Bio-Oil for Dry & Oily Skin – Uses, Benefits, Side Effects

Is bio-oil good for dry or oily skin? Does it really work as stated all over the web? Well, in this article we review the benefits, and side effects bio-oil has on the skin when applied every night.

As you should know, oily skin is generally associated with acne. Therefore, I will also clearly outline how to use or apply the oil onto either oily or dry skin.

Bio-Oil for Oily Skin

Bio-oil is actually good for your oily skin since its texture is not only very light but also gets absorbed into the skin rapidly.

Although this cream is recommended for all people, experts say that you need not go out after using it. Instead, it’s advisable to apply the product while at home and indoors.

That is because your skin can get stuck with outdoor pollutants leading to white or blackheads or acne.

As a result, users of this extraordinary skincare product need to apply it at night time because this is the moment when their skin accepts most such oil and also regenerates the injured skin.

However, you should be wary about the quantity of Bio-Oil Cream; you apply on your face as too much of this product may cause negative effects on your skin.

In fact, it is recommended to apply not more than 5 to 6 drops of this oil on your face.

How to Use Bio-oil on Oily Skin (Acne-prone skin)

Bio-oil should be used as follows:

Phase One

  • When using this product on your oily skin, you need to apply it to the affected area at least two times every day for more than three months to realize any meaningful outcome.
  • However, you should use it on the scar after the wound is completely healed to avoid inflammations.
  • Never apply this cream on broken skin as doing so may worsen the situation.
  • Using your fingertips, gently rub the applied oil to make sure it gets deep into the skin in a circular motion.

Phase Two

  • Use Bio oil to reduce the appearance of new and old stretch marks.
  • For existing ones, massage the cream on the affected area twice daily for a period of three months.
  • For permanent stretch marks, application of this product will not result in a complete disappearance of the scars can reduce the look drastically.
  • To help expectant mothers wipe out these annoying skin spots, massage the oil on the buttocks, thighs, breasts, hips, and abdomen two times every day starting from the first pregnancy trimester.

Phase Three

  • Apply the healing product on the skin as a moisturizing lotion to assist in limiting the uneven skin tone.
  • For a period of not less than three months, regularly rub the cream into your face after cleansing at least twice daily.
  • After that, use sunscreen over the lubricant for those planning to expose their skin to the sun.

Reviews of Bio-Oil for Oily Skin

Most consumers of Bio-oil say that it’s their remedy for their long-time skin disorders. One user of this cream was infected with chickenpox at the age of 19 years, meaning that the person had a few prominent skin scars on the body.

Moreover, the victim had stretch marks all over the thighs, not forgetting scars on the forehead acquired from an accident that occurred during the person’s childhood. Bio oil for dry & oily skin

From this narrative, you can imagine how low self-esteem the guy was living with all this time.

He almost gave up after trying several skin creams and home remedies in vain before a family friend introduced him to Bio-Oil.

Guess what? The fellow was pleasantly surprised with the miracle this product had in his life given that the individual was totally hated applying greasy skin products on the body.

To the user’s amazement, the oil was not greasy after using and rapidly and fully got absorbed into the skin within seconds.

This powerful cream is also a light formulation that many consumers never feel its greasiness after applying. In fact, it resembles skincare products that are much less oil-based products when used on the body or face.

But, the sole downside reported by consumers is its perceived exorbitant price.

However, considering the benefits users of this product get after applying it, it can be argued that people get value for their money.

One bottle of this cream can last for many days than one can imagine. For that reason, every penny spent on buying Bio skin products is worth it.

Bio-Oil for Dry Skin

Bio-oil is a good skin moisturizer for dry skin. The skin care cream was first manufactured or produced in 2002 to help people with stretch marks and skin scars.

Today, powerful, healing oil is rated one of the most sought-after products in the market in the category.

Despite the fact there are a few skeptics associated with this product including some people who are not pleased with its long long list of ingredients, it has as well received celebrity endorsements.

You must be among those converted after using it. You need to consider buying it as one of your regular skin moisturizers in your bathroom cabinet.

The oil does not only help to relieve dryness but can also make your skin smooth promptly without causing any side effects such as clogging pores.

For those ravaged by the cold or sunburned, use Bio-oil every day to let your parched and damaged skin start regenerating after drinking the liquid up.

The same applies to the fans of the gym. They should have a bottle of this product in the sauna so that they can have plant extracts and vitamins A and E commingle with the liquid to make their skin ageless.

The cream is affordable, and thus, you shouldn’t worry about slathering your whole body with it.

How to Use Bio-Oil for Dry Skin

There are numerous reasons why you should apply or incorporate Bio-Oil in your daily cosmetic or beauty products. Here are some of the popular ways you can get exemplary results when using it:

  1. Apply Bio-Oil As A Makeup Primer: Treat your dry skin and uneven skin tones with this product by using a drop to your face and letting the oil dry completely before using foundation.
  2. Apply Bio-Oil as A Body and Face Moisturizer: This oil is recommended for all skin types since it is both non-acnegenic and hypoallergenic. You can apply it as your day-to-day face and body moisturizer to replenish the stripped-away natural oils of your skin.
  3. Apply Bio-Oil As A Cuticle And Nail Therapy: The product has certain nourishing properties you much need to assist in conditioning your damaged cuticles and nails.
  4. Apply Bio-Oil As A Lip Balm: You can keep your lips moisturized and soft by rubbing a small quantity of this cream two times every day.
  5. Apply Bio-Oil to Give Yourself a Facial: Take 5 drops of this liquid and add it into a container of warm water. Immerse a facecloth in the warm water and for not less than five minutes, let it stay on your face to enjoy a mini homemade facial experience.

Bio-Oil for Dry Skin Reviews

Most of the customer reviews of Bio-Oil for dry skin are largely positive. A majority of users say that the body cream helps them to have an immense improvement in the texture and look of their skin.

Moreover, they get a positive feeling on their skin when they apply the oil. Many people appear to enjoy the scent of this product as well.

Even though some users find the scent of this cream somehow inconsequential for their skincare, they still believe that it’s really an important aspect other than being merely a basic enjoyment.

The main reason for customer reviews is that they help them deal with the early inception of skin aging for not having enough moisturizing.

The price of this amazing, healing oil is also credited since it’s affordable to most consumers. More than 4 ounces of these products go for as much as $20.

At this low price, many people find the oil very reasonable for their skincare financial plans.

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Reviews

Some of the positive user reviews of Bio-oil specialist skincare are that:

  • It does not cause skin breakout
  • Is Not greasy
  • Rapidly gets absorbed into the skin
  • Is Non-allergic
  • Suits super sensitive, moderately oily, dry, and even normal skin
  • Is supplemented with skin-friendly, indispensable emollients
  • Can be used on the entire body, including your hair
  • It contains a nice, mild herbal fragrance
  • It contains essential anti-aging compounds such as vitamin E and A
  • Is affordable
  • It comes with an instruction manual
  • Is travel and sturdy-friendly

Negative consumer reviews about the use of Bio-oil are that:

  • It’s not easy to easily find online
  • It lacks fast results
  • Is not good for people with super-oily skin

Bio-Oil Benefits For Skin

Here is a list of a few stand-out benefits of applying Bio-oil:

  1. Can help tone and smooth your wrinkled and aging skin
  2. Helps to minimize the chances of your skin developing stretch marks during pregnancy, teenage growth spurts, and during moments of rapid instant weight gain
  3. Helps to enhance the look of old stretch marks
  4. Improves the appearance of both old and new scars on the skin
  5. Helps to improve the look of skin blemishes and pigmentation marks caused by excessive sun exposure, skin lighteners, and hormonal fluctuations.

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Bio-Oil Side Effects for Skin

Although Bio-oil has no proven side effects, including those linked to its components, there are a few reports about the possible adverse impact of applying this product.

They include:

  1. Causes Retinyl palmitate: This is a side effect associated with skin disorders such as redness, burning sensation, scaling, and
  2. Botanical extracts of this oil may also cause skin irritation: Some of the customers of this cream report that it can contribute to irritation, particularly to people whose skin is very sensitive.
  3. Bio-Oil can cause endocrine and neurotoxicity disruption and cancer: A report extracted from a Cosmetic Database shows that it contains a few ingredients known to cause endocrine and neurotoxicity disruption and cancer.

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