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4 Different Types of Hair (Blow) Dryers

When it comes to blow (hair)dryers, there are a variety of types to choose from. You can find the best one for your needs by understanding the different features and technologies available.

In this blog post, we will go over the different types of hairdryers and their benefits. Whether you are looking for a travel-sized option or a high-powered model, we have you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Ceramic Blow (Hair) Dryer

Ceramic hair dryers are the most popular type and are designed to dry your hair quickly and evenly while protecting it from damage.

They have a ceramic barrel that emits negative ions and far-infrared heat. The negative ions help to close the cuticle layer, which locks in moisture and reduces frizz. The far-infrared heat helps to seal the cuticle layer and prevents damage from happening.

They come in two types: concentrator and diffuser.

Concentrator ceramic blow dryers have a narrow nozzle that directs the hot air onto your hair, which helps to quickly dry it. Diffuser ceramic hair dryers have a wider nozzle that diffuses the hot air, which helps to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy.

Diffuser Ceramic blow dryers come with a diffuser, which is an attachment that helps to distribute the air evenly around your curls or waves, preventing them from becoming frizzy.

2. Ionic Blow (Hair) Dryer

An ionic hairdryer is a type of dryer that has an ionizer inside. The static electricity created by the ionizer travels through the humidified air, which causes it to break up into smaller droplets. When these droplets hit your wet hair they are heavier than air is, so they drop down to your curls and make them smoother.

The ionic version also helps reduce flyaways for even smoother-looking locks without any frizzies. By using an ionic dryer with cool or cold air instead of hot air like most traditional models, you’ll get better humidity control too because there will be less moisture in the air trying to escape out of your pores; leaving you with another great option for drying your hair.

An ionic hair dryer is a type of dryer that reduces frizz and leaves your curls hydrated, but it can’t get rid of shrinkage. That’s where the diffuser comes in. The fabric styling attachments on most ionic hair dryers also allow you to add finishing touches like volume or texture.

An ionic hair dryer uses an “ionic generator” to change air molecules to generate negatively-charged ions that remove electrons from the surface of your skin and hair by transferring them from water particles in the air. This makes your locks shinier and less static without adding any extra heat or drying out the style, which means a much gentler alternative for damaged strands or brittle ends.

3. Tourmaline Blow (Hair) Dryer

Tourmaline hair dryers are an advanced type of dryer designed to use tourmaline ions to cool the air before it reaches your hair. This increases airflow around your hair, which makes it easier to get a more voluminous style while decreasing frizz and reducing drying time by up to 25%!

The crystals in tourmaline, a mineral, make the air molecules vibrate at a higher frequency and give off electrons. The increased vibration and increased electrons cause the cold ions in the dryer to clump together around them and this “conducted ion air conditioning” has been shown to cut drying time by 50%.

The other benefit is that these types of dryers inspire increase negative ions, which can eliminate static electricity from your hair while also sending natural antioxidants into your hair shafts where they will reside until washed away or until they oxidize from exposure to oxygen or water.

Tourmaline is often mixed with ceramic in order to create even more ion production. That’s because wetting the tourmalized ceramic allows for higher ion production. If you’re looking for a healthier way of styling your hair, one of these hairstyling devices is certainly worth considering.

4. Titanium Blow (Hair) Dryer

Using titanium in a hairdryer helps reduces frizz and is gentler on the hair, which is safer and makes better use of precious natural resources. Titanium’s most unusual property is its high strength for its weight, making it useful in everything from airplanes to golf clubs. As light as titanium may be, it can still pack a punch when needed. It’s also weldable at up to 3120 degrees C (5000 Fahrenheit), meaning it can be connected seamlessly to other pieces of titanium despite being thin enough that you could almost see through it!

Titanium is known for its action on natural skin oils, and some individuals report that this type of dryer removes the excess oils from their hair which they prefer over more common driers.

Titanium is great because it doesn’t add any extra heat into your styling which also promotes less damage to the hair while styling.

The titanium ionization at a distance breaks surface contact molecular bonds and suspends water vapor while heating expands air molecules and leads to less moisture in the air.

However, these “Ionization” styles can be more expensive than others, even though you get what you pay for with these dryers which exceed $150 in price tag.

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