Baking Soda Disadvantages for Skin

Baking soda for skin is the newly recommended remedy for most of the skin problems that people suffer from. The question that many ask how is baking soda useful for the skin?

Is baking soda safe for your skin? In this post, I seek to answer these questions by majorly focusing on the baking soda disadvantages for the skin.

Top Uses and Advantages of Baking Soda on Skin

Before we delve into the negative effects of baking soda, it would be prudent to highlight some of the major uses and/or benefits of sodium bicarbonate on the skin, which are:

Used for Sunburn Relief

Sunburns refer to the scars and blemishes caused by being exposed to the sun’s rays, especially during the summer season. These sunburns and their blisters can be itchy and painful. The baking soda is alkaline in nature. This alkalinity in the soda is what soothes the sunburned areas of the skin, thus resulting in the reduced itching and burning.

Suitable Acne and Pimple Removal

Is baking soda effective for acne removal? Well, yes, considering the many testimonials on the web from the users who have tried this approach for cane removal, sodium bicarbonate is effective for acne removal. Acne breakout causes can be eliminated if it is appropriately used.

Body Odor Removal

Body sweat on the skin can result in an unpleasant body odor as the bacteria on the skin engage with the sweat. When used on the body, the baking soda absorbs the sweat resulting in a dryer skin. A drier skin reduces instances of the body odor

Used for Skin Rash Treatment

Do you have skin rashes that sometimes get itchy? Well, you may find a suitable remedy in sodium bicarbonate. Sue to its soothing properties, the soda can help get rid of the inflammation caused by the skin rashes.

Baking Soda Disadvantages (Side Effects) for Skin

After assessing the ways through which sodium bicarbonate can be used on skin, it is now time we dive into the disadvantages of using this soda on the skin and face. The common side effects reported are:

#1 May cause Hypersensitivity

Some baking soda users have reported having increased sensitivity when used on skin. The issue is some people may not know their sensitivity to their t the sodium bicarbonate until the day they start using it.

It is recommended that whenever you realize you may be sensitive to baking soda, you need to stop using it immediately. Some of the known symptoms or indicators of sensitivity to baking soda include redness and armpit rashes.

#2 Highly alkaline notes that baking soda can result in over alkalization if the skin if used without proper moderation. By its nature, baking soda is a strong base.

This means therefore that overusing the base on the skin may extremely affect the pH of the skin. So it should be noted that while you may use it for some of the issues mentioned earlier, you need to take care of the required skin pH.

baking soda disadvantages for skin
Baking Soda Skin Disadvantages List

#3 Excessive exfoliation

Using baking soda for skin exfoliation can have some great positive results. However, this can have some serious side effects on the skin if proper care is not taken. For example, one suitable measure is to have suitable delays in between the exfoliations

#4 Acne Breakouts May Occur

While sodium bicarbonate has been hailed as a remedy for acne and pimples, it has been reported in some cases, to cause acne. This is attributable to the facts that over exfoliation may increase the skin’s vulnerability.

#5 Causes Skin Reddening

Excessive use of baking soda baths may cause the skin to develop a red color. This red color may in itself be a new bother for the baking soda users.

#6 May Increase Scar Visibility notes that using baking soda on a regular basis may to some extent play the role of highlighting the scars on one’s skin. This is mainly attributed to over-exfoliation which then makes the soda a substance of doom.

How to counter the side effects of baking soda on skin

The common and recommended approach to minimize the possible disadvantages of baking soda on the skin is to use it in moderation. As they say, too much of something can be harmful, the same should be considered when dealing with baking soda bath and paste for exfoliation.

In some cases, one may have to reduce the excessive alkalinity by mixing with lemon juice. This has been handled in another article on this website.

FAQs on Baking Soda Disadvantages for Skin

Before we close up this post, let us look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding the safety of baking soda on skin

Is it Bad to use baking soda on the face?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. However, considering the pH of sodium bicarbonate, it is safe to state that when the baking soda applied on the face is of high alkalinity, it is bound to interfere with the natural skin pH. This may then result in some other facial skin complications or eruptions.

Is baking soda good or bad for you?

The good or the bad aspects of baking soda vary according to the use. If baking soda is used for the correct purpose, in the correct amounts, and using a correct procedure, the results will be great. Similarly, improper usage of baking soda compounds can be harmful in some cases.

What are the side effects of baking soda?

The known side effects of baking soda include skin reddening, sensitivity, diarrhea and skin breakouts. It should be noted that the side effects vary from one person to another and depend on the purpose for which the soda was intended.

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