Biotin Hair Growth Results: Before & After Pictures

Wondering what biotin hair growth results look like? In this article, we review the effects biotin has on hair when applied regularly.

I will also present pictures showing growth results before and after use. Does biotin for hair loss really work? And does it really help in hair thinning as reported by many health and beauty enthusiasts?

How Biotin Affects Hair

Recent studies indicate that biotin (Vitamin H or Vitamin B7) is an essential part of the human body. It is critical in the production of energy through the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose.

It also helps in repairing the breakdowns in the optimal operation of the nervous system. It should however be noted that:

  • In recent times people have been applying biotin to assist in hair growth. This is evident from the many pictures posted online of people showing off what biotin has done for their hair, skin, or nails.
  • Some doctors have an assumption that there is no definite scientific basis to aid the assertion that biotin does help with hair growth.
  • Biotin does not work for every person and can cause some unpleasant effects like acne and hair breakouts.
  • Nonetheless, science does not clearly support most of the reported results or the time frames within which they are achieved.
  • However, there are numerous people who have reported tremendous results with pictures or videos on the internet.

How Long Does Biotin Take to See Results?

Biotin hair growth results may vary from one person to the other. Based on testimonials all over the web from people who have used biotin, one will get longer and fuller hair with the use of biotin for a period of up to 6 months.

In essence, those with a testimony of its working also suggest that biotin also replenishes the follicles and roots of an individual`s hair, making the hair look great with attractive hair color.

Biotin Hair Growth Results after 1 Week

The effect on hair growth at this early stage would be negligible. The body would only be responding to the biotin intake as it prepares the necessary processes to institute required growth changes on both hair and the skin.

At this point, a negligible transformation would become visible as the biotin effect starts taking shape.

Biotin Hair Growth Results after 1 Month

Following the use of biotin for a month some minor changes will start emerging to suggest a response of the human hair or body to the use of biotin.

The hair will start looking different although there might not be any visible changes in other individuals since this is only an early stage.

Biotin Hair Growth 2 Months

At this point, one will clearly notice a change in hair color and appearance, hair growth will begin showing some signs of increase and in some, it may be even visibly identifiable in relation to the time when biotin had not been used.

Biotin Hair Growth 3 Months

Hair growth and skin color will be evident and growth will have gained some milestones and a good variation in hair quality and appearance will be seen.

In addition, one will have that feeling of grown hair and the length of the hair may start appearing.

Biotin Hair Growth 4 Months

Furthermore, to some biotin users, this is the stage where almost all the changes will have manifested in terms of a huge change and difference in skin color or texture, hair length, and texture.

Some will notice that they have a lot of hair on their head, the hair will appear and feel longer than before and its color will be darker and shinny (quite appealing to the eyes).

Biotin Hair Growth 6 Months

Following this long duration, individuals’ real encounters suggest that one will get longer and fuller hair with the use of biotin for the said period of up to six months.

In essence, those with a testimony of its working at this stage also suggest that biotin also replenishes the follicles and roots of an individual`s hair, making the hair look great with attractive hair color.

Biotin Hair Growth Before & After

Before using biotin, hair will look unhealthy and brownish for those with black hair and it might even be shaggy and falls off often.

In some incidences, like the one shown before use, one might have a few hairs on the head as a result of low keratin levels, which are controlled by the intake of sufficient biotin-rich foods like eggs.

However, after using biotin for 3 months, as can be realized in this picture, one’s hair will grow in length and thickness, and the hair will also be shiny and beautiful in all aspects.

biotin for hair before and after
Hair Before & After Biotin

Hair will be more elastic, more full, and healthier than before since biotin will thicken hair cuticles and enhance the diameter of the hair shafts.

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Different Biotin Dosages for Hair

Biotin 7500 mcg hair growth results

Biotin dosage of such an amount will be good for faster hair growth, but it will increase the risk of side effects even though the excess will be eliminated from the body through urine.

Biotin hair growth 10000 mcg

According to nail and skin experts, this is a very high amount that is not necessary for the body to help in growing hair.

Instead of making hair grow faster and in a healthy way, this would manifest more side effects to the body as a result of excess biotin that the body cannot eliminate faster and it may cause liver malfunction due to being overworked.

Biotin hair growth 5000 mcg

Health reports indicate that there are no dietary limitations, but taking approximately 500mcg of biotin in a day will make one’s hair grow faster, become thicker, and appear healthier and more attractive.

Biotin Hair Growth 2500 mcg

This is also a good amount that will accelerate hair growth and achieve results faster but it might be more than the body requires for hair growth.

However, the excess biotin in this dosage will be eliminated easily without overloading the liver at any point in time.

Biotin Hair Growth 1000 mcg

This is the most recommended for those who want faster hair growth in a short period of time while averting the overdosage side effects.

Hence, this dosage will not leave the body struggling to clear excess biotin from the body system, thus it is a good dosage for faster hair growth with fewer worries about the side effects.

Biotin Hair Growth 600 mcg

In this case, 600 mcg is a good amount and has no side effects and the hair growth will be a little slower compared to those who use high doses, but it is much safer than the high levels.

Biotin Hair Growth for Black Hair

When one takes a dosage of biotin for black hair growth, the hair becomes attractively black and shiny and its length is amazing.

The black and shiny hair is much healthier and full on the scalp as the cuticles thicken out to increase the size and length of the hair.

Biotin Hair Growth for Horses

In the case of horses, biotin is useful to inactivate longer and shiny hair growth while maintaining the thickness and compactness required.

Biotin Hair Growth Ingredients

It helps the body metabolize fatty acids and amino acids in the human body.  The other ingredient that is useful and part of biotin is vitamin B7, which helps hair grow longer, thicker, and healthier.

Biotin Hair Growth Results Length

In a month of biotin use, the hair will have grown at the rate of about ¾ of an inch and after several months it will be much longer in inches and more shiny and attractive.


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