Bio-Oil for Stretch Marks Results – Before and After

Can I use Bio-oil for stretch marks? Yes, you can surely use bio-oil to improve the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks or any other unpleasant marks on the skin.

In this article, we present the steps to follow when applying bio oil for stretch marks during and after pregnancy.  Finally, I present pictures showing the results after applying Bio-oil on stretch marks for some time.

What are Stretch Marks? Well, stretch marks are bands of lines that appear on one’s skin and are different in texture and color than our healthy skin.  These lines are a result of the tearing of the dermis.

Is Bio-Oil good for stretch marks during pregnancy?

Yes, the application of Bio-Oil has been tested and proven by great scholars and health experts as the most effective remedy for removing stretch major during pregnancy.

In fact, the oil has been praised by several users as one kind of oil that works on all skin types generating little or no side effects at all.

How to apply Bio-oil for Stretch Marks

In most cases, people have been complaining that Bio-Oil has failed to work on their skin, despite using it on a daily basis.

However, it is worth noting that the steps you follow when applying the oil very critical because they determine the final results you get from using the oil.

Therefore, when applying the oil makes sure you follow the following steps:

  1. Ensuring that the Bio-Oil you are using has not expired and has a label or mark of good quality. This is to avoid using second generations of Bio-Oil that are manufactured by unauthorized individuals, which can have a severe effect on your skin.
  2. Wash your face with lemon treated water or lukewarm water.
  3. Dry your skin thoroughly using a clean piece of cloth or towel.
  4. Apply the Bio-Oil
  5. Leave it on your skin for 15-30 minutes
  6. You can leave it longer if it is at night or you are not leaving the house, before washing it off.
  7. Repeat the six steps above, at least three times a week.

Benefits & side effects of using Bio-Oil for stretch marks

Applicability of Bio-Oil on our skin with the aim of removing stretch marks has some benefits and side effects, which shall be discussed in the following sections.

Benefits of bio-oil stretch marks in pregnancy

The benefits of applying Bio-Oil are;

  1. Bio-Oil can be used in combination with other skin treatments like vitamin E Oil or Lemon Oil. This acts as a way of boosting the overall activity of Bio-Oil on our skin.
  2. Bio-Oil is a fast-acting skin treatment in that it removes the stretch marks within two weeks. This an unlikely case, more especially when it comes to most of the beautiful skin products that are sold across the streets.
  3. Bio-Oil readily available in authorized stores like Amazon, meaning that an individual willing to purchase and use the product and he is in many parts of the world can at any time place an order to have the oil delivered to them.

Side Effects of bio-oil during and after pregnancy

The most prominent side effects that are evidenced in different individuals are allergies, which include vomiting, increased itching, skin reddening, and swelling.

For all those that develop such signs after usage, it is recommended you stop using the Bio-Oil and consult a qualified physician to assist in the identification process of the best brands that cannot cause allergies on your skin.

Bio-Oil before and after stretch marks

The photos below show the face of an individual before the usage and after the application of Bio-Oil. In photo A, the individual is sad because of her looks, but after she uses Bio-Oil, her looks change as shown in photo oil for stretch marks before and after results

This is a clear indication that the use of Bio is efficient in facilitating skin healing and removal of stretch marks.

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Bio-Oil stretch marks reviews

Bio-Oil brands are widely sold in prominent stores and that is recommendable because individuals are able to acquire those brands that are best in removing stretch marks from their skins depending on their specific skin types.

The best-known Bio-Oil brand that works for any skin type is 4.2 FL Oz, which is readily available in different quantities to make it affordable to all people.

Bio Claire Oil for Stretch Marks

Bio Claire Oil is considered one of the most effective stretch mark remedies. It is liked by several people as it contains no preservatives and uses a blend of essential oils and vitamins to soften and improve skin texture.

Some of the vitamins this brand has to include vitamin E moisturize, and vitamin A to enhance skin’s elasticity.

Bio-Oil Hilangkan stretch marks

Bio-Oil Hilangkan is an Indian brand that contains all the ingredients that are provided in other Bio-Oil brands.

The oil has abilities to remove stretch marks on women both during pregnancy and after pregnancy, and therefore, it is mostly used in India for treating stretch marks.

Buy Bio-Oil Cheaply – Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens etc.

Where one purchases Bio-Oil is determinant of the quality and the price you are likely to pay for your products. People are at all times advised to get Bio-Oil products from any of the following stores:

  1. Walmart, which offers quality beauty products at an affordable price including Bio-Oil brands. Individuals who wish to purchase Bio-Oil at this store can google to place their orders.
  2. Amazon, which is well known to many across the world, gives clients a chance to buy Bio-Oil brands at an affordable price accompanied with after-sale services like free-shipping when one buys in large amounts.
  3. Walgreens is known as one of the cheapest stores given that most of its products are sold at prices that are two times lesser when compared to Amazon and Walmart. Therefore, you can buy Bio-Oil from them by placing orders online through their websites or visiting their stores that are located in major towns in the USA.
  4. Boots is also famous for its high discounts and gifts, which encourage clients to purchase more products and stay loyal. This store sells Bio-Oil, and for those who buy the oil in large volumes, they are given extra packets of the oil as gifts.

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