Does Sensodyne Test on Animals (Is It Cruelty-free)?

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Does Sensodyne Test on Animals?

Yes, Sensodyne does test on animals with the thought being that by using products with known safety profiles, there is less capability for animal testing of new research.

The Company (GlaxoSmithKline), its suppliers, or a third party may conduct animal testing on their products. Depending on the product, firms in this category may be required to do animal research on it.

A more important reform to achieve would be for the overwhelming number of cosmetics companies out there to stop their aggressive animal testing habits altogether.

Unfortunately, that may never happen because more or less all of these companies continue to test on animals in some capacity.

This brings up a good point about how more innovation is needed for all areas (cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals) in order to make this earth-conscious lifestyle easier for everyone.

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