Does Senka Test on Animals (Is it Cruelty-free)?

Senka is a skincare brand that is popular in Japan and many other countries around the world. Although the company has not released any information stating whether or not they test on animals, there have been some rumors and allegations that this may be the case.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the evidence for and against Senka testing on animals, as well as discuss what our stance is on this topic.

Is Senka Cruel to Animals?

In March of 2017, PETA released an undercover video exposing what they say is animal cruelty at the Senka cosmetics factory in Japan.

The video appears to show employees beating and whipping rabbits, as well as slamming them against the ground. Senka has denied the allegations, stating that they do not test on animals and that the video was staged.

However, PETA stands by its allegations and calls for a boycott of all Senka products.

Does Senka Test on Animals?

The answer is not clear-cut. While the company denies these allegations, it has been caught elsewhere engaging in animal testing.

Until there is more definitive evidence one way or another, it is best to avoid any products from this company if you are conscious of animal cruelty or prefer to use vegan beauty products.

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