Mederma for Acne Scars, Stretch Marks, Skin & Kids

How does Mederma work for acne scars and stretch marks? Well, in this article, I focus extensively on how Mederma works and how you can use it for both adults and kids.

If you are like: How many times a day should I use Mederma or how long does it take for Mederma to work on stretch marks, this article will provide solid answers.

Is Mederma Safe?

Do you have stress over increased skin problems? Well, you should not worry anymore as Mederma skincare products are there for you.

Mederma has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt by senior skincare experts as the safest skincare treatment.

The product has been praised by several people as one of the safest because it can work on any skin type.

This is contrary to other skincare products, which usually induce numerous side effects after usage. Another unique feature about Mederma is that it can be applied to children: it is safe on children!

Does Mederma Work on Acne Scars

The fact that there lacks a magic skincare product to eradicate acne scars makes Mederma the only hope and topical cream you have for dealing with such a problem.

This is not the only product that can help people with such issues make their skin softer, slightly fade pigment mentation, and give it a smoother texture.

If your body or skin has stubborn acne scars and you wish to reduce their appearance, Mederma may be the remedy you need.

This cream is one of the popular skincare products used to treat such issues, but that does not mean that it can fully get rid of the scars.

However, the positive news about it is that the manufacturers of this ointment are constantly carrying out research and development on new creams that can effectively remove acne scars.

The negative news is that with many claims and options available for you about skincare ointments, separating facts from fiction regarding the best treatment for such skin blemishes can be difficult for you.

But, the fact remains that Mederma really works on acne scars.

Probably, Mederma cannot worsen the look of your scars but can make visible positive effects on the appearance of your scarred skin.

Mederma for Acne Reviews & Advice

Read about Mederma reviews for acne scars. Does Mederma work for acne on the face? Well, this detailed article seeks to explore the topic in detail. I will describe how to apply the cream on the face for the removal of scars.

By the end of the read, you will have a clearer understanding of how Mederma cream works for scars, the best brand, and where to buy Mederma cream or gel for acne scars.

Are you a frequent user of Mederma skincare products? By looking at the reviews given by the users on the different online platforms, more especially on the store’s online platforms.

It is quite essential to acknowledge that this is the most liked skincare product for acne treatment and elimination.

For instance, here below is one of the many reviews of the Mederma application for acne removal.

“If you have acne on your face or if you have faced any accident and you have still cut marks on the face you must use this. My mother used Mederma skincare cream it started to show its effect within ten days.”

Despite the above positive review about the applicability of Mederma for the scar, it is worth noting that the process of using the product is quite significant.

When visiting a skincare expert for consultation and advice on how to use Mederma, they will always insist that you apply it correctly for useful results.

However, how can a person know that this is the correct procedure for applying Mederma? It is simple when applying the product just make sure you:

  • First, wash your face using clean water, and
  • Dry your face with a towel before applying the cream.

Leave the cream on your face for 20 minutes, before washing it off. At this step, you can apply your makeup! Repeat the steps, and you shall have an excellent outcome: beautiful skin with no acne!

Mederma for Scars

Does Mederma Work for Scars – Old, New & Ice Pick Scars?

Yes, Mederma is one of the skincare products that has been shown to improve the appearance of all kinds of scars: old, new, and ice-pick scars.

As opposed to other skincare products, Mederma removes the blemishes from your skin within the first ten days of usage.

In fact, that has been the main reason why it is widely used across several continents.

Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream

Mederma PM for Scars

Check Price on Amazon

Mederma for Stretch Marks & Pregnancy

Stretch marks can be embarrassing, more especially if they are many and visible! During pregnancy, women have a stretch of their skin to accommodate the unborn baby.

The overstretching results in the availability of stretch marks after delivery. Does Mederma work for stretch marks during & after pregnancy?

Yes, it has been proven that using Mederma products during pregnancy is most likely to minimize chances of developing stretch marks.

After, delivery, the women are advised to continue using the product, to ensure that there are no stretch marks on their skin.

The pictures below show how effective Mederma is in removing stretch marks during and after pregnancies.

The first photo shows a woman’s skin, who during and after her pregnancy never used Mederma. As a result, her skin is full of stretch marks.

However, in the second picture, the women maximized the applicability of Mederma cream during and after pregnancy. Her skin is smooth, and there are no stretch marks.

Therefore, women should try as much as possible to make use of Mederma to remove stretch marks from their skin during and after pregnancies.

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

Mederma for stretch marks

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Mederma for Skin

What does Mederma do for the skin?

Mederma is quite useful in treating all manner of skin ailments. The product has numerous ingredients such as vitamins E and A, which are beneficial to our skin.

These ingredients are useful in treating and removing acne or pimple scars, stretch marks, and burn scars.

Removal of scars and stretch marks from our skin allows the skin to glow and appear healthy, making us happy and less distressed.

However, it is worthy remembering that for an efficient outcome, one is expected to apply the cream at least twice a day for no less than three months.

Mederma for Kids

Does Mederma work for kids? Yes, Mederma is quite impressive that Mederma is the only product with minimal or no side effects when applied to the kid’s skin!

Mederma is safe for children and has been shown to treat all kinds of skin infections, which might be irritating the kids.

However, to note is that before using the Mederma products, individuals/parents are advised to consult a qualified physician to establish if the specific brand will work on their kid’s skin.

This is important because sometimes people tend to ignore and apply any Mederma brand on their kids, destroying or worsening their skin conditions.

Additionally, Mederma products meant for kids are relatively cheaper compared to adult creams. However, to have access to such products, clients are advised to purchase all the Mederma brands from authorized stores.

Some of the notable stores include Amazon, eBay, Walgreens, Walmart, and Boosts.

In these stores, individuals receive the best services including relevant information on which brand works best on kids.

Therefore, it is less likely for an individual to use the wrong brand on the kids, especially after they purchase products from these stores.

How to Use Mederma for Acne Scars

It does not matter the type of scar one has, but the most important thing you need to know is how to use Mederma to get good results.

The official website of the company behind this product has put directions on how you can apply it.

Here is a brief guide about the application of Mederma Scar Cream, the traditional make of the cream:


  • Gently rub this liquid into the acne scar, three to four times every day for no less than 8 weeks for newly formed blemishes after the wound is totally healed and closed.
  • For older scars, repeat the same process each day for three to six months.
  • But, for the case of Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, apply the cream once daily for 8 weeks on new scars and once every day for between three and six months to get tangible results on existing ones.


  • Never use this product on an open wound or a pimple. Let it heal first before you apply it.
  • There is a possibility that you may experience skin irritations such as scar discoloration, swelling, and itching at the start of applying Mederma.
  • In case of such an encounter, discontinue the use of the cream immediately and seek advice from a health professional.

Benefits of Using Mederma for Acne

These are the known benefits of using Mederma for acne:

#1 Good Formula: This product is a non-greasy, water-based gel. The maker says it can’t worsen clogged pores or acne breakouts.

However, it’s always wise to patch-test if you have never used it before fully incorporating it into your daily beauty ointments.

#2 Easily Availability: You can easily find Mederma in the market. Most major retailers and drugstores nationwide such as Walgreens, Tesco, Walmart, and Target sell this cream.

Online retailers like eBay, Alibaba, and also have it.

#3 User-friendly: It comes in a tube that is portable besides being simple and quick to use.

#4 Cheapest Price: This product is very affordable to you, a 1.7- ounce tube selling at approximately $30.00. For that reason, it’s relatively inexpensive if you compare it with other in-office procedures and high-end scar products.

However, you need to understand that the treatment shouldn’t be a one-time show. Instead, it must be sustained beyond the first tube for up to 6 months when dealing with older or existing scars.

#5 It is a Balancing Scar Therapy: It’s empirically proven to be safe to use together with other skincare products sold over-the-counter and makeup.

You can also use it in tandem with Dermaflage Topical Filler. Thus, you can easily camouflage the scars as you patiently wait for the product to show noticeable results.

Mederma on Acne Side Effects

These are some of the possible side effects of using Mederma to eradicate acne scars:

1. Causes Minor Skin Irritation: Some consumers of this product have reported experiencing minor skin irritation after applying it.

However, according to the information they give, itching is what is mostly noticed. As you may be aware, this effect may be related to the healing process of a scar-like that is caused by acne.

2. Likely to Cause Skin Redness and Irritation: Another possible user concern states that most people who used Mederma PM designed for acne scars reported having reddened skin and irritation.

Given that younger people form a larger percentage of consumers of this cream and that they normally have sensitive skin, it’s possible that this could be an issue with applying this product.

Most doctors recommend that if you desire to use it to treat acne scars on a young person, you should first seek the advice of a professional or dermatologist.

3. Unconfirmed Results: There is yet to be empirical proof to verify that using Mederma can help to enhance the appearance of scars more than if you use alternative products such as petroleum jelly like Vaseline which is cheaper.

Moreover, there is doubt about its effectiveness since it appears to be linked to if the targeted scar is indented or raised.

4. Has Harmful Ingredients: The formula used to make this cream does include certain harmful chemical elements likely to cause skin irritation to a few consumers and also to individuals allergic to onion extract.

5. Requires A Lot of Commitment: This ointment needs patience to achieve the expected since you must diligently use it daily.

For new scars, you may need up to 4 months to have noticeable results while for existing blemishes, you will wait for about 6 months.

Mederma Results for Acne (Before & After)

These are rare pictures depicting the difference in an appearance before and after applying Mederma.

This photo shows how a Mederma cream user finally manages to reduce the appearance of acne scars after using Mederma Cream for Scars.

acne before and after mederma cream
Acne Scars Before and After

However, the results did not come that easily. That is because the consumer almost gave up after trying other products such as retinal cream and coconut oil in vain.

The scar is somehow raised just like a mole or a bump and had lasted in the face for the last two good years. It had gotten bigger and bigger with time, and nobody believed it could be reduced with any skincare ointment.

Thanks to Mederma, the guy found a remedy for the problem! From the picture, you can see how Mederma can be used to reduce or lessen the look of acne scars.

Wondering if this is a solution for cystic acne? From the photos, you cannot tell if this is truly cystic acne or a scar. To understand the difference, get a formal evaluation with a cosmetic dermatologist for scarring and active acne.

It’s true that to get the above improvement; you need a mixed approach. To stop active acne, you may need Isotretinoin.

It’s also a reality that PRP/micro-needling, lasers, and peels can aid enhance the skin’s texture and appearance and texture.

All in all, you need Mederma to get all these issues solved in one package.

Mederma Cream Reviews for Acne Scars

Several consumer reviews report that Mederma works well and effectively when used to reduce the look of scars.

This is a summary of some results customers had before and after using this cream:

  • A customer reports that a scar she got after having surgery for the removal of the thyroid has almost fully faded since she started using this product three times daily for 6 months;
  • Another user reported applying this product to get rid of acne scars in less than 4 days;
  • One consumer reported reducing his 1-inch wide scar to ¼-inch wide within 4 months of use;
  • Another customer with a 2-inch scar incurred from surgery reported having it reduced by about 80% after using it for a week after applying it 3 times each day.

Here below we review some of the best Mederma creams and gels you can buy to improve the appearance of acne scars.

#1 Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

Mederma Advanced Scar Gel Check Prices on Amazon

This is one of the few skin creams applied once in a 24 hours period yet highly effective.

It has been shown through clinical practice to improve the appearance, texture, and color of many types of scars including acne, surgery, and burn scars.

#2 Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream

Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream Check Prices on Amazon

This cream is suitable for topical use. To use this, it is recommended you apply it evenly on your skin. Care should be taken not to apply to open wounds.

Which Mederma is Best for Acne Scars

The Best Mederma brand for acne scars is Mederma Advanced Skin Care Gel 20g having received more than 16K reviews on Amazon with a global average rating of 4.3/5.

Why is it best? Well, it is the only and the first 1X formulated daily topical gel designed to aid reduce the appearance of both new and old or existing scars.

It is also recommended for such skin problems by many pharmacists and doctors over any other alternative product or brand for newer and older scars.

Clinical studies on this cream further indicate that it helps to enhance the general appearance, texture, and color of scars.

Last, but not least, this product works for nearly all types of scars, including those related to any kind of injury, cuts, burns, surgery scars, and acne scars among others.

Where to Buy Mederma Cream for Acne

As said earlier in this article, Mederma cream for acne scars can be purchased from most established retailers and drugstores countrywide.

You can buy it from stores like Walgreens, Tesco, Walmart, and Target. You can also get it by placing your order online from retailers such as eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon.

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