known to many people as the leading online shopping store that sells numerous beauty products at relatively affordable prices.

The store sells different brands of vitamin E oil for nail and cuticles at a lower price.

However, what makes many people like purchasing vitamin E oil from Amazon is the quality of its products: you cannot find counterfeit vitamin E oil, which can be harmful to the health of your nails.


Walmart, when compared to Amazon, offers numerous beauty products at a slightly lower price to that of Amazon. It gives discounts to their clients, therefore, attracting more people into purchasing vitamin E Oil at their stores.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil- Review

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil can be purchased at Amazon, and it has moisturizing effects, which softens your cuticles and cares for brittle, dry nails.

Also, the oil is beneficial as it strengthens and nourishes the cuticles and nails, making them look healthy. Sally Hansen is, therefore, a proper remedy for preventing cuticle or nail problems before they even occur.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil Pen

Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil Pen can be purchased at various stores like Target, Amazon, and eBay. The cuticle pen exists in different colors, but the brush is white and is secured in a cap that clicks when shut.

The brush of the cuticle pen is similar to that of any nail paintbrush, but, the cuticle pen allows you to apply the oil contained in it efficiently.

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