Where to Buy Bio Oil: Online, In-store, Cheaply & Prices

If you are looking for where to buy bio-oil for scars, stretch marks, or the face, then this article will prove highly resourceful. Here, I examine both physical and online stores where you can get bio-oil cheaply.

Apart from the US and the UK, I will examine reliable sellers in countries such as Canada, the Philippines, India, and Singapore.

Where to Buy Bio-Oil in Stores

Are you like “Where can I buy bio oil for my acne scars or stretch marks”? Well, if you are in the US, you will be surprised how close to you the sellers are.

The US boasts of so many stores (both large scale and small scale) that sell bio-oil. Some of the sellers include:

Boots Bio-Oil – 60ml, 125ml, 200ml

Boots is a reliable bio-oil retailer. You can find several brands on their website. The commonly stocked sizes are 60 ml, 125 ml, and 200ml.

Amazon Bio-Oil

You can get bio-oil on Amazon. As the greatest retailer in the world Amazon stocks a wide variety of bio-oil brands. Prices vary according to the size of the package. Most prices are in the range of $15 and above.

CVS Bio Oil

You can also buy bio oil at CVS. One of the brands also found on CVS include “Bio-Oil Specialist Skin Care” This is suitable for uneven toning skin. So feel free to visit their website for the same.

Target Bio-Oil

Purchase Bio oil for stretch marks and acne scars at Target stores all over the country. There are many products to choose from if you are looking for both the cheapest and one that has value for money.

Tesco Bio-Oil

Can I get Bio-Oil at Tesco? Well, Tesco is an amazing and reliable retailer of bio-oil. Therefore, you can purchase your preferred brand of bio-oil. Stocks include Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 2.0 FL Oz among others.

Walgreens Bio-Oil

If you buy bio oil at Walgreens, you can rest assured that it would be delivered within 3 days as expressly stated on their website. An example of the stocked product is the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 2.0 FL Oz for stretch marks

Walmart Bio-Oil

Walmart is also another reliable retailer at which you can purchase your preferred brand of bio-oil. Stocks include Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 2.0 FL Oz among others.


Asda is one of the best-known supermarkets selling bio-oil in most of its branches. So if you are looking for a place to purchase bio-oil for hair care, visit Asda.


In the UK you can buy bio-oil at the Sainburys. As a countrywide stockist, buyers can easily walk into the nearest branch and have the oil they are looking for

Buy Bio-Oil Online

Online purchasing can be very convenient for people with a limited amount of time. You simply got the website of the retailer, select the preferred product and make an order by paying directly at the website.

Many websites facilitate online shopping for bio-oil products. These include:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Boots, etc.

Where to Buy Bio-Oil in the Philippines – Manila

If you are looking for where to buy Bio-Oil in Manila, Philippines, or in any other city in this Asian country, then you may want to consider starting at Lazada Philippines through their website at Lazada.com.ph

Other reputable online sellers include:

  1. iPrice.ph
  2. Rosepharmacy.com
  3. Caretobeauty.com

Where Can I Buy Bio-Oil in Canada?

In Canada, bio-oil can be found in many general stores, and shops that specialize in selling beauty products. You can also buy them online through the websites of the sellers, which include Amazon.ca

Buy Bio-Oil Online India

In India, there are several reliable bio-oil sellers where you can walk into, or access online to get this great oil.

  1. Amazon.in is the place to start if you are looking for a place to find extensive varieties. Amazon model is the same all over the world, so India is no different. You order, then wait for a shipment to your address.
  2. Flipkart.com is also another reliable seller of bio-oil for the Indians. It has convenient tools to help you compare prices before making an order.
  3. Snapdeal.com will let you snap a bio-oil deal online. so visit them if you wish to purchase in India
  4. Nykaa.com commonly stocks both 60ml and 125ml sizes. So it should also be perfect for finding the brand you are looking for
  5. Paytmmall.com is also a reliable seller in India. It is worth checking it out.
  6. Indiamart.com lists manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of bio-oil. It is also worth checking

The list provided is not exhaustive. There are many sellers out there who can facilitate your access to the bio-oil brand you wish to purchase.

Where to Find Bio-Oil in Singapore

If you are in Singapore and wondering where you can get bio-oil, then consider checking:

  • Watsons (watsons.com.sg),
  • Guardian (guardian.com.sg), and
  • Qoo10 (qoo10. sg)

Bio-Oil Prices

The price of bio-oil varies according to the country, the seller, and the size. Even in online stores like Amazon and eBay, there is a variance in the price of the same brand of bio-oil being sold by different sellers.

As such, therefore, the buyer’s luck should come into play if he or she intends to find the cheapest deal. It is generally advisable to shop around for some time before settling on the brand you prefer.

A simple breakdown of the stockists’ prices would be as follows:

  • At Amazon, the price ranges between $15 and $4o for the common packages sold through the website
  • At Walmart, the price ranges between $14 and $38 for the stocks available by today
  • At CVS the bio-oil price starts at $16 and goes up according to the size of the container in which it is packed, and the brand
  • In Boots stores, the price starts at $9 upwards.

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