Acnesol Gel, Lotion, Cream & Soap: Uses, Buy, Prices

Does Acnesol Gel or Cream work for acne? Pimples and bacterial infections common to the human skin have a notoriety of tainting one’s beauty. As one’s face gets pimples or lumps emerging from bacterial infections deep within the skin, it may be the time to turn to acnesol gel, cream, or soap as one of the most prominent relief solutions to restore beauty and radiance to the skin. You may opt for the gel, the cream, or the soap version of acnesol depending on your preference.

What is Acnesol Gel

Acnesol gel is basically a lotion or cream manufactured with the intention to treat or deal with cases of acne, pimples and other bacterial infections that may occur on the facial skin.

It may contain either clarithromycin or clindamycin. The type of content included in the manufacturing process result into the following 2 types of acnesol gel:

Acnesol A Nano Gel

This dosage that takes the gel form typically comes in a 15gm strip. It contains the active ingredient Clindamycin at a concentration of 1% W/W and Adapalene with a concentration of 0.1% W/W within the whole mixture.

The dosage is strictly administered topically to the affected area as would be advised by the medical expert. Precaution is advised when interacting with the gel due to possible side effects and harm from wrongfully using the gel.

Acnesol CL Gel

Acnesol CL Gel is slightly different from the Acnesol A Nano Gel even though both aim the same goal, which is to rid and clear the skin of acne and such bacteria as H.pylori that affect the skin.

While Acnesol A Nano Gel contains the active ingredient Clindamycin at a concentration of 1% W/W, Acnesol CL Gel contains the active ingredient Clarithromycin at the same concentration (1% W/W).

Precaution is advised when using the topical due to due to possible side effects and harm from wrongfully using the gel.

Acnesol Information

Acnesol is a macrolide antibiotic containing the active ingredient Clindamycin or Clarithromycin in the case of Acnesol CL Gel.

Not only so, but it also contains other antibacterial, anti-acne, and moisturizer compounds that rid your skin of acne, infectious bacteria, and their effects. It is the most prominent and essentially the most reliable product in its category evident from users who attest to its effectiveness.

The compound and its constituent elements work by hampering protein synthesis that dependent on the RNA. It implies that when you use acnesol gel, cream, or soap, the bacterial activity that would otherwise stir acne and make your skin look warty would ultimately be subdued.

Uses of Acnesol Lotion

Acnesol lotion contains the active ingredients stated above with a peculiar preference for Clarithromycin. Since the active ingredients specifically aim at ridding the skin of harmful bacteria, Acnesol Lotion is specifically used for restoring the smoothness, flexibility, radiance, and moisture content of the skin.

For example, the lotion clears blackheads and pimples that make the skin look warty and coarse.

Skin bacterial activity is known to interfere with the physiological processes in the skin that appear in the form of warts, pimples, dark spots, dry skin, and so forth. Using an acnesol lotion restores the skin to its natural state.

Benefits & Side effects Acnesol Cream

Benefits of Acnesol

The common benefits of the Acnesol skin gel or cream include:

  1. Very effective in relieving the acne, skin bacterial infection, and other secondary effects within the shortest time possible.
  2. Friendly to the skin of the user.
  3. Cream can be applied in any part of the body’s skin.
  4. It treats and refreshes the skin by moisturizing it.

Side Effects of Acnesol

The major side effects of the Acnesol lotion include:

  1. May cause mild to severe skin irritation more so to individuals allergic to macrolide and clarithromycin which is a constituent compound in the gel.
  2. May peel the skin under severe allergic reactions.
  3. Not recommended for alcoholics, pregnant, and lactating persons due to the uncertainty of side effects that may be exacerbated by the mentioned health conditions.

Acnesol Soap

If you are the kind that is uncomfortable with gel or a cream on your skin, then there is an acnesol soap for your skin needs.

At least when using acnesol soap, you will not have to stand the irksome cream or gel on your skin for longer than is necessary, that is if you hate them. Just to note, using the acnesol soap is the simplest way you can reap the benefits of its active ingredient if compared with the cream.

How to Use Acnesol Soap for Acne

  1. Apply water on your affected area of the skin or (typically) the face to make it wet.
  2. If the acnesol soap is in a cake form, gently form a lather in your hands by rubbing the soap against your wet palms.
  3. Apply the lather throughout the area of choice or the whole face
  4. If the soap is in the form of a liquid, squeeze a few drops into your palms.
  5. Rub the palms against one another to make some lather
  6. Apply to your face.
  7. Rinse thoroughly after application.

N.B.: The soap is best used twice in a day. Wash face or affected area in the morning and in the evening to achieve the best results.

Price and where to Buy Acnesol Lotion

Acnesol lotion is readily available throughout the world. If you are in the western world, such as North America, chances are that you may not frequently encounter the lotion in your local pharmacies even though that may not be said of most Asian countries.

The offline sale of products containing acnesol seems to be more concentrated in Asia than the West. So if you are in Asia, then you will most likely find the lotion in pharmacies near you.

However, those in the west and other parts of the world, the most common way of buying acnesol is from online stores such as SafeGenericPharmacy, MedPlus Mart, BuyDrug, and ApolloPharmacy among others.

Packaging typically comes in 25ml and 30ml and therefore prices vary according to bundling. SafeGenericPharmacy does not sell to you single units. The price ranges between $0.9 for the 25ml package and $1.1 for the 20ml package depending on the seller.

Worth noting is that the prices do not consider shipping fees and therefore you will have to verify with the seller before making a purchase. Buying more always gives room for discounts.

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