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Does Vitamin Shoppe Give Military Discounts?

As a retailer of vitamins, nutritional supplements, herbs, and teas, Vitamin Shoppe serves different demographics across the US.

Servicemen such as military personnel and those who have retired from the service (veterans) may be eligible for some discounts whenever they shop at Vitamin Shoppe.

Does Vitamin Shoppe Have Military Discounts?

Well, according to the Vitamin Shoppe website, there are currently no discounts reserved for military personnel and veterans.

However, there are many discounts and special offers that everyone can take advantage of including the military, students, and first responders.

Vitamin Shoppe Military Discounts

As already stated, while there are no specific coupons reserved for military and veterans only, those in the service may visit Vitamin Shoppe and redeem the following discounts.

50% Off Women’s Health Products

This discount applies to women’s health products, where you get two products at the cost of one.

Some of the products and brands on offer under these discounts include:

  • Women’s Best
  • Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems
  • NeoCell Corporation

20% off Vitamins and Supplements

This coupon covers products that can be classified as vitamins and supplements.

The brands and products covered here include:

  • Select Vitamin Shoppe products
  • Select Solaray Products
  • Select Nordic Naturals
  • Plant branded products

50% off protein and fitness products

Military personnel also need proteins and other physical fitness products to ensure they remain in the right physical state to serve the country.

Therefore, if you are looking for places to purchase proteins and physical fitness products cheaply, then consider checking out Vitamin Shoppe.

The products and brands on offer under this coupon include:

  • Select BodyTech products – buy one and get one free
  • Dymatize Nutrition products – buy one and get one free
  • Isopure Products – buy one and get one free

20% off Digestion products

For military personnel facing issues with their digestive system, it may be advisable to look for the various remedies on offer at Vitamin Shoppe.

Some of the digestion products on offer under this coupon include:

  • Select Solaray Products
  • Select Irwin Naturals
  • Select Lily of The Desert products
  • 15% Off Gaia Herbs products

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Vegan Brands at Ulta: Makeup, Foundation, Mascara & More

Explore the various vegan brands sold at Ulta. Vegan beauty and personal care products are products that do not contain any ingredients sourced from animals.

This, therefore, means that the ingredients are either synthetic, industrially manufactured, or sourced from plants. If you are looking for Ulta vegan Brands list, stay here.

Vegan Makeup Brands at Ulta

Several makeup brands sold on Ulta are 100% vegan. The ingredients in most of these are mainly plant-based, and should not cause any harm such as allergies associated with animal-based ingredients

The common vegan makeup brands at Ulta are:

  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup
  • Au Naturale Makeup
  • Cover FX Makeup
  • l.f Cosmetics makeup brands
  • Ofra Cosmetics makeup brands
  • Pacifica makeup brands

Vegan Foundation Ulta

The best vegan foundation brands you should check out at Ulta include:

  • Too Faced Born This Way Undetectable Medium-to-Full Coverage Foundation
  • Bare Minerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation

Vegan Mascara at Ulta

The common vegan mascara brands at Ulta include:

  • Juice Beauty Lash defining mascara
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  • KVD Vegan Beauty Go Big or Go Home Volumizing Mascara

Vegan Shampoo at Ulta

If you strictly prefer to use vegan shampoo oil for haircare then it is time you sampled the best vegan shampoo brands at Ulta that include:

  • Pureology Hydrate Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo
  • Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo
  • Matrix Biolage ColorLast Purple Shampoo
  • CurlSmith Detox Microbiome Scalp System

Vegan Eyeliners at Ulta

The best-rated vegan eyeliner brands at Ulta include:

  • Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner Pencil
  • KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner
  • Nude Stix Magnetic Matte Eye Color
  • Too Faced Better than Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • KVD Vegan Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment

Vegan Nail Polish at Ulta

Some of the best vegan nail polish brands at Ulta include:

  • Orly Nail Lacquer
  • SpaRitual Nail Lacquer Collection

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Does Ulta Test on Animals (Is Ulta Cruelty-free)?

Beauty products sometimes have to be tested to determine if they are safe for use. The testing process therefore sometimes involves testing on animals as is the case with some drugs, and this is widely considered propagating cruelty against animals.

As a company with its own beauty and personal care brands, Ulta is a cruelty-free company. However, some of the products in Ulta’s inventory may not be cruelty-free.

Does Ulta Beauty Brand Test on Animals?

If you are a loyal client of Ulta branded products you will be happy to hear that Ulta does not test on animals.

The company also neither commissions nor encourages third parties to test on animals during the manufacture or preparation of personal care products.

How does Ulta Beauty Brand Test Products for effectiveness?

Since we have determined that Ulta branded products are cruelty-free which essentially means they are not tested on animals, the prevailing question is: how do they test them?

Well, there are a number of ways Ulta achieves the ‘testing for effectiveness’ step, including using human volunteers, human skin tissues, and lab-prepared cell cultures.

Cruelty-free Brands at Ulta

Ulta also sells brands from other manufacturers or beauty companies. So, if you would lie to know the specific brands in Ulta’s inventory that fit the cruelty-free criteria, then check the list below.

Ulta’s Cruelty-free Skincare Brands

  • Awake Beauty
  • Bare Minerals
  • Coola
  • Dermalogica
  • Erborian
  • Hempz
  • Tarte
  • YUNI

Ulta’s Cruelty-free Haircare brands

  • AG Hair
  • DevaCurl
  • Living Proof
  • Pureology

Ulta’s Cruelty-free Makeup Brands

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Buxom
  • CoverGirl
  • Dermablend
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Smashbox
  • Too Faced
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics

Non-cruelty-free Brands at Ulta

This is a list of brands that are not cruelty-free sold in Ulta stores (including the online portal)

  • Calvin Klein
  • Cetaphil
  • Clinique
  • Maybelline
  • Neutrogena
  • Nexxus
  • Redken

FAQs on Ulta Cruelty-free Products

Let’s review some of the commonly asked questions to highlight some of the key issues when it concerning animal cruelty in Ulta products.

Are Ulta Beauty Brand Ingredients tested on animals?

No. The ingredients used in the manufacture of Ulta beauty and personal care products are not tested on animals. This is what renders the company animal cruelty-free.

Does Ulta incentivize third parties to test on animals?

No. Ulta does not authorize, commission, or incentivize third parties (associates) to test their products (or ingredients) on animals on their behalf.

Does Ulta sell products to China and other similar countries?

No. Ulta has a strong anti-china policy when it comes to selling and marketing its products. China and other Asian countries have a mandatory animal-testing policy that contradicts Ulta’s values.

External Readings Ulta Cruelty-free Beauty Products

  • 1: Ultimate list of cruelty-free brands at Ulta – Ethical Elephant
  • 2: Cruelty-free brands at Ulta – Logical Harmony

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Does Walmart Sell Bio Oil In-store or Online?

Walmart Bio-oil

Read this guide on all that pertains to how to buy Bio-oil at Walmart. The question most people ask is, does Walmart sell bio-oil?

I also review the common brands sold at Walmart including the 6.7 Oz 2 Oz sizes. These can be used for both stretch marks and scar treatment.

Finally, I will also examine the prices and the current cost of some of the common brands sold on the site.

Does Walmart sell Bio-Oil?

Yes, Walmart sells bio-oil in most of its stores all over the US and Canada.

According to historical records, though, the retail stores seem to have embraced bio-oil as a product less than a decade ago.

It seems the need to ensure they are a one-stop store for most customers has greatly pushed it to include nearly all trendy beauty and health products.

Bio-oil Walmart Coupon

If you are looking for bio-oil coupons for the products stocked in Walmart, you may have to consider browsing the web or visit the coupon database on this website.

Where to find bio-oil at Walmart – Bio-oil Walmart in store

Where is the Bio-oil located in Walmart? Finding the bio-oil section in Walmart stores can be challenging, especially if you have no clue of how the stores categorize or classify products for organized access.

Bio-oil is a health and beauty product, and it should be accessible through the health and beauty products section. In some cases, it may be located under the cosmetics section.

If you understand how a nearby store is organized into specific sections, then you wouldn’t face issues when trying to locate bio-oil in Walmart.

Bio-oil Stretch Marks Walmart

If you are looking for a remedy to make stretch marks disappear on Walmart, then Bio-Oil should serve you well. There are many brands sold for the same purpose.

However, I would recommend going to Bio-Oil Purcellin Oil.

If you apply it in early pregnancy (during your first trimester), it will work effectively against most of the pregnancy-related stretching.

Bio-oil Scar Treatment Walmart

Does bio oil work on scars? Yes, you can purchase bio-oil from Walmart that for your scar problem.

How long would it take to get rid of the scars? Well, normally, for a person who applies twice daily, bio-oil would eradicate the scars within 3 months.

At Walmart, you may purchase any brand for the same, but if I have to mention some brands, I would say go for:

  • Bio-Oil for Skin SCARS STRETCH MARKS UNEVEN SKIN TONE 200 ml/6.7 Oz, and
  • Bio-Oil for Scars Stretch Marks Uneven Skin Tone 125 ml/4.2 fl. Oz

Bio-Oil 6.7 Oz, 2 Oz & 4.2 Oz at Walmart

Walmart stocks Bio-Oil in all available package sizes.

You can, therefore, browse the website and find the correct size you need for you. The smallest size is 2 Oz, followed by 4.2 Oz…. then 6.7 Oz.

Therefore, you have no reason not to find the size or brand you like in this retail chain.

Bio-Oil Walmart Prices – How Much Does it Cost

How much does bio oil cost at Walmart? Well, this question will be answered in the form of a table below. NOTE: The prices may differ from the live/current prices on Walmart’s website

Bio-Oil, 2 fl Oz$8.92
Bio-Oil for Skin Scars Stretch Marks Uneven Skin Tone 200 ml/6.7 Oz$18.99
Bio-Oil for Scars Stretch Marks Uneven Skin Tone 125 ml/4.2 fl. Oz$12.99
Bio-Oil, 6.7 fl. Oz$27.97
Bio-Oil Liquid 2 Oz$9.46

Bio-Oil Walmart Canada Prices

In Canada, Walmart stores stock many sizes of bio-oil. For easier browsing through the stocks, you can visit the bio-oil section on the

Bio-oil prices at Walmart Canada do not vary significantly compared to the stores in the US.

When you convert the currencies shown on the Canadian website (which is in Canadian dollars), you find that there is a negligible variance in prices.

Walmart Bio-Oil Reviews

There are many reviews on Walmart from users who have tried Bio-Oil in their daily routine for various reasons. Below is a sample of the bio-oil reviews on Walmart.

Am22 (2010) says: “Bio-Oil is an excellent product to relieve ugly scars or stretch marks.

I undoubtedly find the particular product useful when you are reducing ugly marks as well as removing away stretch marks after some time (at least 8 weeks).

It isn’t one hundred percent remedy of the situation; however, it helps in reducing the look making me delighted.”

Pinkful (2013) says: “In my own opinion after use, I can say It emits a nice smell, results in your skin smooth.

Also, it helps make the scar problems appear much less obvious the more time you make use of it, however, you Must adhere to instructions and also use it One or more times each day to notice good results!

I forget to use it every day yet I have observed the recent marks have become lighter and scaled-down (the white-colored) ever since I began applying Bio-Oil.

I use it for my own facial skin just for acne scars (even though I don’t know whether it’s non-comedogenic).”

Some of the specific products sold at Walmart include:

Bio-Oil Liquid Purcellin Oil, 4.2 Fl Oz

The ingredients contained in this oil are;

  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Oil)
  • Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil)
  • Lavandula Angustifolia Oil (Lavender Oil)

It is recommended that you apply this twice daily from the first trimester to get rid of stretch marks.

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Nose Twitching Superstition and Spiritual Meaning

Nose Twitching Causes

Almost everyone in our community has experienced some unique body appearances that have been associated with either terrifying or sometimes pleasing meanings based on the community’s beliefs.

Have you ever experienced a Twitch of your nose in any particular situation of your life?

Well, this article will explore the possible reasons that may cause your nose to twitch, some of the known Nose twitching superstitions in our society, and their spiritual meanings.

What is a Nose twitch?

Nose twitch refers to the involuntary contraction of muscles specifically at the areas of your nose.

This kind of behavior is always harmless even though they tend to be a bit distracting and are often caused by frustration.

nose twitching causes meaning

This kind of contractions can take few seconds and sometimes hours before the feeling disappears from a person.

The nose twitch may also be described as a symptom of facial tics that can be experienced by anyone.

However, many types of research indicate that it is most prevalent among children.

Since it is symbolizing a facial tic, it, therefore, requires no treatment, and in most cases the condition resolve on its own.

If it becomes severe it is recommended that you seek medical attention.

What causes a nose twitch?

You do not need to worry or feel bewitched when you experienced a nose twitch as it may be as a result of various factors and not witchcraft as many societies may have believed.

After conducting some research on this topic, we found out that nose twitch may be caused by several factors including the following;

  • Destructions on a nerve
  • Tic disorders such as Tourette’s syndrome.
  • Inadequate amount of potassium nutrients in the diet we consume.
  • Excitement
  • Stress
  • Excessive consumption of stimulant products such as drugs and caffeine
  • Insufficient sleep.
  • Too much exercise may destroy blood capillaries in the nose.

Nose twitching superstition

What does your community say about nose twitching? Do you believe they are right?

Does the belief affect your opinions or way of thought about this topic? Well, here are some different kinds of nose twitching superstition you may have not heard about.

Your nose can play an essential role in astrology as it is often used to represent planet Jupiter which is directly related to financial matters, marriage, job, progress in politics, and higher studies among other strong beliefs.

The twitching can be used to symbolize different aspects based on the side of the twitch as follows;

Twitching of the left side of the Nose indicates a delay in promotions

In case you are awaiting your results of promotion and you experience your left side of the nose twitching for some short time, it indicates that the results will not be in your favor.

On the other hand, if you are about to experience a marriage proposal and the left nose twitches, then be assured that the proposal will not go your way.

Twitching of Right Side of Nose indicates Massive Success on your side

In case you experience a right-side twitch on your nose, you should start celebrating because things will work your way.

Bridge of Nose twitching spiritual meaning

When you experience a twitch on the bridge of your nose, it may signify several spiritual meanings based on one’s faith or religion.

As such, there is no specific spiritual indicator when one experiences a twitch at the bridge of their nose.

Instead, when your nose twitches at this position, you only have to prepare for something that is about to occur.

According to many faiths, when your nose twitches at this position, it indicates that God is directing you to avoid some danger that is about to happen.

Generally, Nose twitching often signifies a bad omen according to spiritual interpretation.

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Amazon Bio Oil: Prices, Coupons & Reviews

If you plan on buying Bio-Oil on Amazon, then this article will give you relevant insights. Whether you want to purchase Bio-Oil 200ml or 60ml brands online, it is important to first of all check on some of the reviews available.

Amazon sells bio-oil to customers all over the world in countries that include The US, UK, India, and Canada. I will also review Bio-Oil Purcellin Oil which is one of the most sold products on Amazon.

How much does bio oil cost on Amazon?

On Amazon, the price of bio-oil depends on the specific brand being sold. For example, some brands cost as little as $9 while others cost up to $50. This is also depended on the weight of the specific product.

Bio-Oil Online at Amazon

It is not necessarily news to you that Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world today. Its success is mainly attributed to the fact that it allows sellers to post their products and it simply gets a commission on each of the products sold.

You can visit Amazon websites and order the product you want online. It would then be shipped to you according to the specified terms. Therefore, online shopping on Amazon is the way to go, especially for those of us who have little to no time on any given day.

Bio-Oil Amazon Reviews

There are many brands of bio-oil sold on Amazon websites. Some of these products include:

Bio-Oil Scar Treatment 2 Fl oz (60 ml)

The product is listed as one that deals with uneven skin, aging symptoms, dehydrated skin and stretch marks, and scars from self-harm and surgeries

The product has a good reputation because it is rated 4.5 stars with about 70% of users rating it as a 5-star product. It has none of the customers rating it a 2 or a 1-star. 95percnet% of the users have rated it 4-stars and above.

Bio-Oil 2oz: Multiuse Skincare Oil

This product has been rated by over 5120 consumers of which over 4000 reviews are positive. Over 85% of the users rated it to be 3-stars and above.

Bio Oil Purcellin Oil Reviews & Side Effects

What is it? Well, Bio Oil Liquid Purcellin oil, 4.2 Fl Oz is a beauty product manufactured by Bio-Oil Company and used for skin toning, stretch marks removal and scar removal.

Purcellin Oil Reviews on Amazon

There are many reviews on Amazon about this oil. As expected, there is a mixture of both positive and negative sentiments depending on the individual experiences of the users. The average visible rating of the oil on Amazon is 4.2/5 stars.

Of the over 5100 reviews posted by the time I posted this, more than 64% have rated it 5-star quality. About 80% have therefore rated it 4 stars and above. About 13% have had a poor experience with this oil, judging by the 8% 1-star rating and 5% 2-star ratings shown on the website.

Some of the top reviews on are:

Kiyara Martinique Harlee (2016): “This oil has made my skin to look beautiful now! It is, therefore, a must buy!! I use this in combination with my African black soap. Has cleared up dark spots on my face.”

Tanisha (2016): “This stuff is awesome! I purchased this product after my two years old was scratched on the cheek by a cat. My daughter ended up with a two-inch scar down her cheek, and I wanted to try this in hopes of getting the scar to at least be less visible. I rubbed a small amount of Bio Oil on my daughter’s cheek twice a day, and within just a couple of weeks, the scar had completely disappeared. I am thankful Bio Oil worked so well, and my daughter was not left with a large scar down her cheek forever.”

Purcellin Oil Side Effects

The ingredient used in the manufacture of bio-oil purcellin oil may result in some notable adverse effects in some users. Some of the common side effects noted here include

  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Scaling
  • Redness

It is therefore recommended to test for such adverse reactions by applying the oil on some small part of the skin.

Bio Oil Amazon UK

Those in the United Kingdom and the surrounding regions can also order bio-oil from the website and have them delivered to their doorstep. Delivery times would be as specified on each of the products ordered.

Bio Oil Amazon India is the place to check if you are in India and are looking for a place to order the bio-oil brand to yearn for.

There is no excuse for you to keep on complaining about the inaccessibility of oil in this Asian nation. You can also check out other sellers of the same product in our other articles

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Bio-Oil at Boots: 200ml, 60ml, 125ml Prices & Own Brands

Know how to purchase bio-oil at Boots. As one of the greatest retail stores in the world, Boots sells Bio-oil in different packages. For example, you can get Bio-Oil 200ml, 125ml and 60ml all stocked at Boots. I will also highlight the prices these brands go for in these stores.

Does Boots Sell Bio-Oil?

Can I buy Bio-Oil at Boots? Well, if you are wondering whether you can purchase Bio-Oil from the nearest Boots store, then you will be happy to learn that:

Yes, Boots does sell Bio-Oil in almost of all of its outlets in various packages or sizes. The Bio-Oil is sold at prices that match the size of the packages or bottles and may range from £5 to £25.

It also fulfills online orders, which means you can always visit their website to make an order.

Bio-Oil Skin Tag Remover at Boots

At one time, students at Harvard University came out to study and research the cause and treatments of skin tags. They tested numerous remedies before they could conclude that indeed Bio Oi is useful for skin tag removal.

Given the high number of Bio-Oil brands, individuals at Boots are advised to give explicit details about their skin problems.

This is meant to ensure that individuals purchase quality Bio-Oil brands, those that can remove skin tags within a short period of time.

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil at Boots

Bio-Oil specialist skincare oil at boots is indeed excellent in solving some of the primary skin problems.

Some of the problems that are stressful to most of the doctors include scars, dark spots, stretch marks, and uneven skin problems.

However, the application of Bio-Oil is very effective in addressing these skin problems.

Best Bio-Oil Brands at Boots

The most common Bio-Oil brands that one can find at Boots include:

Bio-Oil 200ml at Boots

Bio-Oil 200ml is sold for 19.99 dollars only! This is a fair price and affordable for all people in different classes: poor or rich.

Bio-Oil 125ml Boots

You can shop Bio-Oil 125ml for stretch marks, dehydrated skin, and scars at Boosts. This will only cost you $14.99, after which you shall use it for about two to three weeks, depending on the number of times you use it.

Bio-Oil 60ml Boots

Bio-Oil 60ml will cost you only $8.99. This is compelling because Boosts have made sure that people from different social backgrounds can access and buy Bio-Oil to also enjoy its benefits.

Bio-Oil in Boots across the globe – UK, Ireland, etc.

Boots has numerous branches in some of the most liked and visited cities in the world.  Some of the towns include the UK and Ireland.

Bio-Oil Boots UK

In the United Kingdom, the users of Bio-Oil are lucky to have Boots, which sells several brands of Bio-Oil.  Those residing in the UK can visit for more details on how to purchase and have access to their products.

Bio-Oil in Boots Ireland

Ireland is politically stable, just like the United States of America. That, therefore, gives people the chance to purchase the Bio-Oil brands form any of the Boots’ branches.

Boots Bio-Oil Offer and coupons

Offers and Coupons are vital in boosting the clients’ morale to purchase goods and services form an organization. At Boots, during holidays, people are given huge discounts, gits, and fantastic offers.

This is typically meant to attract new customers and/or retain old ones.

Price of Bio-oil at Boots

If there is one thing that is great with Boots, it is the affordability of their Bio-Oil products. In fact, those who do their shopping here can attest that compared to other stores, Boots is relatively cheap.

Therefore, you should hurry and buy Bio-Oil here to ensure that you protect your skin always.

Bio-Oil Ingredients

Bio-Oil consists of the following vital ingredients:

  • Vitamins (vitamins E and A).
  • Botanicals (Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil, and Calendula Oil).
  • Oil base (Paraffinum Liquidum Triisononanoin, Isopropyl Myristate, Bisabolol, BHT, Glycerine Soja Oil, and Cetearyl Ethyl hexanoate).
  • Color (Cl 26100).
  • Fragrance (Eugenol, Geraniol, Fernesol, Linalool, Limonene, Coumarin, Citronellol, Amyl Cinnamal, Parfum).

Boots Bio-Oil Reviews

Since Boots began to sell Bio-Oil at their branches, there have been numerous positive feedbacks. With this feedback, clients are encouraged to buy more Bio-Oil at Boots.

However, one of the most repeated reviews is how Boots offers quality services when selling Bio-Oil brands.

Some of the reviews are based on the functionality of Bio-Oil brands such as:

Links to Buy Bio-Oil at Boots

  • 1: Bio-Oil at Boots

FIND: Find the Bio-Oil Aisle at Target Stores