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Is Carmindy Makeup Discontinued? [Answer & Dupes]

Carmindy makeup discontinued

Carmindy Makeup is a product from Carmindy Beauty Cosmetics, a beauty line founded by the famous makeup artist Carmindy. The makeup brand has graced beauty stores for many years in the past.

Here, we answer the question of whether the makeup has been discontinued from the company’s product line, and where you can buy the uncleared stock in the world today. So, what happened to Carmindy makeup?

Is Carmindy Makeup Discontinued?

No, Carmindy makeup products have not been discontinued. In our recent engagement with Stella from  ScentBeauty we were informed that Carmindy Beauty is sold exclusively on and Amazon.Carmindy makeup discontinued

Therefore. despite the rampant misinformation online you can still find Carmindy Beauty in the stated online stores. [Source].

Where to Buy Carmindy Makeup

As already stated, the primary sellers of Carmindy Makeup are ScentBeauty and Amazon.

Amazon which stocks Carmindy products among other beauty products currently stocks a variety of Carmindy Beauty products. Therefore it is a place where you can hope to get one.

Carmindy cofounded Scent Beauty, a retail store for various branded perfumes and fragrances. On their website, searching for ‘Carmindy makeup’ yields many results, which means the product is also not stocked there.

Carmindy Makeup Reviews

It is not easy to find customer reviews online because most online retail stores have removed them from their product listings and associated reviews.

Nevertheless, scrolling the various forums on the web paints a picture of the customer experience.

For example, on the QVC forum, there are many positive feedback from people who had tested or fully adopted Carmindy’s makeup such as mascara.

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