Baking Soda as Face Exfoliator – How to Use & Benefits

Learn how to use baking soda as a face exfoliator or scrub. What are the best practices for the removal of dead skin on the face using sodium bicarbonate?

Read below to understand the steps, risks and safety of using baking soda on face. Finally, I will also explore the associated benefits and side effects.

Is it safe to use baking soda as an exfoliator or scrub?

For a long time, the baking soda has been in use as an exfoliator or as a face scrub. However, you should not overuse the baking soda as a face exfoliator because it can cause damage to your skin.

The damage on your skin making it vulnerable to the attack of different environmental pathogens and also can increase the number of acne on your face.

Therefore, if you are using a baking soda as an exfoliator, ensure that you use it twice a week. You should never use it daily because that shall facilitate the skin damage.

Baking soda face scrub recipe

To make a face scrub, you will need some honey, ground oats, and a baking soda. If you have all these ingredients, add ½ cup of each into a bowl, mix them to make a paste.  However, if you lack honey, you can substitute it with white sugar.

How to use Baking Soda for Face Exfoliation

The process of applying the baking soda for face exfoliation is quite simple. First, you need to prepare the baking paste by mixing a spoonful of water with baking soda in a bowel. This process should take about two minutes.

Secondly, after you have fully prepared the paste, apply it in circular motions around your forehead, nose crevices, chin, cheeks and even the lips. While rubbing the paste, you should avoid sensitive regions such as the eyes.

Once you are done with the rubbing, gently exfoliate for at least two minutes, and then rinse your face using lukewarm water.  You should rinse the face thoroughly to eliminate all the granules of the paste.

Lastly, dry your face and apply your daily skin care oil and repeat these steps at least three times a week.  You should avoid doing it daily as that may damage your skin and make it vulnerable to fungal and other bacterial infections, which may worsen your skin appearance.

Advantages of using baking soda as an exfoliator

Are you a frequent user of baking soda as an exfoliator? If yes, then you must be aware of the following advantages of using the baking soda for face exfoliation.

#1 The baking soda is cheap and readily available.

The baking soda is one of the most commonly used domestic product.  The soda is cheaply sold in almost all the local kiosks in your area.  That makes it an easy to access beauty commodity than the other beauty products.

#2 The baking soda is easy to apply

The process of applying baking soda on your face is quite simple and can be accomplished in two ways. The first approach involves the preparation of baking soda paste, which usually takes two minutes to prepare, and applying the paste on your face.

The second approach involves the addition of the baking soda into the bathing water and soaking yourself into the water for some minutes to allow the absorption of the baking soda.

These approaches are indeed simple and therefore, make the process of using the baking soda quite easy when compared to other beauty products.

#3 The baking soda helps to brighten your face

Given its exfoliating capability, the baking soda is able to remove dark regions from your face, brightening your face and at the same time evening the skin tone. However, using the baking soda for exfoliating should not exceed three times a week: this will cause skin damages.

Disadvantages of baking soda scrub

Excessive usage of baking soda on your face can be disadvantageous in several ways:

#1 It can result in skin rashes

A number of cases have been reported where individuals who have are frequent users of baking soda have developed rashes on their face.

These rashes can make you uncomfortable and therefore, it is recommended that once you notice any sign of skin rashes you visit the nearest physician for further instructions.

#2 The baking soda can damage the skin

Individuals who are frequent users of baking soda can attest that excessive usage of baking soda can make your skin vulnerable to pathogen attacks.

The baking soda destroys the first line of defence, allowing the ease entry of pathogens and therefore, causing several skin infections, that might destroy your beautiful looks.

#3 The baking soda can disrupt the acid-base balance of your skin

When the acid-base balance is disrupted you are likely to allow polluting agents and bacteria to easily attack your skin. In fact, you may have more acne than normal because of this imbalance and therefore, the skin care experts recommend that an individual avoids excessive usage of baking soda.

These experts recommend that if possible you only use the baking soda for face only twice a week. That way you will reduce chances of destroying your skin and maintain the skin’s acid-base balance.

Baking soda for face whitening – does it work?

Indeed, the application of baking soda can assist in face whitening. However, it is recommended that you use the mixture of the soda and other agents such as the lemon juice, honey, or even white sugar.

The skin care experts indicate that such mixture works effectively in whitening your face because of the synergistic effect of the incorporated agents.

For instance, if you use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda, the lemon juice (Vitamin C) will inhibit the formation of melanin, while the baking soda shall assist in the removal of the dark skin.

This way you shall have a whitened face, which will last for long as long as you keep applying the agents for at least two times a week.

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