Bio-Oil for Stretch Marks: Before, After, Results & Reviews

Explore Bio-Oil for stretch marks before and after results and decide for yourself if it is suitable oil for use during pregnancy.

In this article, I explore bio-oil reviews insofar as stretch-mark removal is concerned. What are the ingredients in bio-oil that make it good for the skin?

Well, these have been highlighted here-under. Finally, I will also highlight how to use bio-oil for stretch marks in pregnancy.

Does Bio-Oil Help With Stretch Marks?

Yes, indeed most of the people who have used Bio-Oil in pregnancy attest that it does help them clear out the awful appearance of stretch marks on their skin.

The product has ingredients known to increase skin elasticity, thereby assisting in limiting or inhibit the development or formation of new stretch marks, as well as remove old marks.

Many people recommend the use of this natural healing oil to aid you in regaining good shape after your belly expanded during the pregnancy period, or after a weight loss session.

To achieve these amazing results, however, you need to apply the product each day, once in the morning for about 9 months.

Other users have applied the belly cream for close to 37 weeks to clear out all new and old stretch marks. As a result, the cream left their body more psyched about how unbelievable the outcome was.

For many years, Bio-Oil has been tested rigorously to ascertain if it really helps people with skin disorders such as stretch marks.

The clinical findings from earlier tests have proven that the oil can truly help consumers or could be the best remedy you have to improve the look of stretch marks on your body.

How to Use Bio-Oil for Stretch Marks

This is the appropriate way you can apply Bio oil for stretch marks:

  1. Despite the fact the use of this cream can help pregnant women fade stretch marks in their pregnancy period, they can get good results if they use it in their entire pregnancy to contain the appearance of such ugly elasticity skin spots.
  2. The producers of this product recommend consumers begin applying it in their second trimester.
  3. Apply the cream at least two times every day to see exemplary results in affected skin areas including the buttocks, lower back, belly, breasts, thighs, and hips.
  4. Most expectant women find a pampering experience when they massage the oil deep into their skin, particularly when the massaging is done by someone else!

Bio-Oil Stretch Marks Results

The results of using bio oil for stretch marks should be evident after some time. If you have highly visible stretch marks, using bio-oil may help improve the appearance of these marks.

Bio Oil for stretch marks before and after
Stretch Marks Before & After Bio-Oil (Realself)

As is shown in the images here, the after photo shows skin with reduced visibility of the stretch marks.

Bio-Oil Pregnancy Stretch Mark Study & Stories

Here are professional and consumer reviews and study on the use of Bio-oil on pregnancy stretch marks:

What Is Contained In Bio-Oil and Does It Actually Help Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks as Many People Claimed?

This topical skin care cream that was located in drugstores globally in 2002 is known to contain a modest mixture of Vitamins A and E, plant extracts, and natural oils.

Today, it’s the most sought remedy for the removal of stretch marks for pregnant moms in more than 10 countries.

The cream stands out from competitors since consumers agree that, unlike other oils, it’s not too greasy to apply on the affected area besides having other multiple uses.

What Are the Major Ingredients of Bio-Oil?

On the front of its package, you will certainly notice the ingredient PurCellin Oil believed to come from ducks.

But, the label PurCellin Oil is merely a trademark used by its producers to denote an assortment of several key ingredients.

Manufactured from vitamins and plant oils, this healing product indeed has a couple of “in theory detrimental” components.

These possible inputs leave some pregnant moms concerned about its safety for application during their pregnancy.

However, to clear any doubt about this oil’s safety, it has not been empirically established if incorporating this skincare cream in your routine beauty products during pregnancy can really have an adverse effect.

In fact, suppliers, and sellers of this oil market it to pregnant women.

If your fear comes from the recommendation by nutritional experts cautioning pregnant moms not to use BHT and Vitamin A, they refer to not ingesting them.

The report on BHT by the US National Library of Medicine shows that, in fact, it’s perfectly safe for expectant mothers to topically apply this beauty product.

It’s scientifically proven to be safe for such users since it contains small proportions of these potentially harmful ingredients.

However, you must know that in case of any irritation after use, test the product by rubbing it on the affected skin area far from your eyes before applying it on a large scale.

So, Why Should Expectant Moms Use Bio-Oil for Removal of Stretch Marks?

This miracle product that effectively works from head-to-toe has numerous uses or benefits for pregnant women. It has been found to be the most removal and prevention remedy for stretch marks in expectant and new mothers.

They can as well apply the oil to:

  • Get rid of aging
  • Hydrate the eye area and remove eye makeup
  • Hydrate dry knees, lips, elbows, or skin
  • Add a feel of spa-like to any bath
  • Hydrate itchy and dry scalp
  • Treat age spots, sun damage, and uneven skin tone
  • Improve symptoms of eczema and keratosis pilaris
  • Treat burn discolorations
  • Keep tattoos colorful and hydrated
  • Massage
  • Soothe sunburns
  • Prime the makeup on the face
  • Keep the skin from cracking during dry, cold winters
  • Protect and keep cuticles healthy
  • Make the shadow of powder eye appear creamy for a wet, modern appearance

Bio-Oil Consumer Stories & Recommendations

Most users report that you need some patience when using this product to remove your stretch marks fully.

Many people who have had this amazing cream say that they experienced excellent results after using it twice daily for several months.

For instance, one woman gave details that she began using it on her stretch marks after pregnancy and noticed they disappear after applying the oil for 6 months.

Other women report that it only took two months of regular use to fade discoloration after initially experiencing skin irritation and the affected skin area appeared toned, smooth, and healthy.

This powerful, healing oil isn’t for women only! It is also used by bodybuilders to prevent stretch marks on their rapidly aching muscles.

Users love Bio-oil because they can apply it to nearly any type of skin or condition ranging from rosacea to wrinkles.

Although the price of this product may appear steep, one only requires a couple of drops for every skin use.

Remember that people get varying results depending on their skin type.

However, this oil seems to be a great alternative for pregnant women’s effort to remove stretch marks. Very few cases have been reported about it causing irritation or having an occurrence of allergic reactions.

Bio-Oil for Stretch Marks Reviews

Bio-Oil brands are widely sold in prominent stores and that is recommendable because individuals are able to acquire those brands that are best in removing stretch marks from their skins depending on their specific skin types.

The best-known Bio-Oil brand that works for any skin type is 4.2 FL Oz, which is readily available in different quantities to make it affordable to all people.

1. Bio Claire Oil for Stretch Marks

Bio Claire Oil is considered one of the most effective stretch mark remedies. It is liked by several people as it contains no preservatives and uses a blend of essential oils and vitamins to soften and improve skin texture.

Some of the vitamins this brand has to include vitamin E moisturize, and vitamin A to enhance skin’s elasticity.

2. Bio-Oil Hilangkan stretch marks

Bio-Oil Hilangkan is an Indian brand that contains all the ingredients that are provided in other Bio-Oil brands.

The oil has abilities to remove stretch marks on women both during pregnancy and after pregnancy, and therefore, it is mostly used in India for treating stretch marks.

Where to Buy Bio-Oil for Stretch Marks

You can purchase Bio oil for stretch marks in many places near you including at established retail stores such as Amazon and Walmart supermarkets.

Another stockiest of this natural skin care cream is eBay. They sell it at affordable prices, which vary from as low as $30.12 to not more than $33.12 depending on where you are situated.

If you are interested in buying it, just place your order online and have the package delivered to your nearest location.

You can as well visit their stores near. is another online seller of this oil. They have competitive prices for a box of this cream.

They offer it in an array of charges with as little as $31.32 to not more than $32.10 for a sizeable package or bottle.

You can visit Amazon to check these best-selling Bio-Oil brands for stretchmarks

Bio-Oil vs. Mederma for Stretch Marks

Here are the reviews on Bio-oil or Mederma for stretch marks:

Bio-oil or Mederma for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

If you have a medical concern about a skincare product including the two, you should first consult a professional before applying it.

It’s not clear which oil between Mederma and bio-oil can be better to apply pre- and post-pregnancy period.

The question, however, remains whether it’s good for you to use both of them together or simultaneously.

It is recommended that if you decide to use them both at the same time, you apply them with a lot of caution.

In most cases, each product works well, and in general, they have their safety and benefits when applied to the affected skin area.

However, there are some reservations concerning the multiple uses of the two creams because mixing ingredients may lead to certain adverse safety effects when applied together.

Bio-Oil Benefits For Stretch Marks

Like said earlier, the benefits of using Bio oil for stretch marks are many, and the main ones include:

#1 It helps to restore your body’s good shape

Pregnant moms, bodybuilders, and aging people can use this product to regain their lost body shape.

It contains important skin-healing ingredients such as Vitamin A and E, popular for enhancing the elasticity of your skin.

As a result, it helps to assist in reducing or preventing the creation of new stretch marks ads also fades old ones as well.

#2 Helps pregnant women inhibit the expansion of their belly

Regular application of this oil helps expectant mothers to remove annoying stretch markets both before and after giving birth.

Bio-Oil Side Effects for Stretch Marks

Although there are no proven adverse effects of using Bio-oil to clear out stretch marks, there are rare cases of people who experience skin irritation or an allergic reaction in their initial stages of use.

However, it depends on the skin type of the consumer.

Experts recommend that you test the cream on a small area away from the eyelid to see if it works well on your skin before incorporating it into your regular skincare products.

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