How to Curl your Eyelashes with an Eyelash Curler

No matter how short your eyelashes are you can make the most of them by curling them. This step by step guide brought to you by VideoJug will show you how to use eyelash curlers so your lashes have the best curl.

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

* 1 Eyelash curler
* 1 Mascara
* 1 Eyelash brush
* 1 hairdryer

Step 2: When to Curl

Curl your lashes after applying your eye shadow, and just before the mascara.

Step 3: Preparation

Make sure that your curlers are clean and dry. Hold them in the hand you write with, like scissors, and open them out to a wide position.

Step 4: Position the Curler

Position the curler about mid way along the lashes,

Step 5: Curl

Make sure that all the lashes are between the clamps. Close and hold the curler, fully clamped on the lashes for a few seconds.

Step 6: Remove Curler

Make sure the curler is fully open before removing it from your lashes

Step 7: Really Curly

If your lashes are very straight and have no curl at all, you can curl in 3 steps along the lash, starting at the base and finishing about ¾ of the way along the lashes.

If your lashes are very stubborn, you can hold metal curlers under a hairdryer on a low setting for a few seconds. This warms up the curlers, and makes it easier to set the curl.

Step 8: Apply Mascara

Apply mascara straight away – this can help set the lashes.

Step 9: Comb the Lashes

While the mascara is wet, brush the lashes from beneath, upwards. This will also help to curl the lashes.

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