Where to Buy Bentonite Clay Near Me: Bulk, Online & Stores

If you are looking for where to buy bentonite clay near you, for ponds, detox, or any other beauty or healthy function, read this article.

Here, I examine the different places where to find bentonite clay in Walmart, CVS, Whole Foods, Target, and Walgreen’s. I also explain the different bentonite clay prices in the US and Canada.

So if you are wondering what stores sell bentonite clay, then read below.

Where Can I Get or Buy Bentonite Clay Near Me

Many people don’t know the nearest location they can buy bentonite clay. Hence, they opt to search for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers of this product online.

Stores like Vitamin Shoppe and Trader Joe’s are among popular natural food stores or health food stores you can purchase the clay near you.

Nevertheless, Trader Joe’s is not really a natural health food store, and therefore, it’s likely that you may not find it.

The prospect of getting this healing clay at Vitamin Shoppe is very high, but it will depend on the location of the store. That is because each outlet stocks different products depending on the target population.

You are better off shopping for this product in as many health and food stores as possible to limit the chances of not finding the product.

A majority of the users of this mud get it from Whole Foods near them. Some of them have reported picking it up at whole foods located in the beauty section.

Vitamin Shoppe is the only place you can be sure of getting it without being disappointed. You should look for the brand name “Aztec Secret: Healing Indian Clay” in their stores to find the clay.

But, you be able to save some little money if you buy the product online at vitacost.com. Generally, you can find Bentonite at your local Vitamin Shoppe or wholefoods.

Bentonite Clay on Amazon

Amazon is one of the places of you can purchase bentonite clay in large quantities. as a global retailer, Amazon has access to several wholesalers of bentonite clay.

Therefore you can always check them out to see the current pricing before you make the decision to make a purchase.

Bentonite Clay at CVS

Does CVS sell bentonite clay? Yes. If you can always visit CVS Health or CVS pharmacy. You can get these health facilities in many places including most countries in the European Union, Asia, and the USA.

CVS Health is known for helping millions of people in need of better health. Their aid services and products range from helping to manage specialty and chronic conditions to offering advice on prescriptions.

This health facility can be found in many moments, both small and big. They have a supportive and active part in shaping the prospect of health care.

You can access CVS Pharmacy stores worldwide, especially in the developed world. For those located in Houston Texas and its environs, you are fortunate because there are many outlets of CVS Pharmacy near you.

These facilities are strategically situated and are open to serving the community. They help to provide emergency supplies needs and/or prescription of Clay products.

The health care choices of most people who use bentonite mud are based on the cost factor.

Because of such issues, CVS Pharmacy in liaison with CVS Health has come in to offer affordable solutions to health care skin problems via @CVSHealth.

Bentonite Clay at GNC

Does GNC sell bentonite clay? Yes, GNC is one of the places you can purchase this earthen brand. It can be ordered online via GNC.com.

In 2016, this online selling site was adversely affected by the FDA’s lead poisoning warning. Consumers of the best bentonite clay were cautioned not to purchase clay products from GNC and other unrecognized places for possible infection.

By then, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and other foods and health suppliers were not the kinds of locations to purchase this clay. Instead, FDA advised users of these products to acquire them directly online from the producers.

Other supply and retail stores affected by the 2016 FDA notice were Sally Beauty Supply and Target.

But, the truth of the matter is that the consumers’ safety guarantee cannot be certain by purchasing the mud from reputable stores.

You can still buy it from trusted brands like GNC to avoid being adversely affected by parasites and lead poisoning.

Bentonite Clay at Target

Many people would like to buy Bentonite clay but can’t do so since they are unsure where to find it. They can get it at the nearest Target retail chain store or Home Depot. They can also order the product online via target.com.

The Target retail chain store has many outlets spread across the local and international markets. You are advantaged if you live in Europe, Asia, and the US because Target stores are located everywhere.

Bentonite Clay at Walmart

You can also buy bentonite clay at your local Walmart stores. You can get any clay product you need including Bentonite Clay Powder Face & Body Detox, 1 lb.

While Walmart tries to provide its customers with accurate facts about the health value of their bentonite brands, suppliers and manufacturers are in a better position to do so.

The supermarket cannot, therefore, verify the authenticity of the information offered by such business partners about the clay brands.

Bentonite Clay at Whole Foods

For body & face conditions, for example, people suffering from oily skin problems, apply a strong clay mask found at the Whole Foods store near you.

Alternatively, place your order online through the Whole Foods website. They sell the natural clay you need to get rid of excess debris and dirt and build-up from pores effectively.

The mud is also perfect for dealing with the removal of skin impurities. It can also help to protect skin open to environmental toxins.

Whole Foods retail stores offer pure bentonite products. Their brands are famous for helping to make the skin healthy. They are also known for being clear and clean from harmful debris.

Bentonite Clay at Adalah

Just like other bentonite clay products, the Adalah brand is made from minerals and volcanic ash. It is rich in magnesium and ferrous leading to its greyish color.

This healing mud is popular for its curative capabilities. It’s the product’s therapeutic nature that let the Native Americans nickname it as the mud that heals or ‘ee-wah-kee.’

People with normal oily skins can as well use this brand because it can pull out toxins and oils from the skin.

Additionally, the Adalah clay’s ability to draw out oil makes it highly cleansing. Thus, it’s not good for dry or sensitive skin. For those with oily skin, experts recommend the use of this clay once a week.

Bentonite Clay at Bunnings

Zeolite is the cheapest bentonite clay brand from Bunnings. It’s sold in the market as a Zeochlor pool sieve, a replacement for sand. Nearly every store near you has this product including Quinns Rocks’ Sea Breeze landscapes.

Nick Bell is another popular supplier of this clay in bags or in bulk. You can also directly get it online from Gardeners.

Pet shops and supermarkets sell this mud as clumping or clay cat litter. It is the most affordable and cheapest option you can have and contain Sodium Bentonite.

Bentonite Clay in Canada

The list of in stores and online sites buyers of bentonite clay can access in Canada is long. It includes Vitamart.ca, Amazon.ca, and iHerb among others.

Alibaba.com is another good online store you can find this clay. It’s the world’s largest online marketplace where wholesale bentonite suppliers can be found.

Other online sites you can use to purchase this clay in Canada are Valentineclays.co.uk‎ and Pronatu.com. The two social media accounts ‎are the places people can easily reach suppliers of this mud product.

Bulk Bentonite Clay

Bulk Herb Store offers affordable bentonite clay products. They stock calcium products that are naturally harvested in the United States of America from occurring volcanic ash.

You need to incorporate this clay as face masks into your beauty routine. You can also safely use it internally.

This pharmaceutical-grade mud which is known for external and internal use is rich in trace minerals. Some of the common raw materials embedded in this clay are potassium, calcium, magnesium, and silicon.

This brand is becoming famous due to its capability to help speed up your body’s healing progress. It also plays an integral part in aiding the pull out of toxins from the body.

But then again, why should you buy this product? Well, here is the inspiring factor behind this healing mud. Bentonite Clay from Bulk Herb Store is unique from other related products you can find in the market.

That is because it’s carefully selected and unsurpassed in quality and purity. The clay is also purified and triple cleaned to preserve the highest standard for food-grade and pharmaceutical quality.

Bentonite Clay Capsules, Pills, and Tablets

Bentonite Clay capsules, pills, and tablets are absolutely natural and unique. These products can naturally detox your body.

For those who do not know the Gabriel Method, it helps to provide your body with anything missing. These mud capsules can help you get one of the many principles of this healing approach.

This means the clay can help to detoxify your blood and colon.

It pulls out toxins from the skin. As a result, it contributes to the effectiveness of your digestive system.

The detoxifying effect also gives your internal body organs a Spring Clean thereby enhancing your efforts to lose weight. The secret of these healing tablets can be found in the deep southern part of New Zealand.

Current Bentonite Clay Priceline

You can get the current bentonite clay Priceline deals anywhere, anytime. That includes Priceline.com. Treat your skin with the selection of peels and masks from Priceline Pharmacy.

However, pick product constituents that can solve your skin worries.

Masks based on bentonite mud are usually good because they can help to regulate surplus oil. Similarly, they play a role in the deep cleaning of blocked skin pores.

You should consider making these clay peels and masks from Priceline Pharmacy part of your weekly skincare routine.

FAQs on Where to Find Bentonite Clay

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Bentonite Clay

Yes, you can always bentonite clay in the Trader Joe’s store nearest to you. However, you may have to confirm the price first before committing to buy from them.

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