Ulta Payment Methods: Apple Pay, Afterpay, PayPal

Paying for commodities online or in-store can be quite challenging especially if your favorite store accepts payment methods that you do not have access to.

It is for this reason that stores such as Ulta have made an effort to include more than one payment option to make customers’ life easier.

A variety in the mode of methods of payments also improves customer experience at the company’s online store.

in this article, therefore, we will review the various payment, methods, and options available to Ulta customers and they include: Afterpay, PayPal, Apple pay, Credit Cards, among others.

Does Ulta accept Afterpay?

The primary question here is can one use Afterpay in-store at Ulta?

Yes, Ulta accepts Afterpay as a payment option or method during the checkout process hence making Ulta one of the most popular Buy Now Pay-Later beauty sites.

How to use Afterpay on Ulta

If you have no idea of how to go about paying for the commodities you are interested in from the Ulta store, then I will be happy to guide you.

At Ulta, all you have to do is add the items you like into the shopping bag then proceed to checkout as usual:

  • Before the checkout click on ‘Afterpay’
  • If you are ab unregistered customer, you will be prompted to sign up first.
  • Make the purchase
  • Ulta will take automatic payments after every 2 weeks in four installments

Ulta Afterpay Restrictions

The use of the Afterpay Buy Noy Pay Later service at Ulta is subject to restrictions.

Some of the restrictions include:

  • You can only use Afterpay on Ulta.com or Ulta Mobile App
  • The amount payable must be between $35 and $1000
  • All items in the shopping bag (cart) must be eligible for Afterpay
  • Afterpay is only valid for local (US) customers with a US billing address
  • All returns are subject to the usual Ulta Return policy

What can I pay for Using Afterpay at Ulta?

As already stated, Afterpay works only if the items purchased are eligible.

However, this notwithstanding, customers can pay for many of the products listed for sale at the store.

For example, you can

  1. Buy Skincare products using Afterpay
  2. Use Afterpay to buy makeup
  3. Buy cologne using Afterpay

Does Ulta take Apple Pay in Stores?

Apple pay is an innovative payment option made by Apple for iPhone and Apple product customers.

The question is can one use Apple Pay at Ulta to pay for items such as Makeup, cologne, etc.?

You will be happy to know that indeed Ulta accepts Apple Pay as one of the payment options for in-store and mobile app-based purchases.

The process is as simple as always for the iPhone holders because you only initiate the transaction the moment you have added your items into the shopping bag.

Does Ulta accept PayPal?

PayPal is an e-wallet whose popularity in online transactions remains unmatched.

It is for this reason that PayPal still remains the most used Payment option for beauty sites. So, is PayPal accepted at Ulta?

Yes, you can use PayPal while checking out on both Ulta.com and Ulta Mobile App.

Ulta Card Payment

Can I pay for shopping at Ulta using a credit or debit card? Does Ulta accept Mastercard, Visa, or Discover cards?

Yes, Ulta accepts a majority of the locally-issued credit and debit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express (AMEX), PayPal Credit Card, and Ulta Beauty Gift Cards.

It should be noted here that Ulta does not accept international cards as a form of payment.

Does Ulta accept Klarna In-store?

Can you use Klarna at Ulta?

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to use Klarna financing to buy items from Ulta stores.

The only option here is to go for Klarna competitors who operate similarly, and they include Afterpay and Quadpay both of which work on the Buy Now Pay Later arrangement.

Ulta Payment Phone Number

If you wish to make a payment at Ulta.com or through the mobile app and are stuck at a point, calling the Ulta payments department would really help.

The general payment phone number for guests and returning customers is 1-866-983-8582, and is active 7 days a week between 7 am and 11 pm CT.

If you wish to make a payment online using the Ultamate Rewards card or the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, then you would have to contact the card issuer, Comenity Capital Bank, at 1-866-257-9195.

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