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Does Vitamin Shoppe Price Match?

Vitamin Shoppe price match

Many retail stores price-match their competitors as a way of retaining or even attracting new clients on their side. Vitamin Shoppe is not different.

According to their FAQs page, Vitamin Shoppe does price match their competitors as long as you (the customer) can provide proof of a competitor selling the same item at a cheaper cost.

How to Qualify for Price Matching at Vitamin Shoppe

As already stated here above, the customer plays a role in ensuring they get the price-matching deal on any Vitamin Shoppe products.

What does the customer need to do? Well, all you need to do is simple:

  1. Browse and find the products you want to buy at Vitamin Shoppe
  2. Compare the products on Vitamin Shoppe with that of the competitors.
  3. Identify the competitors with significantly lower prices (even a difference in cents may translate into substantial savings for bulk orders).
  4. Contact the store (either physically or via online means) to have them price match the item subject to the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Price matching at Vitamin Shoppe

As already alluded to price matching is subject to certain terms and conditions that have to be met, and they include:

  • First, the competitor pricing must not be an offer price (prices shown after discounts or coupons have been applied).
  • Second, the customer must identify, confirm, and reliably inform Vitamin Shoppe of the lower-priced competitor items to be price matched.
  • Third, the customer should be aware of the total cost of the product being delivered to them including shipping costs and applicable taxes.

Alternatives to Price Matching at Vitamin Shoppe

If you have been surfing the web looking for competitors selling cheaper products in order to land a savings deal and have not been successful, then you may want to consider the alternatives.

The other ways one can make some savings include:

  1. Using the Health Awards certificates: These are provided courtesy of the Health awards program that customers are automatically subscribed to after making an order
  2. Redeeming Vitamin Shoppe coupons: Vitamin Shoppe offers numerous in-store coupons, discounts, and shopping deals that you can take advantage of.
  3. Using Vitamin Shoppe Gift cards: Gift cards are a great way to make savings on shopping and are a common way through which retailers promote customer loyalty.

FAQs on Price Matching at Vitamin Shoppe

While we have attempted to explain the issue clearly, there are things that can be best explained by addressing some of the frequently asked questions here below.

Does Vitamin Shoppe Price Match Online?

Yes, customers who access the website and are ready to order online are also eligible for price-matching deals.

What they ought to do is follow the steps already highlighted in this article and contact the customer support staff via online means including chat, calls, or emails.

Does Vitamin Shoppe Price Match Amazon?

As the world’s leading retailer Amazon is definitely a competitor to Vitamin Shoppe.

Yes, Vitamin Shoppe price matches similar items sold on the Amazon store as long as the prices shown on Amazon have not been subjected to any promotional offer.


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