Krill Oil Dangers & Side Effects May Shock You!

In this article about Krill Oil Dangers, I will highlight the major side effects of this amazing animal oil. The question many ask is can krill oil be dangerous to me or my dog?

Well, the side effects of krill oil may shock you! Read here below and understand the adverse effects you may experience.

Krill Oil Uses Benefits

Krill Oil (Euphausia Superba) is a shrimp-like small crustacean found in the colder ocean waters. It is mainly used by sea animals to serve as a food source.

Krill has omega-3 fatty acids, oil similar to that found in fish oils. This fat is recommended for human use to help reduce levels of triglyceride.

Its popularity as a supplement used to lower blood lipids has been on the rise lately. You can use this product to treat potential body disorders naturally.

Many people use it to make their blood platelets less sticky to minimize the chances of a blood clot, lower cholesterol, and decrease swelling among others. For more information, visit my other article, Krill Oil Properties and Uses

Krill Oil Health Benefits Controversy

Despite being applauded for its health benefits, Krill oil is also surrounded by certain controversies, the most recent one brought about by Whole Foods.

This oil supplement is alleged to be culled from oceans, a habitat in which it’s believed to be the mainstay of the diet of whales, seals, penguins, and fish.

As a result, Krill oil products were recently pulled from the store shelves of Whole Foods because they are the primary source for marine animals in the Antarctic.

Operations of Krill fishery are claimed to cause the current declines of certain populations of marine predators.

What are Krill Oil Dangers?

Despite being beneficial to your health, the consumption of Krill oil supplements has been associated with some dangers.

For instance, the Krill could have been harvested from fisheries that are contaminated, not tested for rancidity and oxidation, or combined with another oil or type.

Refrigeration of this oil may cause some health problems to consumers because the gelatin capsules can be broken down by cold air thereby allowing for oil leakage.

It is not recommended for people who are allergic to shellfish since their chances of being allergic to fish or krill oil capsules are very high.

Side Effects of Krill Oil That May Shock You

Here are some of the side effects of taking Krill oil supplements that may shock you:


It can cause gastrointestinal distress accompanied by symptoms of diarrhea, bloating, and gas. Intakes of high doses of Krill even worsen or increase the risk of such unpleasant negative effects.


Krill oil, like other products with omega 3, may come with nasty itching effects. This is an allergic reaction to the product. Discontinue or stop taking this oil if you experience such a problem.

Blood Pressure

Be careful when taking this dietary supplement if have a problem with high blood pressure. If you are taking drugs to lower blood pressure, this oil will lead to a further drop in your blood pressure.

Blood Sugar Levels

Krill oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which interfere with some drugs. For instance, if you are taking diabetes medications meant to lower your blood sugar, it may fail to work effectively.

Krill Oil Side Effects Liver

According to, you should not take omega 3 and alcohol at the same time. Your liver will detoxify the alcohol, one of the byproducts of detoxification.

Consequently, the process will lead to the destruction of DHA by acetaldehyde, transforming EPA in the oil to a toxic form.

Joint Pain

Although there is not much empirical evidence to associate this oil with joint pain side effects, you cannot rule out that adverse impact. The most important thing to do is to seek medical assistance to know if your joint pain is related to taking Krill or not.


Most people who experience skin rashes after taking this product are women aged 60 years and above also with Rheumatoid arthritis and taking medication Vitamin D3.

It may as well be a skin reaction, especially in people allergic to omega-3.

Krill Oil and Prostate Cancer Risk

There is no conclusive research showing that this oil increases the risk of prostate cancer.

On the contrary, most studies, including one done by Harvard Medical School indicate that the risk in men suffering from prostate cancer decreases when they take the supplement.

There is consistent evidence that omega-3 helps reduce inflammation linked to prostate cancer in such patients.

Krill Oil Side Effects Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic acknowledges and advises its patients about the side effects of Krill oil. They believe it can cause possible digestive problems like diarrhea and heartburn as well as a fishy aftertaste.

To avoid such awful encounters, you need to take them together with meals.

They also advise their patients not to use this dietary supplement with other medications before consulting health care professionals.

Dangers of Krill Oil Supplements

Studies on Krill oil supplements have not sufficiently assessed their possible dangers or safety for consumers. However, the FDA warned that taking this product is similar to consuming certain fish like swordfish, tuna, and marlin is dangerous.

It may contain some contaminants such as methylmercury is a recipe for exposing yourself to danger.

Research also established that Krill from Antarctica has high organic pesticide levels. Therefore, these are some of the possible dangers you can be exposed to from taking this dietary supplement.

Krill Oil for Dogs Side Effects

You need to understand that when you feed your dog fatty acid supplements such as Krill oil, there can be certain side effects. Although it’s rare to experience a worst-case scenario, its occurrence is possible.

Your dog may have pancreatic functional problems. You can tell if your dog is negatively affected by this dietary supplement if it shows external symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting, trailed by rapid dehydration.

Therefore, any moment your dog shows these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact a veteran for help.

You can prevent such adverse effects by shaping your dog’s food well. If you must supplement your dog’s diet with this oil, then you need to start by supplementing the fatty acids.

The best approach is to give krill oil first, then cut down on other foods with high fat. By so doing, the calories will be reduced, leading to avoidance of the above-mentioned side effects.

Krill Oil Reviews

Here are popular customer reviews regarding the side effects of different Krill oil products:

Mega Red Krill Oil Side Effects

Some consumers have stopped taking this oil because it severally caused heartburn. Experts also report this as one of the primary side effects of this product.

Red Krill Oil Side Effects

It causes certain negative effects such as swelling and rashes in patients allergic to shrimp, fish, or any other kind of seafood. It needs more research to establish the level of this impact.

Bioglan Red Krill Oil Side Effects

This product is not very famous in the market, portraying quite many health benefits, but with much limited and less study to show for it.

It is possible that it can contain contaminants such as heavy metals because there are questions about whether the Southern Ocean water where it’s harvested is clean.

Deep-Sea Krill Oil Side Effects

Research by the University of Melbourne found this food supplement to upsurge the omega-3 in your blood levels, the addition of salmon eaters the risk of heart diseases through improved blood pressure.

However, the researchers think the benefits did not come from the omega-3, but due to the salmon meals which replaced the Krill oil deemed less healthy meals.

Viva Labs Krill Oil Dangers

This oil product is very effective; however, its superiority leaves something to be sought after. Quite a good proportion of the capsules are leaky because they are ill-fitted together.

The bottle’s entire inside smells like fishy red Krill oil that spreads everywhere on your hands. Customers have also complained about its taste which is not the best either!

Krill Oil 1000 Mg Side Effects

Despite the fact that Krill oil 1000 Mg has helped many consumers with genetic high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, some have had negative effects after incorporating it into their routine diet.

The most striking reported issue with this pill is that it causes really bad excess flatulence. Although some customers have solved the problem by reducing the dosage, others have not.

Neptune Krill Oil Side Effects

Consumers of this product from Now Foods have reported having slight irregular feelings or knuckles in joints in the first few months of taking them. Those whose bodies got used to this effect continue, but to others, it can’t be included in their menu.

Schiff Mega Red Omega 3 Krill Oil Side Effects

If you desire to lose weight, taking this product may not help you pack a punch as anticipated. Most consumers have reported gaining weight after starting to use it.

Most users of this product say that its smell is powerful and is good when taken with almond milk for ease of swallowing.

Others claim it has an overpowering foul odor when its bottle is opened.

Wild Krill Oil Side Effects

This organic oil is reported by customers to have possible side effects such as itching, gastric upset, vomiting, skin rashes, and nausea.

Krill Oil Capsules Side Effects

Taking more dosage of Krill oil capsules than recommended by the manufacturer or experts can cause some side effects.

The ideal dose of this food supplement ranges within the overall oil weight of 1-3g. This is the proven safe dosage in clinical trials of this oil.

If you are supplementing based on the Krill omega-3 content that is used in supplementing basic oil, it should be equal to or close to two-thirds to account for the improved rate of absorption.

For instance, if you are to typically supplement 1000mg of DHA and EPA, then 660mg of DHA and EPA from this oil product would be equivalent.

Some of the notable side effects of these capsules include increased hyperlipidemia requiring replication through a reduction in LDL-C when you take Krill.

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