8+ Different Types of Massage Oils

In this blog post, we will be discussing the oils that are used for massage. Massage oil can have a variety of benefits, from moisturizing and softening skin to easing stiffness in sore muscles.

Some people prefer using more natural oils like coconut or olive oil while others enjoy the feel of massage with a thicker type of oil such as sweet almond or apricot kernel.

The most important factor when deciding what kind of massage oil is right for you is your personal preference, so if you’re not sure which one to choose then experiment until you find something that feels good!

One thing I want to mention before moving on though: avoid using cooking oils because they may contain unhealthy fats.

Different Types of Massage Oils

The various oils used in massage include:

1. Coconut Massage Oil

Coconut products including coconut oil are used in many cosmetic and health products.

In addition to helping keep skin moisturized, it has anti-inflammatory properties that make it excellent for soothing sunburns or irritation after waxing.

The fatty acid within coconut oil has long been known as being beneficial for various ailments by nourishing dry skin and fighting aging but also by reducing inflammation.

2. Jojoba Massage Oil

Yes, you can use Jojoba oil for massage. It is quite a neutral-scented oil and so it won’t interfere with your aromatic experience.

People who try to avoid commercial oils altogether often end up using Jojoba for their massage needs as it has the same consistencies as other oils. You can also buy jojoba oil that is already premixed for use in a massage than any other product.

Some people find that some of the oils might be too thin and get absorbed too quickly into the skin—this could cause them to spend disproportionate time rubbing on their skin, whereas an oil like jojoba would not do this because its viscosity will stay longer in contact with your body.

3. Sunflower Massage Oil

Sunflower oil is insoluble in the human body and therefore reduces skin absorption. It also provides a soothing sensation, as it contains linoleic acid.

Some people find this to be an ideal massage oil because the somewhat sluggish effects are not noticeable at all during actual use, so there’s no risk of feeling strange or uncomfortable afterward.

It is best used on dry skin and should never be applied to moistened areas such as the lower back.

4. Almond Massage Oil

Almond oil is a light massage oil that is easily absorbed by the skin. It can completely disappear into your skin, leaving no oily residue whatsoever (even if you use a lot).

This makes it perfect for massages because it leaves your hands feeling like they’re just clean when you’re done.

Additionally, almond oil has one of the longest shelf lives out there- making it perfect for those concerned with sanitation who don’t want to be constantly buying new oils every time an old one goes bad.

5. Apricot Kernel Massage Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil is a massage oil that makes for an invigorating experience. Apricot kernels are rich in vitamin A, which helps with toning and rejuvenates the skin.

With softening, healing properties, this is a great introduction to oils for beginners and those who want to enjoy their massage but also have dry or tense muscles.

Brew up your bath and try apricot kernel oil’s sweet-smelling blend of natural fragrance as it tickles your nostrils.

Overall, the best thing about apricot kernel oil is how versatile its applications are; whether you’re using it on a baby’s delicate skin, or just looking for something to make your sluggish mornings bearable, you should consider making apricot Kernel oil a necessity in your massage therapy sessions.

6. Lavender Massage Oil

So, what does the research say about using lavender for massage therapy? Well, There is no need to apply any carrier oil with this essential oil.

For home use, place a drop of lavender in one hand and rub your hands together. Then gently touch the top of your forehead and inhale deeply.

It may be helpful to close your eyes and concentrate on the aroma of the essential oil for a few minutes before you begin work or do anything else that requires concentration or mental effort.

When applied full-face, it has a sedative effect – in particular for people who have anxiety disorders (with its anti-depressant effects). Its calming impact is also useful during periods of stress or trauma.

7. Argan Massage Oil

Did you know it’s cheaper to just use argan oil for massages?

Well, products formulated with the skincare variety of Argan Oil work perfectly as a massage lotion, giving your muscles all the nurturing they need after a hard workout in under 60 seconds!

If you’re an active person who’s always on the go and doesn’t have time for complicated beauty routines before or after your workouts, try the argan oil massage therapy.

Argan oil is lightweight yet plenty moisturizing and provides optimum relief from muscle pain and stiffness caused by rigorous activity! For best results, apply it liberally before, during, or after physical activity.

8. Rosemary Massage Oil

The use of rosemary essential oil for massage has been found to relax muscles, reduce fatigue, and may improve memory.

Rosemary essential oil can be an effective treatment for muscle stiffness, spasms, or cramping during exercise-induced exhaustion.

Muscle relaxation from the application of the oil can also aid in an increasing range of motion and recovery time.

The topical application of blends containing rosemary is used as a sleep aid. It helps induce natural sleep cycles by reducing levels of cortisol hormones, which are released when stressed or under pressure.

This improved quality and duration will indirectly promote physical rehabilitation through proper rest periods that result in higher energy stores/endurance levels, more effective repair processes between workouts, and better nutrient delivery.


The oils listed here are excellent for massage therapy. If you’re not sure which one to choose, or if you have any questions about their properties and usage please feel free to contact us.

We’ll be more than happy to provide advice on the best oil for your needs.

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