Amla Powder (Oil) for Hair Growth Reviews & Results

Learn how to use amla powder for hair growth. How can one use it for white or grey hair? Well, in this article all this is explained in detail.

In addition to the procedure for applying it to hair, I will also review some of the common brands and where you can buy them near you for use on your hair. Know more about what amla oil for hair results look like.

In this article, I examine the uses of this Emblica Officinalis extract, especially when applied to the hair.

Is amla oil good for hair or beard growth? I will present pictures showing results before and after using this amazing oil.

Does it really thicken, strengthen and soften hair as reported by many beauty enthusiasts? Well, the answers are in here below!

What is Amla Powder?

Amla powder is a flour-like product made from the Ayurvedic herb known as Emblica Officinalis, an Indian gooseberry. You can always find it in your retail store or any other place near you.

If you blend the powder into your mix, then rest assured that your henna hair color will be boosted. It’s not only for helping to darken the henna, but also for creating cooler colors on your hair.

The powder helps to inhibit the indigo in your hair from fading. Most people report that incorporating Amla powder in your routine hair treatment can improve the uptake of the dye for problematic roots.

If you want to boost the volume of your hair and restore its lost natural curls and waves, you need to apply a complete Amla treatment multiple times.

How to Use Amla Powder for Grey Hair

You can use Amla in two forms, either in dried or powder form or in fresh form for grey hair. However, the important question is whether the dried Amla powdered form can replace the fresh form.

Yes, you can replace your powdered Amla product with a fresh product, since they both give similar results on your hair. You can make the powder hair mask at home.

It is an effective product in reversing your grey hair back into black color. Three main ingredients make the powder mask.

They include Amla powder, coconut oil, and fresh homemade yogurt. The procedure for its use is simple:

  1. Boil a piece of gooseberry or Amla in coconut oil long enough to make it turn black.
  2. Use the combination on your hair to naturally treat your premature graying hair at home.

How To Use Amla Powder for White Hair

People with white hair, have a remedy in the mixture of hibiscus flower and Indian Gooseberry. You can crush the leaves of Hibiscus and combine them with soap nuts for application on your to be applied on hair.

If used regularly, the mixture not only leaves your hair shiny and healthy but also acts against dandruff, stops hair loss, and also turns white hair black.


  • Hibiscus juice, also known as gurhal, Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, or the Chinese hibiscus
  • Indian gooseberry referred to as Phyllanthus Emblica in Latin is the Amla powder


  1. Crush the Amla-dried fruit into a smooth pulp.
  2. Blend the powder with the hibiscus juice.
  3. Rinse your hair repeatedly using this mixture.

Amla Powder for Hair Growth Reviews

Hesh Pharma Amla Hair Powder

Sold at Hesh Pharma and among other places at about $5.99, this product is popular for its greatness on hair.

It is perfect because when applied appropriately, it makes the hair super soft. It does not break when combed with your fingers or a real comb.

It also makes your grey or white hair grow back stronger and with an impressive black color.

However, a few people say they have reservations about its effectiveness, particularly those with medium brown, long hair with gray and reddish undertones.

They think that it does not work well when mixed with coconut oil making coarse and thick hair soft as advertised.

Hesh Amla Powder

This is a perfect natural remedy for people yearning to have healthy and dark hair. It’s an ordinary astringent and skin toner used on both your skin and hair.

It helps to promote luxuriant and black hair because it promotes hair growth, stimulates the roots of the hair, and also prevents hair loss.

Those who have used it before attest that it helps to prevent scalp infection as well as inhibit greying of hair prematurely.

Amla Dry

Many people love this product for its immense testimonial experiences from users. It has numerous advantages ranging from helping to strengthen your hair root all the way to its end. It’s also said to promote hair growth.

Other users of this product noted that it defines curls besides aiding to darken henna. The dry product further gives your hair a dark tinge if incorporated into your routine use.

Like many other Amla products, it helps in preventing premature graying of your hair.

Amla Powder Hair Pack

One of the popular hair packs of Amla powder is the Indian Gooseberry and Henna Pack. It is a significant medicinal food used by many people for hair remedies.

The pack is credited for its effectiveness in dealing with issues of gray hair. It dyes your hair leaving it shiny, silky, and soft.

Another hair pack of the Amla powder is the Indian Gooseberry and Shikakai Rinse Remedy.

For those people who cannot access all of the required ingredients as mentioned above, this product becomes a good option.

It makes hair soft and shiny and is recommended for use during the summer. It helps to retard and stop the process of hair whitening.

Amla Powder and Coconut Oil for Hair

Before applying the Amla powder to your hair, it must be mixed with coconut oil to ensure it does not dry up. Without such an ingredient, the powder dries up and thus, cannot be applied for the expected results on grey hair.

Amla Oil for Hair Thickness

Does amla oil thicken hair? Yes, you can use amla oil to thicken hair anytime. Apart from just helping with hair growth in general, amla oil or powder has ingredients that enrich the hair follicles.

This means, therefore, the growth discussed earlier does not just involve the increase in the number of hair strands on the head, but also the size of these strands. This article outlines steps to follow if you hope to get thicker hair by applying amla oil

How to Eat Amla Powder

Amla fruit can be eaten. However, it has a pungent and sour berry.

For that reason, it is dried and crushed to make the powder in Aryuvedic medicine as an antacid, anti-inflammatory, and as laxative.

You can find it in ethnic food stores in powder form. However, the benefits you get from using the powder are similar to those acquired through consuming fresh Amla.

Amla Powder for Skin

When applied to the skin, Amla powder helps ease the removal of grime and pimples. It’s also good for brightening your skin’s complexion.

What is Dabur Amla Oil for Hair Growth?

Dabur Amla Hair Oil is oil packed with numerous advantages for hair growth. In fact, it can be called as the unsurpassed oil for hair growth.

The oil is unsurpassed because it blends natural hair goodness in distinct ways like enhancing hair color and stimulating blood circulation.

Is Amla Oil Good for Beard Growth?

Yes. Amla oil is indeed good for beard growth and has been in use for several generations now. It contains Vitamin C, which lowers hair fall, and gives a healthy shine. Amla oil is, therefore, a good booster for facial hair growth.

Amla Oil for Hair Growth Ingredients

The following are the major amla oil ingredients;

  1. Active Ingredient – Emblica Officinalis/Indian gooseberry/Amla extract: This is used for strengthening the hair.
  2. Emollient ingredients like the Paraffinum Liquidum: This is for softening the hair.
  3. Emulsifier – Oleic Acid: This is for thickening the hair.
  4. Antioxidant – t-butyl hydroquinone: This is for reducing damage due to the sun.

How to Use/Apply Amla Oil for Hair and Beard Growth

The question remains how do you apply the amla oil for hair or beard if you expect to see it work? Well, below is the procedure to follow. I will first of all address how it is used for hair then, later on, I will address its use for beard growth.

How to Apply Amla Oil for Hair Growth

The following are the critical steps to follow when applying amla oil for hair growth;

  1. You should part your hair.
  2. Pour a small amount of the oil on your head.
  3. Massage the amla oil into your scalp thoroughly until you feel a cooling effect.
  4. Leave the oil overnight or wrap your head in a warm towel for sixty minutes to allow the oil to get down to the scalp.
  5. Rinse your hair carefully.

How to Use Amla Oil for Beard Growth

The process of using or applying Dabur amla oil for beard growth is not complicated, especially when compared to applying oil for hair growth.

For instance, if you are in a hurry, leave the oil on your face for about 20 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Also, one can make a paste out of amla oil and powder, which can be applied in areas of the face where one needs facial hair to grow.

Amla Oil for Hair Growth Before and After Pictures

The results of using amla oil for hair growth are clearly noticeable. This is as shown in the image or pictures below. Amla oil has immense benefits that assist in hair growth after application.

It prevents hair fall by providing Vitamin C which is the most significant vitamin in eliminating hair breakage. After the use and elimination of hair breakages, one experiences an immense growth of their hair.

Amla Oil Hair Growth Reviews

  • Bibisoaps Amla Hair and Beard Oil

This is unscented Amla oil that is the second choice for several people after Dabur Amla oil for hair growth. It is handmade and natural. It works on any kind of hair, is easy to apply, and makes the hair manageable and soft.

  • Amla Luxe Hair Oil

Who does not want long and healthier hair? Amla Luxe hair oil (which has been under use by Indian women for decades now) ensures that our hair is long and healthier.

It contains coconut oil, Aloe, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, and Licorice that prevent hair breakages, promoting robust hair growth.

  • Shanti Almond Amla Hair Oil

This oil has proven to be effective in preventing and eliminating dandruff which happens to be a big problem for humans, especially women.

Shanti oil also assists in preventing the premature greying of our hair, and in reducing hair breakages. It consists of coconut oil mixed with Amla oil and almond.

  • Khadi Pure Amla Herbal Hair Oil

This is actually my third option because of its immense benefits to our hair. It provides us with shiny and soft hair and at the same time promotes our hair pigmentation. If used regularly, one can say goodbye to dandruff and split ends.

  • Intimate Beauty Amla Oil

Intimate oil is quite useful in treating hair loss in addition to any scalp-related issues.  It is also helpful in promoting hair growth and in preventing premature greying of our hair.

Most importantly, this oil assists in opening pores that allow the scalp to grow natural oils.

Amla Oil for Facial Hair Growth

It is quite unfortunate that some men go through a harder time having their facial hair grow than others.

However, that should never worry them anymore, because Amla oil has been shown to be very useful in promoting facial hair growth. Those wishing to grow their facial hair should apply Amla oil twice a day.

Amla and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Most of the Amla brands contain coconut oil, and this combination is significant for hair growth. Coconut oil moisturizes and softens, and reduces inflammation and itching of the skin as it can penetrate the scalp.

Amla is an antioxidant that acts as a natural conditioner, lowers hair breakage and greying, and therefore, the two are essential for hair growth.

Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil Benefits

Bajaj has been in operation for almost sixty-five years now, and its new blend of Brahmi and Amla consists of numerous benefits.

The blend assists in reducing hair breakages improve blood circulation and strengths the hair. It is, therefore, a blend that we should not miss using if we want to have healthy hair.

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