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Does Sephora Test on Animals (Is Sephora Cruelty-free)?

Sephora is one of the most popular beauty retailers in America with over 1,700 stores worldwide. They are committed to providing quality products that are good for your skin and have never been tested on animals.

This article will review their cruelty-free stance, what it means for customers, and if they do offer any products that may not be considered cruelty-free.

The post will also discuss the value of shopping at Sephora as a cruelty-free consumer and why you should try out some of their best vegan brands.

Does Sephora Test on Animals?

No, Sephora does not test on animals and has been a cruelty-free brand since 2003.

According to the company’s official policy on animal testing, their own brand, Sephora Collection, does not test goods on animals and will not ask others to do so on their behalf, unless it is authorized by law in certain countries where they operate.

In 2003, Sephora became the first major cosmetics company to ban animal testing from its product formula and from all of its own brands as well as those it sells in stores or online.

They contacted their suppliers, established a list of approximately 400 prohibited ingredients that would no longer be permitted in any new formulas developed by the company – including fragrances.

They then established an ingredient prohibition list restricted to 250 further ingredients that were still permitted for use if they could be proven through non-animal safety tests to pose no risk to humans.

Animal testing is done by some other companies also sold at Sephora because apart from having their own brand, they are also a retail store that stocks products from other manufacturers.

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