Bentonite Clay in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, India, Malaysia & NZ

Bentonite Clay is an amazing cosmetic tool with origin in the Asia continent. In this article, I examine the identity of Bentonite Clay in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and where one can buy it in India. I also analyze how this healing clay is popular in Malaysia and New Zealand.

Bentonite Clay in Hindi

In Hindi, bentonite clay is known as Multani Mitti. Although slightly some year back, this clay has been in use for centuries to cleanse and soften the skin.

However, this clay came in the spotlight in cosmetic industry in the recent past for its health and medicinal properties.

Multani Mitti or bentonite clay is a product of volcanic process and subsequent composition of deposits.

Bentonite Clay meaning in Hindi

The Hindi name Multani is believed to originate from Pakistan and refers to the place of origin. Initially, this clay is believed to have originated from a place known as Multani.

Mitti on the other hand means clay or mud. The Hindi interpretation of bentonite clay is derived from its place of origin – Multani. Therefore, in Hindi the name means the clay or mud from Multani.

It is obvious that Hindi interpretation refers to the clay produced from volcanic eruptions and deposition around sea and river beds. Basically, this clay was harvested from a river in the Multani area of Punjab, Pakistani.

Even though they may not be exactly the same, similarities between these clay is quite evident.

Bentonite Clay in Urdu

Bentonite or fuller’s earth or Montmorillonite clay in English is composed of many minerals formed from volcanic ashes.

In Urdu, bentonite clay noun is ايک مٹي جو پاني ميں مِل کر بہت زيادہ پھولتي ہے اور جيلي ميں تبديل ہو جاتي ہے. This clay was named by Wilbur, and mainly consists of montmorillonite.

Bentonite Clay in India

I don’t think anyone in India can have problem accessing bentonite clay. This is because many local drug stores and supermarkets are selling bentonite clay products.

One can also purchase different bentonite brands from online stores including Amazon, Indiamart, Alibaba among other online stores. Amazon and Alibaba also provide free shipping for wholesale or bulk buying.

The main and common brands include Anaha Indian origin Premium and Aztec Secret Indian healing. Pure bentonite brand have no additives, animal products and fragrances or any other chemicals.

These products are used as facial mask for deep pore cleaning to get rid of toxins and other impurities from the skin. The end result is a refreshed, soft, smooth and young looking and glowing skin.

Bentonite Clay in Tamil

Tamil translation of bentonite clay is Penttonait kaliman. This clay is available in plenty in retail and wholesale from various suppliers and approved dealers of natural products in Tamil Nadu and Chennai.

You can also order for this clay online from Amazon and Alibaba as well as local drug stores, cosmetic shops and supermarkets.

You will also find other natural products and clay for skincare from these suppliers. Key among them is Kaolin clay and Dead Sea clay among other natural products with exemplary healing health properties.

Even though kaolin and bentonite clay are popular DIY recipes, they are really different. In general, bentonite clay is really super weird in contrast to most other types of clay used for health and beauty purposes.

Bentonite Clay Malaysia

Bentonite clay is used worldwide for beauty and other health benefits. For those in Malaysia, you can too experience the magic of this organic bentonite clay.

This clay is available in major and small cities of Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur. You will find different brands including Aztec Secret, Life Flo 100% Pure Bentonite Clay Facial Detox among other brands.

For centuries, beside external use to beautify the skin, bentonite clay is also internally to heal digestive problems. For internal use, bentonite clay is known to cleanse the colon of the toxins, chemicals and other impurities deposited along the walls of the colon.

It also cleanses bacteria, viruses and other microbial from the guts and respiratory tract to prevent infections.

Bentonite Clay NZ (New Zealand)

At NZ $9 inclusive of GST, you can have bentonite clay for various uses. This brand is pure with low levels of impurities. It is appropriate for both internal and external use.

With ability to generate negative electric charge when hydrated, this clay is mixed with water to get charged and absorb toxins, heavy metals and other impurities from the skin and body.

According to Ephraim health, bentonite clay is a mixture of natural minerals with exemplary healing benefits. For centuries, this true gift of nature has been laid in the Deep South area of New Zealand.

The clay is currently extracted for cosmetic and other health benefits. It has medicinal and healing quality to cleanse and detoxify the skin and body.

Bentonite Clay Liquid

Liquid form of bentonite clay is preferred because, unlike the others that require mixing, you don’t have to mix it yourself. Liquid form is also inert; meaning it passes through the body without being digested thus being able to function through digestive system.

This makes liquid bentonite an excellent agent for internal cleansing of the body off microbial, toxins and impurities.

These products work by binding harmful substances via the adsorbent action. It is taken internally to support intestinal system to eliminate toxins.

By absorbing water, this clay is stretched and swells up like a porous sponge, drawing toxins into spaces via bound and electrical attraction.

In view of Canadian Journal of Microbiology, this clay has ability to absorb disease causing pathogens as well as pesticides and herbicides.

Eventually, this clay is eliminated from the body together with toxins bound on its surfaces.

Taking one spoonful of liquid bentonite liquid once or twice a day on empty stomach is enough to generate positive results.

Bentonite works well on an empty stomach or can also be taken a few hours before or after meals. Start with one teaspoonful daily is highly advisable, and since it is tasteless, you are advised to mix it with some juice.

Dosage can be increased gradually if the results are not forthcoming after one week, but it should not exceed 4 tablespoons per day.

Bentonite Clay Reviews

Common liquid brand include Yerba Prima detox, Great Plains and detox pint. These products have the most reviews and good rating from customers in regard to healing acne, detoxication among other health problems.

Aztec secret Indian healing clay has a rating of 4.4/5 and 87% of customers willing to repurchase the brand. It is effective in getting rid of toxins and makeup from the face. However, it works best by mixing with honey and Apple cider vinegar.

Since it leaves your skin somehow dry, I suggest using hydrating moisturizer after using bentonite clay products.

Bentonite Clay Recipes

  • Making bentonite clay shampoo at home is simple; mix about three tablespoons of clay powder with Apple cider vinegar or filtered water. Then apply the solution onto damp hair and leave for a bout 5 minutes and rinse.
  • For making detox bath, add about 2 cups of clay powder to your normal bath and soak for 20 minutes to draw of toxins and other impurity through the skin. Use wash cloth to rub off any spots left behind after rinsing
  • For facial mask, mix about 3 tablespoons of clay powder with apple cider or water to wash your face. Rinse after about 20 minutes.

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