Baking Soda for Face Before & After Reviews – Acne, Circles, Spots

Are you looking for user testimonials or reviews on the use of baking soda for the face? Well, look no further. In this post, we dive deep into assessing the impact baking soda has on the face.

I will, among other things, examine the baking soda for face results before and after use. This will then guide you on whether you should embrace it.

Baking Soda Uses for Face Cleaning

Have you been searching for facial cleaning agent with little or no side effects? Well, the baking soda is the answer and the best option for you.

The baking soda when applied on the face makes you appear very beautiful, increasing your confidence in whatever you are doing.

The baking soda is important to you because of its numerous uses, which include:

#1 It removes acne or pimple scars

When effectively applied- twice to three times a week, the baking soda helps in removing the acne or pimple scars. Therefore, it boosts your beauty and allows you to develop a healthy skin that is entirely free of scars.

#2 Baking Soda removes Wrinkles

The presence of wrinkles on the face makes one appear two times older than their normal age. Therefore, there are numerous efforts to develop an effective beauty cream or agent that can help in eliminating them- in the future.

However, at the moment the applicability of the baking soda is the best natural remedy for removing the wrinkles.

Therefore, if you are tired of wrinkles on your face, start today using the baking soda, and after two weeks you shall be happy with the results.

#3 It brightens your Skin

At times you may find that your skin is unevenly dark and may wish to brighten it.

Using the baking soda paste every day together with some other beauty products like the lemon juice or the coconut oil helps in brightening a darker skin.

However, as a precaution, the users are advised to apply the baking soda for only three times a week.  This is because the excessive applicability of the baking soda causes great damage to the skin.

The damage can be so severe to the extent that you will start developing other skin conditions majorly caused by the environmental pathogens.

Using Baking Soda for Acne or Pimples – Method & Results

Most youths across the globe seriously get stressed when their facial appearances get damaged by acne or pimples.

As an effort to solve the challenge, numerous companies have come up with remedies, some of which do not function at all.

That is the case because some companies want to make money from the desperate youths who want to remove the acne or pimples on their face as quickly as possible.

However, if you are serious about treating the acne or pimples, all you need to do is follow the following procedure of applying the baking soda for acne or pimples.

The Procedure

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are using the baking soda and not the baking powder.
  • Secondly, wash your face using warm water: at this stage, you may decide to add a small amount baking soda into the water you are using to wash your face.
  • Thirdly, prepare the baking soda paste by mixing a little amount of water with the baking soda in a bowl. Then apply the baking soda on your face and leave the soda on your face for not less than 25 minutes.
  • Lastly, wash off the baking soda and apply any moisturizing agent on your face.

The Results

You shall notice slight changes on your face during the first three days of applying the baking soda. However, the biggest and very noticeable changes appear in the fourth week of consistency baking soda applicability.

The face shall be smooth and beautiful with less or no acne or pimples at all.

It is recommended that if you find that your condition is worsening – more acne or pimples breakouts, you should stop using the baking soda immediately and consult the beauty physician.

The physician shall give you further instructions on what beauty agents to use for your face.

Baking Soda for Dark Circles – the Procedure

Dark circles may interfere with your beauty if untreated. In case you notice that you have dark circles under your eyes, try as much as possible to apply the baking soda by:

  • Washing your face well using lukewarm water
  • Apply the baking soda paste
  • Leave it for ten minutes
  • Wash it off using warm water
  • Repeat the above steps twice a day for two weeks for a good outcome: removal of dark circles.

Baking Soda for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can be irritating and may make you skip an important event due to shame. However, it has been discovered that if you apply the baking soda paste on the swollen area, you are likely to get healed after five minutes!

Therefore, skipping an interview, class, or work because of puffy eyes should not be a problem to you anymore – use the baking soda to get rid of the swellings around the eyes fast.

Baking Soda for Wrinkles

Wrinkles are typically linked with old age, meaning that even if you are the twenties if you have them people shall see you as a fifty-year-old! It is serious, right?

However, you should not worry, because using the baking soda twice a day can assist in removing the wrinkles.

Several users who were once facing the issue of wrinkles as you are today happy because the wrinkles are gone. Therefore, you should never hesitate to use the baking soda for wrinkles.

Baking Soda for Blackheads and Dark Spots

The presence of blackheads and dark spots are another serious beauty issues that get solved by the applicability of the baking soda.

For blackheads, you should ensure that you concentrate more baking soda on the nose area because that is where they are usually found in large numbers.

Baking Soda for Face Before & After

The picture below shows an individual who is a non-user of the baking soda. What can you tell about her appearance?

This second picture below shows the same individual, who is now a frequent user of the baking soda. What can you tell about her appearance?

How to Use Baking Soda and Lemon for Face

Mixing the baking soda with other supplements (such as lemon juice) aids in the treatment of skin ailments, including dark scars.

To enjoy the maximum benefits of each agent, we are advised first to apply the baking soda oil and then the lemon juice.

For example, when using the agents in whitening or removing the dark spots from the face, the baking soda helps in removing the dead – upper skin layer or cells.

The lemon juice prevents the creation of melanin, therefore, facilitating the whitening.

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