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Does Skinfood Test on Animals (Is It Cruelty-free)?

Skincare can be expensive, and finding cruelty-free options is not always easy. But what if you could find a product that was both? Skinfood products are made with natural ingredients, and they’re also vegan!

This blog post will explore the brand’s history, unique qualities, and how to use its products for different skin types. You’ll never want to go back to your old skincare routine after reading this.

We all know it can be difficult to find quality products that are also cruelty-free.

Skinfood has become one of my favorite brands because I can use their products without feeling guilty about animal testing or other bad practices. They have a line of vegan cosmetics available at Ulta Beauty stores across the country

Does Skinfood Test on Animals?

Skinfood does indeed test on animals, and it says so right there on the packaging of its products. This, therefore, means Skinfood is NOT cruelty-free.

In comparison to many countries in Asia, animal testing for cosmetics is not yet legally required in Korea.

Cosmetic brands that don’t want to do animal testing can go through an expensive process called “PPR,” but few have enough financial backing or know how to navigate through these more complicated steps available outside China and other more heavily regulated areas.

Sadly for animals used in cosmetic companies worldwide, the demand just isn’t there for alternative methods plus reliable alternatives are out of reach financially because they’re unaffordable due to lab fees and the prototypes (materials) used.

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