Does SkinCeuticals Test on Animals (Is it Cruelty-Free)?

SkinCeuticals is a popular skincare company that boasts the claim of being cruelty-free. SkinCeuticals has been in business for more than 20 years and produces products under both their own brand name as well as other brands.

SkinCeuticals is still considered one of the most trusted skincare companies by many consumers though there are some concerns about them doing animal testing.

Their parent company, L’Oréal Group, tests finished products on animals which means SkinCeuticals may not be completely Cruelty-Free after all.

They pride themselves on their use of natural ingredients, but are they actually Cruelty-Free? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

Does SkinCeuticals Test on Animals?

Despite past reports, SkinCeuticals does not test on animals. They donate on a regular basis to the Human Society for direct programs and facility needs in order to support neglected and abused animals in need of rescue.

As such, they do not use animal testing on any part of any product they manufacture or sell.

SkinCeuticals stands by its commitment to producing safe and effective skincare products while actively supporting the elimination of animal-based product testing worldwide.

The company promotes an appropriate human-centric approach to safety that includes both innovation and empathy for humans who may be affected by the finished products or processes.

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