Does Sebamed Test on Animals (Is It Cruelty-free)?

Sebamed is a brand that offers a cruelty-free product line. The company uses no animal-derived ingredients in its formulations, and the products are not tested on animals.

You can feel good about using Sebamed as it does not harm any living creatures!

Does Sebamed Test on Animals?

No, Sebamed does not test its products on animals, which makes it another cruelty-free brand you can look out for when shopping.

Their products are produced by the natural process of topical synthesis with ingredients derived from natural sources, or they are synthesized in the laboratory using plant extracts.

The aim is to make skincare formulations without causing harm to human beings and without testing them on animals.

Sebamed carries out original researches focused on skin physiology, dermatology, and skin aging processes to guarantee active substances with scientific relevance for humans.

These principles give us confidence that our products will be well accepted by all individuals – even those with sensitive skins – including babies and children as well as people who suffer allergies or atopic eczema.

Since 2008, Sebamed has certified that each newly developed product is only tested on willing (voluntary) human beings.

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