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Does Skinstitut Test on Animals (Is It Cruelty-free)?

Skinstitut is a cruelty-free skincare line. The company uses natural ingredients to make its products, free of animal byproducts and any other substances that may be harmful to animals or humans.

They are also vegan, meaning they don’t use any animal-derived ingredients in their products. Skinstitut’s mission is to provide the best quality makeup and skincare without hurting animals or harming people with toxins or harsh chemicals.

Does Skinstitut Test on Animals?

The good news is that Skinstitut does not use animal testing and is therefore cruelty-free. Instead, they use voluntary human beings as subjects for their tests.

This is an area where the company has found success in innovating, with cutting-edge development of cruelty-free skin care products that deliver clinically proven results.

To this date, no animal testing has been carried out by any Skinstitut product or service.

The company currently conducts research and development tests on cells created from human origins so it can produce products for people of all walks of life with sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Rather than relying on archaic methods like animal trapping which might lead to death following injection or exposure, Skinstitut chooses cutting-edge strategies like stem cell research to provide the highest quality formulas for customers who want nothing less.

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