Does ULTA Do Makeup (Application, Lessons, Samples)?

Ulta makeup services are a great way to get your makeup done professionally and make sure that it is on point for the day.

Whether you need a touch-up before an interview or just want to look fresh, Ulta’s team of licensed professionals will be happy to work with you one-on-one to create the perfect look.

They offer both professional consultations as well as quick fixes so there is something available no matter what kind of time frame you’re working with.

If you’re looking for someone who has experience in all areas of beauty including hair, nails, and even waxing then Ulta is definitely worth checking out.

Does ULTA do Makeup Consultations?

Yes, ULTA does makeup consultations, specialty applications, and lessons.

MAC boutiques are located in every ULTA Beauty shop where a highly trained MAC artist is on hand to provide a professional makeup application, a step-by-step tutorial, or a fast demonstration.

MAC makeup professionals encourage uniqueness, and there is no “one-look-fits-all” when it comes to makeup application.

ULTA Makeup Appointment

How do I make an appointment with ULTA?

Well, if you would like to make an appointment for ULTA makeup services, the first thing you need to do is locate the nearest store or outlet you would like to visit. For this, use the store locator on the website.

After identifying the nearest ULTA shop, you can navigate to the contact section and find the email or phone number you can use to reach the store to initiate the appointment booking process.

On calling or emailing the store, you will get a complimentary consultation with a licensed professional who will then advise you accordingly on the steps to take thereafter.

ULTA Makeup Prices

How much does it cost to do your makeup at Ulta?

The cost of a formal makeup application is around $60. This includes a make-up treatment that incorporates improved make-up methods for a more dramatic appearance for those special occasions, such as prom, walking the red carpet, or going down the aisle, is provided.

Makeup lessons are $30 per hour. This hands-on, educational, and engaging event is meant to teach you how to create the appearance you’ve always desired, such as the perfect smokey eye, while still having fun.

ULTA Makeup Return Policy

It is possible to acquire cosmetic goods on ULTA and then discover that they are not what you were looking for.

In order to prevent you from incurring needless losses due to the purchase of items you will not use, ULTA offers a liberal cosmetic return policy.

Take your makeup products or any other items that you would like returned to any Ulta Beauty shop and ask for assistance from one of their staff in processing your return.

Makeup goods that are returned within 60 days of the original purchase date and are accompanied by the original receipt will be completely reimbursed in the mode of money used to make the purchase.

If this is not the case, the refund will be sent in the form of an in-store credit instead.

If you want to swap cosmetic items for the identical item, there is no need to pay anything-just bring them in and you’re good to go.

If, on the other hand, you exchange for makeup goods at a higher price point, you will be required to pay the difference in price as well as any applicable sales tax.

A similar situation exists in the event that you swap for more affordable cosmetic goods. You will be reimbursed for the difference in price and sales tax if you switch for more affordable makeup items.

ULTA Makeup Classes

Does Ulta do makeup classes?

Yes, Ulta offers several lesson packages for those who wish to learn how to apply makeup. The lessons include:

  1. 30 Minute Focus Feature: Focus on makeup application of one feature: face, lips, or eyes.
  2. 30 Minute Makeup Application: 1-1 express M∙A∙C makeup application.
  3. 60 Minute Full Makeup Application: 1-1 M∙A∙C makeup application.
  4. 60 Minute Makeup Tutorial: 1-1 M∙A∙C makeup lesson.


From the time you step into Ulta, their team is committed to giving you a personal experience. They want your visit with us to be as seamless and stress-free as possible.

That’s why they offer services on-site that can range from makeup applications for special occasions or events like weddings and proms.

They also do personalized beauty consultations where one of their in-store artists will help find the perfect look for you according to your skin type, hair color, and style preferences all while making sure it suits your budget.

ULTA policy states that goal is always to leave each client feeling confident about their appearance both inside and out.

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