Amla Oil for Hair Thickness – Reviews for Thicker Hair

Read how to use amla oil for hair thickness. Explore how to use amla oil for hair thickness, strength, and growth. Thin hair is usually associated with a lack of proper nutrients reaching the hair strands in the head.

In this post, I will go further to explore the mechanisms through which the oil prevents greying of the hair.

Finally, I will highlight how to Indian gooseberry to prevent hair fall or balding of the head. If you are looking for the correct way to apply amla oil on your hair, then this article would be of great value to you.

What is Amla Oil or Powder?

Amla oil or powder is a product made from the Amla plant scientifically known as Emblica Officinalis. This plant is native to Thailand, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka.

In order to make the oil, the core of the fruit is used during the extraction process. However, it should be noted that one can still get the juice by extracting it from the fruit.

What is Hair Thickness?

By default, hair thickness refers to the average diameter of the each of the hair strands on the head.

However, during every day reference hair thickness may refer to the general concentration if hair strand on the head. This ranges from 17 to 181 µm.

In general, it is assumed that stronger hair tends to be thicker. There are many ways to enhance the growth of thicker hair naturally. Here, I will explore how Amla oil or powder can come in handy for that purpose.

What does Amla Oil do with hair?

Well, when regularly used on the hair amla oil fortifies the hair follicles. This ensures that they are properly anchored in the skull.

Just as is the case with trees or plants in the farm, stronger roots mean the tree gets nutrients in the right away and of the right quantity. Stronger hair follicles, therefore, result in thicker and stronger hair shafts

How to use Amla oil for Hair Thickness & Strength

The procedure for this is very simple as outlined here below. Please note that it may take about one month or more to start seeing the results. Now let’s dive into the steps to follow:

  1. Find suitable Amla hair oil brands and make it t available
  2. Pour a considerable amount of Amla oil into hand’s palm
  3. Then massage the hair using this oil in a circular motion – as you would do with any other hair oil
  4. As you massage the hair, concentrate on the roots of the hair. The hair follicles are usually located just below the skin. So applying at the base guarantees that the oil would reach the hair follicles
  5. Keep the oil on the hair for the night (which means it is recommended to apply it during the evening)
  6. After waking up the next day, clean the hair using your preferred hair shampoo brands

The procedure should then be repeated after 3 to 4 days for about 6 weeks to start seeing results.

Amla Powder for Hair Thickness – Steps to Follow

LEAFtv has outlined the best procedure one can use to ensure they get the Thick, Shiny, Healthy Hair using Amla also known as the Indian Gooseberry. In summary, the steps to follow when using the powder for hair thickness and strength are:

  1. Blend approximately a half a cup of genuine powder with plenty of tepid to warm water to create an Amla paste. One should note that the paste made ought to be similar to a cup of stirred yogurt insofar as its thickness is concerned.
  2. Allow the mix to rest for about 1/4 an hour (15 mins).
  3. Apply the paste on the hair and let it dry.
  4. Then clean the hair with your hands and fingers, starting up around the scalp towards the upper tips of the hair strands.
  5. This should be done gently so that the mixture does not get rubbed into the scalp.
  6. At this point, it may be prudent to note that rubber gloves for hand protection may be an advisable directive. However, one should not worry about Amla oil stain just in case you do not have access to the gloves. Just ensure you wash hands after that.
  7. Allow the mixture to stay on the hair for 3 to 5 minutes without a cover.
  8. Ensure that the Amla paste is thick, so that dripping doesn’t occur.
  9. Use warm water to rinse the paste out with.
  10. It is recommended not to apply your usual conditioner or hair shampoo immediately, but should wait for like 6 or more hrs.
  11. Repeat this procedure about once a fortnight (after 14 days).
  12. In between the Amla powder paste treatments, try out shampoo or conditioner that contains Amla ingredients or chemicals.

Also, one can make use of Indian gooseberry oil on the hair in between the treatments to ensure the hair gets softer and shinier.

How does Amla Prevent Baldness & Greying of Hair?

People with rapid or early baldness may use amla oil to replenish their hair. The procedure to achieve that has already been handled. The amla oil is capable of restoring hair growth by:

  • Rejuvenating Hair strands: Naturally enriched with antioxidants and rejuvenating properties, amla oil or powder can turn your hair aging characteristics. This results in shinier and younger-looking hair profile.
  • Having Antimicrobial Properties: Amla oil comes with natural antiseptic properties. This means the oil can get rid of some microbes and viruses resulting in shinier hair.
  • Replenishing Hair Follicles and Strands: Amla oil contains vitamin C which is responsible for the fortification of the hair follicle. This reduces hair breakage, when the hair breakage is reduced, baldness is dealt a blow. In fact, hair breakage is the real diver toward having a bald head.
  • Preventing graying of hair: As stated earlier the natural compounds within the amla oil are responsible for the young look of the hair.

Amla Oil for Hair Growth & Thickness Reviews

Below are some of the reviews on Amazon, from some of the customers who have used the different brands of amla oil for hair growth.

“I look for great products that promote healthy hair growth for natural hair. So when I read the reviews here and also online, I was curious. I just tried this today as a deep conditioner on my daughter’s hair combined with conditioner with a conditioning cap and let it stay on for an hour. My daughter has very thick cool hair and usually wash day is literally wash day. With this addition to her regimen, her hair was easier to wash, and once I was done, her hair didn’t tangle like it usually does. I have never seen her coils so defined, and hair felt so soft, but, her coils were loose. This oil works well, and I could see myself purchasing more in the future Amazon

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