Vitamin E for Skin Whitening & Healing Capsules

Can I use Vitamin E for skin whitening? Yes, you can surely use vitamin E oil, cream, or capsules for skin discoloration, pigmentation, or lightening.

In addition, you can also use it for Acne scars removal and general skin healing. Read this article to learn more about how that can be achieved.

Vitamin E and Skin Care Health

Vitamin E cream for skin care works and has numerous health benefits for your body. It helps to block your skin and body against the effects of the aging process triggered by free radicals.

The effective protection of your skin from these free radicals is very beneficial to your skin. The oil has basic antioxidant elements needed to make your skin look youthful by reducing wrinkles

How to Use Vitamin E for Skin Lightening & Whitening

The application of vitamin E for skin lightening and whitening is only beneficial to your skin when used either orally as a food supplement or topically.

This is how you can use it:

  1. Pop a capsule of vitamin E and crush out the liquid
  2. The liquid contains both Vitamin E supplements and vitamin E skin creams
  3. Consume the food sources naturally.


  • You can massage the oil on the target area for a few minutes more than two times daily for some weeks.
  • In a period of one month, mix between one and two capsules of Vitamin E with a teaspoon of castor oil and rub the mixture on the affected skin.
  • Let it stay there overnight and wash it.

At the end of the day, you will have light and fairer skin.

Vitamin E has tocopherol required for controlling your body’s absorption of UV emissions. This property also plays a big role in repairing any damaged body tissues by UV rays.

It works well because it has soluble fat properties that make the epidermal skin layer absorb it easily. As a result, it helps to protect it from the harmful sun rays.

Vitamin E Oil for Face Pigmentation

A study by AcneNet found out that Vitamin E for face pigmentation is one of the typical methods you can treat hyperpigmentation if there is new discoloration.

On the contrary, research by Dermatologic Surgery published in 1999 indicated that skin discoloration and any scarring couldn’t be eliminated through the use of vitamin E creams.

There are several reasons behind the onset of skin discoloration including acne scars, liver spots, and sun damage.

Upon reaching a level where they are noticeable or severe, they create blots on your skin that appear horrible.

You may employ different methods to get rid of or lighten the dark patches or even out the tone of your skin. Among this wide range of skincare products, it is only Vitamin E that is touted as a natural treatment for skin discoloration.

Fat is believed to play a role in enhancing the health of your skin and making the discoloration fade away.

It has essential elements which help to process vitamin A which forms the ingredients found in numerous topical solutions such as retinoids. These solutions are popular for helping to lighten dark skin spots.

Your body cannot easily absorb Vitamin A minus vitamin E. According to a study by the Acne Resource Center, the consumed topical solutions fail to work as expected with these vital fat sources.

Vitamin E for Skin Scars & Blemishes

Regarding the many known skin benefits of Vitamin E in your body, the removal of skin scars and blemishes is one of them.

So, how does this fat help to whiten your dark spotted skin? Well, the answer is simple, it’s a faster antioxidant.

Vitamin E for skin whitening acts as a scavenger for peroxyl radicals by looking for any present free radicals. After that, it uses such radicals after reducing them into their form. It also conceals the available free radicals deep under the skin cells.

As a result, it helps to eliminate the toxins from the surface of your skin thereby making the skin cells relieved from damage and oxidative stress.

The onset of stretch marks on your skin results from an excessive stretch of skin fibers. Despite the skin naturally attempting to repair itself with the help of available collagen, the damage can be slowed down by free radicals.

Vitamin E, therefore, helps in skin cell regeneration and the subsequent disappearance of scars and blemishes by speeding up the production of collagen.

To achieve good results;

  1. Apply the oil directly to the affected skin area and leave it there for a few minutes to let it get absorbed into the skin layers without rubbing.
  2. Repeat this process more than two times every day, evenly rubbing the area with olive oil or coconut.

This will help to eliminate the blemishes and scars on your skin naturally.

Vitamin E Oil for Skin Healing

Vitamin E oil for skin healing fights free radicals known to inhibit the healing of new skin wounds and scars.

According to the study by Dr. Broumand at, the use of this fat source will help to improve and repair the damaged tissue’s appearance. It’s used to target excessive skin dryness in the affected area.

Given that skin antioxidants are common and increase in the period of normal skin wound healing slowly, Vitamin E is thought to help deal with such problems.

But, it is not empirically proven that it has a positive impact on wound repair when applied to normal skin.

Vitamin E is, however, known to increase the strength of wounds breaking, especially skin-damaged tissue pre-treated using ionizing radiation. This effect is, nevertheless, thought to be contributed by its antioxidant functions on the affected area similar to a photoprotective outcome.

Although there are conflicting reports about the use of Vitamin E cream for healing skin wounds, it’s combined with Vitamin C and Zinc to make oral therapies for people suffering from burns and bed sores, or pressure ulcers.

Vitamin E Capsules for Fair Skin & Brightening

There are many approaches you can use Vitamin E capsules for fair skin and brightening. One of the popular forms is Vitamin E Skin Serum.

Here is how to use it:

  • To apply it in this method, you need to use a container with vitamin E and squeeze out the fluid
  • Put the solution in your clean palms
  • Smear a small quantity of the fluid all over the target area and let it stay there overnight
  • Don’t apply it excessively because it’s very sleek and sticky.

When applied as recommended above, the capsules will eventually help to make your skin fairer and brighter.

Vitamin E Cream for Skin Whitening

Unlike other oils, the popularity of Vitamin E cream for skin whitening is related to its fat-soluble vitamin ingredient. In this regard, its use is not done away with within your body.

Water-soluble vitamins

Vitamin E oil, contrary to other available fat-soluble vitamins, contains fats such as vitamins A, D, and K. It’s typically a fat vitamin. With this makeup, it can provide you with both fat and the much need moisture for your skin cells.

Studies indicate that tocopherol helps in making a glow, vibrant and lighter skin.

It does not only play a role in lightening your skin but also helps to make the area moisturized thereby making your skin become healthy and glowing.

Side Effects of Vitamin E on Skin Discoloration

There are a few adverse effects associated with the use of Vitamin E for skin discoloration. The most common side effects of the vitamin, especially when used in excess include the:

  1. Headaches
  2. Blurry vision
  3. Diarrhea

It is also associated with causing a skin reaction. That relates to the fact that it easily absorbs UV light to release free radicals.

Consequently, when you expose your skin to heavy sunlight after using it, allergic reactions may be seen. However, when applied moderately, it is considered effective and safe for the skin.

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