Bio-Oil for Acne Scars on Face Reviews: Good for Oily Skin?

Read how to use Bio-Oil for acne scars on the face and learn how to get the best results. In this article, I review the benefits and side effects of using bio-oil for the leftover marks caused by pimples or acne.

Also, I examine where one can buy the oil online or in stores. Finally, I will highlight the before and after results pictures of using it on acne scars.

Is Bio-Oil Good for Acne Scars?

Have you ever been embarrassed with acne scars? It is one of the worst experiences I bet you would not want to undergo!

People look at you as if they have seen a ghost and wonder which kind of world you have come from that has people with dark spots on their faces. bio oil for acne scars treatment

If you are such an individual and want to get rid of acne scars in less than a month, then try Bio-Oil.

The oil has specific elements that are vital to the growth of your skin, therefore assisting in the removal of the dark spots caused by acne.

In Britain, out of five hundred individuals who were issued with a questionnaire to indicate the best skincare oil, four hundred of them suggested that the applicability of Bio-Oil is the most suitable beauty oil that works with any skin type to eliminate scars.

How to Apply Bio-Oil for Acne & Pimple Scars

One of the interesting facts about the usage of Bio-Oil is that out of ten people who use it, three of them are most likely to attain poor results!

This has been found to be the case due to the poor applicability of the oil, where people apply it on their skin without following a precise procedure that has been recommended by skin healthcare experts.

To attain maximal activity of Bio-Oil on your skin, you should follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have purchased genuine Bio-Oil products from authorized stores such as Amazon.
  2. Prepare, the Bio-Oil by shaking it well before using it, and at all times ensure you store it under the prescribed or recommended conditions.
  3. Wash your skin thoroughly using lukewarm water. At this point you can decide whether to add a little oil to the water or not, it is optional!
  4. Dry your skin very thoroughly, using a clean and dry towel.
  5. Apply the Bio-Oil on your skin. If you have long hair, ensure that it does not get in contact with your face because that can lower the effectiveness of the Bio-Oil. The hair releases dirt that acts as a contaminant hence reducing efficacy.
  6. Leave the oil on your skin for not less than one hour.
  7. Repeat the above steps twice a day and at least three times a week.

Bio-Oil for Acne Scars Reviews

Bio-Oil products are generally rated by users depending on the price and effectiveness of eliminating acne scars.

The fact that all Bio-Oil products are rated proves that these products are effective for different individuals with different skin complexions.

However, in more than 15 countries during the 2015 survey, Bio-Oil 02, was rated best by several people.  One reviewer states that the brand he/she bought can be used by all people regardless of the type of their skin.

Mederma vs. Bio-Oil for Acne Scars

I have used Mederma and Bio-Oil at different times just to prove which one is best when it comes to acne scar removal.

In my case, I discovered that both are effective, but the time of removal of the acne scars is what differs between the two of them.

Bio-Oil, when applied using the above steps, an individual is able to heal and have all their acne scars gone by the end of week three, but for Mederma, one has to use it for about a month before they get rid of the acne scars.

However, when the two are used together, the rate of acne removal increases and after a week you begin to have a beautiful face free of acne scars.

Benefits of Bio-Oil for Facial Acne Removal

Bio-Oil is beneficial because:

  1. It is readily available – You cannot miss the Bio-Oil products in renowned supermarkets and stores.
  2. The Oil is not expensive as other beauty oil products. This gives all of us an opportunity to use and benefit from the oil’s effectiveness in removing acne.
  3. The Oil works with all kinds of skins. The Bio-Oil has numerous ingredients that enable it to function with any of skin: one cannot lack a brand that works best with their skin.
  4. It removes facial acne in less than three weeks. Bio-Oil has been rated best because of its incredible ability to remove acne in less than three weeks, according to feedback from frequent users.

Bio-Oil for Acne Scars Before and After – Pictures

Picture A shows an individual with acne scars that appear to be impossible to be eliminated with any Beauty Oil.

Bio oil for acne scars before and after
Before and After Acne Scars

However, in picture B, we see the same individual after using Bio-Oil. The face is smooth and youthful with no acne scars!

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Where to Buy Bio-Oil for Acne Scars on Face

We always advise people to be extra careful when purchasing beauty products, because a mistake in buying a fake product might worsen your situation!

Therefore, at all times ensure you buy Bio-Oil products from any of the following authorized stores:


CVS sells pure Bio-Oil products at relatively lower prices and allows one to make online orders.


Who does not know Amazon?! It is one of the most popular online stores that offer quality Bio-Oil products and other beauty products at an affordable price.


Walmart stores are available in all major cities in the USA and are a bit cheaper when compared to Amazon. Other stores where you can find pure Bio-Oil include eBay, Alibaba, and Walgreens.

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