Amla Oil/Powder Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Reviews

What is Amla Oil or Powder used for? Does Amla Oil have any benefits for the skin, hair, or face? What are the side effects after use?

For answers to such questions, read below to know more about the good and the bad side of using amla oil. I will also provide common reviews accessible on the web.

What is Amla Oil?

Amla oil also referred to by several other names such as Dhatrik, Emblic Myrobalan, Emblic, Phyllanthus Emblica, or Gooseberry oil is a fruit extract that has been used for decades in Ayurvedic medicine.

However, many people it as Gooseberry for Amla. It originated in India and the Middle East region.

People in contemporary society are still using oil. They make medicines from the tree using its fruit.

Traditionally, Amla was made by dipping the tree’s dried fruit into a base oil, especially in sesame oil, mineral oil, or coconut oil. The Amla fruit is then removed from the oil after being soaked for a few days before it’s sifted and purified.

The outcome of this process is a product that has a musky, strong smell.

The fruits are harvested by hand after ripening in autumn. However, one has to climb up to the topmost branches which tend to bear fruit.

The fruit’s taste is somehow astringent, bitter, and bitter. Sometimes, it can be rather hard to chew.

In countries where the oil was first made and used such as India, they make the sour fruit palatable by steeping it into turmeric and salt water.

The tree treats a wide range of human diseases depending on which part of the plant you want to use. But, its fruit is the tree’s most important part.

It can be used to treat several ailments by mixing with other plants or by itself.

The Amla bush is not big but can be described as a small to medium shrub with a height ranging between 8m and 18 m.

The flowers are greenish to yellowish while the fruit’s shape is nearly spherical with six vertical furrows or stripes and a light greenish-yellow color.

Given its anti-cariogenic and medicinal properties, Amla was used by the ancient Ayurveda used as herb chewing sticks, particularly its fresh stems to prevent diseases.

Moreover, the tree is also known to be of use for the overall repair of your oral health as well as to strengthen your gum tissue besides helping to stabilize collagen.

Uses of Amla Oil

There are many uses for Amla oil including both internal and external ones. But, here are some of the popular uses of the plant externally:

Amla Oil for Hair

For your shiny, healthy hair, you can use a few drops of this oil in your routine shampoo. Amla has rich nutrients which further enhance the growth of your hair.

You should consider using it once every month in your hair for a direct treatment approach.

Amla Oil for Skin & Face

To improve the health of your body’s skin and face, consider applying Amla oil early in the morning with your breakfast for glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Also, the product is used in such a method to slow down your skin and face aging. It has immense antioxidants known to protect the skin from free radicals.

You need to add the oil to your hand lotion or massage it on your skin.

Amla Oil for Beards & Facial Hair

Many people use this oil as a conditioner for their facial hair and beards, applied after shampooing. It is massaged into your hair strands to help cover them from their roots to the tips as a conditioner.

Benefits of Amla Oil

There are many benefits of using Amla oil. However, these are some of the most important advantages of using this product:

#1 Improve Health of the Brain: Amla Oil is popular for being a rich source of minerals and vitamins known to help in improving the well-being of your brain.

It helps your brain to have enough supply of oxygen with the support of the high iron content the oil contains. As a result, the memory of your brain improves.

#2 Prevent the growth of tumorous cells: This is one of the most significant benefits of using Amla. Given its high content of antioxidants, it’s effective in preventing the damage of DNA cell damage free radicals.

The product contains a lot of Oxidative Radiance Activity Capacity (ORAC) which helps to protect the cells from damage caused by oxidative stress. Having all these properties, the oil is indeed beneficial to the prevention of cancer growth and onset.

#3 Improves Circulation and Strengthens Nervous System: The fact that Amla has a high amount of potassium means it thus plays an integral part in making your body’s nervous system to become stronger.

It also helps to improve blood circulation in the body.

#4 Other Amazing Benefits of Amla Oil: It is popular for additional benefits in your body, including improving anemia, skin, hair luster, and eye health.

It also helps to cure and protect against diabetes, prevent constipation, and improve cardiovascular health.

Side Effects of Amla Oil

There are a few rare adverse effects of using Amla oil you may not know. They include:

Allergic Skin Reactions: some people have experienced rashes and itching after applying this product to their skin. These are some of the possible signals that your body and skin are allergic to Amla.

Thus, you should seek professional advice if you notice such symptoms after using the product.

Dry Scalp: Amla is popular as a good oil for healthy hair and scalp. However, if consumed in excess, it can cause head dryness that manifests as dandruff and flakes. Make sure that you use it moderately to avoid such negativities on your health.

Amla Oil Reviews

Here are some of the popular customer reviews of Amla Oil products:

Slice of Nature AMLA OIL for Hair

Most customers love this product, particularly the 4C hair because it’s always dry. It makes hair gorgeous when applied to the hair in the evening to stay overnight.

However, some users with oily or straight hair find it too greasy. However, the product is said to work wonders for those with dry ends or dry hair.

Dabur Amla Oil

People who have used this product say it is totally amazing when applied to the hair. It works well when used warm and left to stay for about 3 hours before being cleaned with your regular shampoo bar.

You don’t need to use a hair conditioner to rinse your hair with Dabur Amla Oil. Instead, you just remove it with mild vinegar to get good results.

The product is reported to leave your hair extremely tangled and stiff after applying and cleansing it off. But, the problems disappear after some time, leaving your hair very soft and straightened.

Amla Oil Hair Food

One of the hair food products made from this oil is the famous Amla Shampoo. It has a good smell, and when used on short hair, it leaves it detangled and soft.

Hair conditioners made from Amla are great performers than those made from other oils. They can make your hair butter soft and easy to detangle when used and left to stay for a few minutes before washing off.

Other users say they love the product because it leaves a good sheen on their hair. Besides, it helps to make the hair silky and soft.

Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil

Dabur Amla gold hair oil ranks amongst the leading commonly purchased and applied hair lubricants in India. Most people report the product has a strong scent and its nourishment is worth its price.

Besides being cheap when compared to similar offers in the market, most people love Amla oil for hair because it gets cleaned easily and helps to stimulate hair growth.

Additionally, the product somehow goes a long way in use.

But, a few people don’t like the smell of ordinary Amla oil for hair. One person reported having liked the ordinary product. However, a few of his friends didn’t like it.

Thus, the remedy for people who have issues with its smallness should try the golden version for its nice smell.

This amazing oil is perfect for both black and brown hair. But for people with blonde hair, this product may not be good for them because it may darken their hair in a brown-greenish way.

What is Amla Powder Good for?

Amla powder is one of the best ayurvedic powders used today. Know more about this amazing powder insofar as its uses, benefits, and side effects are concerned.

Further below in this article, I also highlight where you can buy the powder in both online and physical stores all over the world.

Amla powder is considered to have many medicinal benefits for its users. Amla powder is extracted from the Amla tree, which originates from India and Burma. The Amla tree is famous in India for its nourishing value and medicinal use.

The users rely on Amla powder to influence certain conditions in their bodies. When the powder is extracted from the Amla plant, it undergoes a procedure that pounds the plant into powder form.

The powder form is easier to use on functions that enhance the wellness of the user. We learn that Amla powder has numerous health benefits and it nourishes the body and its uses continually increase based on more discoveries taking place.

Uses of Amla Powder

Amla powder has many uses, and these vary from one community to the other. In India, where the Amla plant originates from, the uses are uncountable as the natives are conversant with the medicinal and nourishing uses of the plant once it is made into powder form.

One of the uses of Amla powder is to enrich hair and make it stronger and healthier. When Amla powder is consumed in the right proportions, Amla powder can make hair follicles develop strength and gives hair a healthier body and appeal.

Amla powder is relevant in today’s age when hair and scalp are prone to breakage and dandruff respectively. These problems are a result of processed hair products that contain chemicals that are harmful to the hair.

Benefits of Amla Powder

Amla powder is used on the skin to give the skin a healthy look and replace any nutrients that may be lost to sunlight and harsh conditions.

The skin products that are available on the market today have a high level of harmful chemicals that destroy the skin and make it totally reliant on certain skin products to look healthy.

Amla powder is a simple yet effective way of preserving healthy skin and preventing wrinkles and dryness among its users. Amla powder hydrates the skin and makes the skin glow.

To get the best results for your face when using Amla powder, you can mix Amla powder with yogurt and ginger to make a consistent face mask. When you apply this face mask on your face, leave it to work for some time, then wash it off to get the best results.

Amla powder contains vitamin C and has considerable amounts of iron and calcium. Vitamin C makes the vessels thick and much stronger. Amla powder also boosts the immunity of the users and makes them more resistant to diseases and ailments.

Amla powder has been considered to help in preventing heart disease since it regulates the accumulation of harmful cholesterol in the body.

When Amla powder is used with honey, ginger, or other products, it is tastier and enables the user to enjoy all the health benefits without fearing the bitter taste of Amla.

It is important to note that Amla is a good source of fiber and when used, it enhances the digestive system and eases digestion and excretion. The multiple uses of the powder make it not only beneficial but relevant to all people to consume.

Side Effects of Amla Powder

As much as Amla powder has some benefits, the powder has its own unique side effects that you may need to know.

  • Higher levels of Vitamin C in Amla powder may lead to hyperacidity. The Vitamin C content makes the fruit very acidic, and it can lead to stomach upsets.
  • It may not be safe for people with diabetes. The powder is not a good antidote for diabetes, and diabetic patients are advised to seek medical consultation before consuming Amla oil powder.
  • It lowers blood pressure levels and controls the same, and this means patients with hypertension cannot use Amla powder in conjunction with other drugs for regulating their blood pressure.

Amla Powder Reviews

Amla powder has emerged as a globally recognized treatment for hair, and many people rely on the powder to get wellness. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 by users, and this means that 81% of users would consider consuming the products again following its success rate.

Where to Buy Amla Oil & Powder

There are many places where one can purchase powder for home use. Below are some of the places you can visit to acquire the best or pure amla powder.

Buy at Wholefoods

Amla powder is sold in selected outlets Wholefoods outlets in a well-packaged container for different purposes. The powder is sold at $13.45 at Whole foods, and consumers can walk away with the powder that is appropriately packaged in easy-to-use containers.

Buy at Amazon

On Amazon, the powder is sold at $15.80, and this price includes shipping charges. Consumers who shop at Amla powder online can enjoy the benefits because the product is delivered to a suitable destination for collection.

Amla oil for skin and hair is easily available on Amazon. You can buy it online at

Buy on eBay

This is one of the retailers known to offer Amla products for both your hair and skin. They have online services where you can place your order and get the oil delivered to your doorstep.

Buy at Local Retail Chain Stores

The store or supermarket, including Walmart near you, is the best place you can purchase this oil.

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