Does ULTA Price Match (Online, In-Store, Sephora)?

ULTA is a beauty retailer that offers a wide variety of products. Ulta has an amazing offer for their shoppers who love saving money they offer free shipping and free returns with no minimum purchase requirement!

You are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at an affordable cost when shopping at ULTA because they carry almost any product imaginable.

Does ULTA Price Match?

No, ULTA does not price match competitors which means customers would have to pay the price listed on the item they want to buy without expecting any form of price adjustment inspired by the competition or

ULTA Price Matching Policy FAQs

Under this section, I will try and answer specific questions concerning ULTA’s price adjustment policy, especially when compared to specific competitors.

Does ULTA price match online?

No, ULTA brick-and-mortar stores do not price match their online ( store.

This means that if you see an item priced at a lower cost and you plan to buy it in-store, you are not guaranteed to get the same price as the one shown on the website.

Does ULTA price match Sephora?

No, ULTA does not price match Sephora, which means even if a given item is priced on Sephora at a price lower than that shown on ULTA, ULTA will not honor the price adjustment request.

What stores does ULTA not price match?

Well, according to ULTA’s price adjustment policy, ULTA stores do not price match their competitors who include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Urban Decay, and Macy’s.


Ulta does not price match its competitors, which means if you choose to buy from them you would have to pay the listed price.

We understand that you may want to compare prices when shopping for your favorite beauty products, but they are unable to do this at their stores or online. You can find other retailers who offer a price matching policy elsewhere on this website.

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