Bio-Oil for Skin Lightening, Pigmentation & Skin Tags

Read about how to use bio-oil for skin lightening or discoloration and the removal of skin tags. Does Bio-Oil help with skin tags? Well, that will be answered shortly in this article.

Does it have side effects when used in the skin whitening process? Well, maybe a few. Finally, I will highlight how you can use it for other skin issues such as scar appearance, wrinkles, or dark spots.

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation denotes the coloring effects of the membrane. It results from certain skin conditions and ultimately contributes to the change in the color of your skin.

Under normal circumstances, a pigment called melanin determines your skin color. The melanin is made from special skin cells known as melanocytes found at the bottom of the epidermis.

However, in case these essential cells become unhealthy or damaged, the production of melanin is affected. Consequently, a skin condition known as pigmentation results from all these abnormalities in your skin function.

At times, the condition of skin pigmentation affects some skin patches while in other situations, the entire body is affected.

Your skin can become darker due to the excess production of melanin in your body. Moreover, other factors may contribute to your skin becoming darker. These causes include sun exposure, Addison’s disease, and pregnancy.

Your skin gets lighter if less melanin is produced in your body. Vitiligo is a skin condition that sometimes causes light skin patches.

There is also a genetic condition called Albinism that may affect a person’s skin color. People with such a skin disorder have no color.

They can have a color lighter than that of normal skin pigment. Alternatively, people with albinism have an inconsistent absence of skin color.

Finally, your lighter skin may be a result of a burn, an infection, or a blister.

Bio-Oil for Skin Lightening

Bio-Oil for skin lightening helps to treat uneven skin tone, popularly called hyperpigmentation.

If you incorporate this healing cream in your routine skincare products, it can help to enhance the look of your uneven skin tone.

The major reason is that this oil has active ingredients with a synergistic effect, including baseball and Vitamins A and E.

bio oil for skin lightening
Bio-Oil Brands for Skincare

The two ingredients are the primary elements commonly used to minimize the production of melanin in your skin cells. In most cases, they do so through a combination of tyrosinase and anti-oxidation inhibition.

The epidermis becomes thicker when you apply Vitamin A, especially for skin that is mature. It also helps to enhance the look of skin damaged by UV rays.

The main advantage of having Vitamin E in this product is because it’s an antioxidant.

Antioxidants are popular for assisting in the decrease in melanin production, leading to improvement in the appearance of your uneven skin tone.

Bisabolol, on the other hand, is included in Bio‑Oil for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps to offer a calming and soothing feeling to your skin.

When combined with Both Vitamin A and E, Bisabolol aids in lightening your skin, a healing property that makes it an important treatment for uneven skin tone.

How to Use Bio-Oil for Skin Tags

Here is the most appropriate and simplest way of using Bio-oil to get rid of skin tags:

  1. Use this multi-award-winning cream to tackle the look of uneven skins, stretch marks, and scars on your skin by applying to the affected area twice daily for not less than three months; and
  2. In a circular motion, just massage the applied oil to make it get absorbed deep into the skin.

But, for every skin tag, a slightly different formula should be used to remove the taints. So below I will address some of the commonly asked questions simply and directly to remove any doubt that you may have for this section.

Does Bio-oil remove Skin Tags?

Yes, bio-oil is one of the effective substances that can be used to remove skin tags. Due to the many ingredients contained in the oil, regular application of bio-oil on an area affected by skin tags may cause its disappearance. That is why it is recommended by many dermatologists.

Do Skin Tags Grow back when I stop using Bio-Oil?

Well, skin tags do not grow back after they have disappeared. However, it should be noted that a new skin tag may grow at the same place after some time in which case it should be dealt with as an independent skin tag using the same approach outlined here above.

Bio-Oil for Pigmentation on Face

Pigmentation on your face can be treated using Bio-oil. However, you should first understand why the tone of your skin may be uneven on the face.

As stated earlier, any multifunction in melanocytes, the special skin cells known to produce melanin that manufactures skin color and causes the pigmentation.

Other causes may as well lead to these skin conditions, including excess exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, normally worsened with age, burns, a blister, or even an infection.

The functioning of melanocytes can as well be influenced by hormonal changes or imbalances in your body.

As a result, your face becomes affected by uneven skin tone. These skin disorders can be permanent or temporary. Temporary as is frequently seen in women who are either in their menopause age or are pregnant.

Uneven skin tone further results from impairment in melanocyte function due to acne and other related problematic skin conditions.

Also, Genetic factors and trauma can cause white patches on the face because of hypopigmentation, a condition representing the lack of skin pigmentation.

The question remains, what is the role of Bio-oil in treating such pigmentation on the face?

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Bio-Oil as a Skin Lightener or a Melanocyte Suppressor

For many years, the appearance of uneven skin tone has been improved using substances such as this cream known to affect the production of melanin by melanocytes physiologically.

You can apply this product because of its significant advantages, including a lack of toxic artificial chemicals that may further damage your skin cells.

Unlike other substances such as hydroquinone, Bio cream can remove skin pigmentation without causing any more skin damage. It’s an organic substance known to be safe for your topical application on the affected area.

Bio-Oil as an Antioxidants

This product is recommended for topical use as an antioxidant that can help improve the look of your uneven skin tone.

Melanin production by the melanocyte is an oxidative process and needs a cellular level of oxygen to function properly.

As a result, the production of melanin in your skin will be inhibited by incorporating an antioxidant in your routine skincare products. This whole process can help to minimize uneven skin tone on your face.

Bio-Oil as a Tyrosinase inhibitor

This cream has a tyrosinase inhibitor which inhibits the transformation of tyrosine into DOPA. DOPA is, in turn, known to control the conversion of melanin.

Consequently, the use of this product may help you limit the appearance of uneven skin tone on the face.

Today, most professionals believe that the inclusion of Bio-oil in your skincare products is the most efficient and safest way at your disposal to eliminate or reduce uneven skin tone.

Where to Buy Bio-Oil for Skin Whitening

There are many places you can buy Bio-oil for skin whitening including on eBay. Wal-Mart, Amazon, Jumia Kenya, Target, Grocery stores, and Pharmaceutical shops near you among others.

At eBay, for instance, you will get 100% pure Bio-Oil products for skin whitening such as a 2X GENUINE Scheki White Bio-Oil Lightening Spot Corrector Fast Action at $31.32 only. You can buy them in their stores near you or place an order online.

However, you will be charged a couple of US dollars to ship the product to your favorite destination.

At, the stores sell the product at an affordable price also. They have a wide range of these products for both sexes. Their prices range from $30.12 to $32.20 per pack.

You can buy a bottle containing 4.2 ounces of this oil for approximately $12 on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can purchase the same quantity of the product at drugstores such as CVS for as little as $19.99 for a 4.2 oz. and Walgreens for about $20.99 for a 4 oz.

Other related uses of Bio-Oil

Apart from skin pigmentation and skin tag removal, there are also other uses of bio-oil on the skin and they include:

Bio-Oil for Enhancing the Look of Scars

If your skin is younger, then the probability that it will get improved in a shorter period after applying Bio-oil is high.

However, for an old scar, one will benefit from using this product, although time to get healed or for the skin tag to be cleared will be somehow longer.

Use this oil after your wound is completely healed, and you should avoid applying it on broken skin.

Bio-Oil for Inhibiting or Curing Stretch Marks

If you aim to improve the appearance of old stretch marks or prevent them from using this powerful cream, then you must follow this procedure: With the help of your fingertips, massage the oil twice every day into the skin.

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