Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Beards & Facial Hair Growth?

Applying vitamin E oil for beard growth is a common practice by men all over the world.  In this article, I examine and describe how to use vitamin E for a thick beard and fast facial hair growth.

Facial hair includes eyelashes, mustache, and eyebrows. In addition, I highlight the amazing benefits accrued from using tocopherol for your mustache. Read on to learn more.

Does Vitamin E Oil work for Beards or Facial Hair?

Most men find it hard to grow and maintain their beards or facial hair due to a lack of information on which oil to use.

Vitamin E oil contains essential antioxidant properties that assist in strengthening the beard through repairing the damages done to the cellular membranes of the facial hair.

Therefore, the stronger and more resilient your beards are, the faster it grows. Consequently, this is what makes vitamin E oil, essential oil for facial hair, and beard growth.

How to use Vitamin E Oil for Beards (facial hair recipe)

Do you want to have valid results after using vitamin E oil for beards? Well, you should follow the following critical steps when using oil.

  1. Wash your face and dry it using a clean and soft towel.
  2. Apply the oil gently on your face or areas of your face where you want the hair to grow.
  3. Leave the vitamin E oil on your face for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  4. Wash off the oil.
  5. Repeat the above procedure two times a day for useful

Benefits of using vitamin E Oil for Facial Hair or Beard Growth

Applying vitamin E oil to your face has numerous benefits including;

1. Improves blood flow

Blood flow is beneficial for hair growth. It has been discovered that vitamin E oil has essential ingredients that help in developing the blood flow, hence promoting the growth of your beards or facial hair.

2. Vitamin E oil is easily accessible

The vitamin E oil, unlike other beard or facial growth oils, can be found in all prominent and local stores that sell beauty products such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

3. Strengthens your facial hair or beards

Having strong and healthy-looking beards raises confidence in men, and therefore, no man wants to see their facial hair fall off due to weakness without applying vitamin E oil.

The oil has antioxidant effects that help in strengthening your beards making them look thicker and healthy.

Common Vitamin E Capsules brands for beards (Reviews)

If you are searching for the best vitamin E oil brands for beards, here are some of the best brands that have been proven to be effective in promoting beard or facial hair growth.

Beard Farmer

Beard Farmer is the best supplement for a thicker, longer, and fuller mustache and beard. It contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties among other ingredients that are important in the growth of your beards.

Delta Genesis

Delta genesis is also rated top by several men as having the ability to strengthen and improve the growth of facial hair and beards.

The supplement contains natural vitamin E, which serves numerous benefits such as improving the blood circulation that enhances beard growth.

Evion 400 uses for beard

Evion 400 is a supplement that contains vitamin E that is important for the growth of beards and facial hairs, and also in serving other vital body functions.

While some beauty experts argue that it can boost facial hair growth, several have disputed that claim, and advise one to use pure vitamin E oil instead of Evion 400 that contains little amounts of vitamin E.

Where to buy Vitamin E for Beards

The best brands of vitamin E oil for beards and facial hair growth can be purchased at the following stores;

Amazon is the leading company that sells vitamin E oil brands such as Beard Farmer and Delta Genesis at relatively affordable prices.

For example, Beard Farmer goes for only $ 9, while Delta Genesis is sold for just $ 59.

Amazon is liked by many because of its after-sale services like free shipping, and therefore, customers can purchase the vitamin E oil products (online shopping) and have them delivered to their destinations of choice.

eBay also sells numerous vitamin E oil products for facial hair and beard growth. But their prices are a bit higher when compared to those at Amazon.

For instance, the Beard Farmer that is sold at $9 on Amazon, at eBay it is $10.

However, despite that, the company is also offering people the opportunities to do online shopping and have their products delivered to their doorsteps just like Amazon.

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